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    Re: Naruto Manga 542 Spoilers Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by javu View Post
    I'm so excited!!! Personally, I'd be totally up for a flashback with Minato and A. That sounds awesome!
    The more we learn, hopefully the better we can end, in an amicable fashion, the arguments on the forum.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 542 Spoilers Discussion

    "Naruto NARUTO" 542 words

    (Information not verified)

    Raikage and memories than the end of ...

    Chilla than: "After that, I received a test of force 8 column, in order to assist you as the Raikage's brother!!!"

    Raikage :"....!!!"

    Chilla than: "the end of teaching the control animals that guy, I also saw his inner world, four generations of the fire does not fail,"

    Raikage :"....!?"

    Chilla than: "That kid is the fourth generation of evidence of failure Naruto!!!"

    Raikage rage this: "It is enough!!! Then blame all of you together to kill the ...!!!"

    Chilla than / Naruto silent ...

    Gang hand: "Stop it, ah, Raikage!!!"

    Raikage gathering effort, playing as Naruto and Chilla than ...

    Chilla beast than the tail, oppression, the Raikage: "... Come on now while kid!!!"

    Shadow :"... than mine, you did ...."

    Naruto flew with a speed of nine models left! ! "Eight uncle, thank you ..."

    Far, eight were hit fly Raikage, Raikage fast recovery to the degree of Naruto ...

    Naruto :".... eight uncle him? "

    Raikage rushed to the front of Naruto: "nine Boy, do not know what you have a" power ", let my brother his life to support you,

    But he can not help you after all Dangxia old lady punch, since the old man like me good words will not stop you, just here to kill you! ! ! "

    Naruto stared Raikage: "It seems the only way out ..."

    Naruto the spirit of the community, nine once again just around the corner: the release of it, Naruto, all the power of interpretation of the I out, the moment it can be annoying to Raikage to kill it! ! ! "

    Naruto is not to ignore the nine, turned off the nine-mode ...

    Raikage :"... off the end of animal models, to give credit it? Good ... "

    Raikage fist started Naruto, Naruto was caught, the power of the human mode? ? ?

    Raikage: "shock!!! Actually can catch the old punch???"

    Immortal mode state Naruto, Raikage foot will fly! ! !

    Raikage is turning kick to fly near the reincarnation of a hit and was down and come back to attack Naruto, Naruto has to be immortal to catch ...

    This time, Ray Ray film body lodged in the chakras disappeared ...

    Raikage: "shock, what power? Actually eat the mine escape my Raikage chakra???"

    Naruto: "This is my fairy pattern, swirl people!!!"

    This is what narutodrama said. i can't reach the link he posted. Its not verified, so i guess it

    might be fake.

    I think Chilla Than is Killer Bee.
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    Re: Naruto Manga 542 Spoilers Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by freddie12 View Post
    naruto: "this is my fairy pattern, swirl people!!!"
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    Re: Naruto Manga 542 Spoilers Discussion

    Sorry but the last spoiler is kinda hard to believe ESM (Eternal sage mode). Didn't Jirayia sage mode become complete when he merged with two toads Pa and Ma? So Naruto perfecting a new eternal sage mode without doing that is had to believe. I think the toads would know about such a mode and taught him to master that mode instead of trying to merge with him. The first spoiler most likely because judging by the last page we were heading towards a flashback.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 542 Spoilers Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by leafeater View Post
    yeah, eternal sage mode, WTF?!

    That's awesome, though not terrible original (EMS uses eternal already), but way better than fairy mode.

    That'd be a horrible debate.

    Naruto vs. Sasuke: Fairy mode vs. Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan! lol. :D

    Looking at other websites, I think that this may be fake. At least, they're not posting it yet...
    0_o fairy mode/.....
    im laughing so hard at the confusion of the spoilers this week
    :rofl: I actually beleive they are real so yea I wanna see Fairy mode

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