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    Chronicles Of The Legendary Storm II

    Authors Note: If your new to the series read the other chapters:
    Chapter 1

    The Chronicles Of The Legendary Storm
    Chapter 2
    The Journey

    Narrator: Last On The Chronicles, Darui had to cope with the pure truth of his village and their own previous Raikage's corruption. Raikage and Bee had died in a fight due to a large cave in during a raid. Raikage came back and told Darui the truth. Darui passes out.

    ~2 Days Later~

    Narrator: Darui is getting rushed to the ER back in Kumogakure.

    Nurse 1: Doctor he is conscious but he is on critical levels. I think you might have to perform Life Shock Jutsu on him or he wont survive.

    Nurse 2: We will worry about that when we get inside the Emergency.

    Chief Doctor: We must save him right now he is the most powerful ninja in Kumogakure after B's and the Raikage's dissapearence act.

    Darui: That's not the situation at all.

    Chief Doctor: What do you mean by that!? Speak Up!!

    Darui: They are dead.

    Chief Doctor: Oh My Ninja God. Someone contact the Elders.

    Darui: Im blacking out..... again

    Narrator: 2 Weeks Later

    Chief Doctor: Alright Darui looks like you have fully healed. Faster than i expect, way faster. Your chakra flow reads good but one question? Were you born with any kind of Kekkai Genkai or Special Abilites that might affect your chakra flow because it seem alot different then a normal one.

    Darui: No, not that i know of.

    Chief Doctor: Well it was probably from what put you here. You were lucky to be alive guess it was because of our very proficient doctors.

    ????: (In Darui's Mind) It was me really.

    Darui: Did you just hear that?

    Chief Doctor: Nope your mind was pretty messed up so just dont pay it attention ok.

    Darui: Sure Doc. Im going to be leaving right now.

    Chief Doctor: Ok good you may leave here are your garments.

    Darui: Thanks Doc

    Narrator: Darui dresses himself and he leaves the hospital. As he is walking to his large home near The Bosses Mansion he notices the villagers giving him looking at him with a face of hate and despair. As he is walking a young girl about 13 years old walks up to Darui.

    Young Girl: Why did you let the Raikage die?

    Darui: What??

    Young Girl: Why were you the only one to survive? We lost our leader and one of the Jiinchurikis because you wanted to survive.

    Darui: No its not like that.

    Young Girl: (crying) We lost our beloved leader because of you. Everyone knows it they are starring at you because they hate you. Your his assistant your supposed to risk your life to assure his safety. Look how things turned out. We have no leader and we are in the midst of war and we lost our leader!!! I HOPE YOU DIE!!

    Narrator: Darui stood there shocked and amazed by what that girl said as she walked away crying. He knew he was wrong. He knew it should have been him. Darui proceeded until he got inside his home and layed down.

    Darui: She is right we are in the midst of war and we have no leader. I must talk to the elders about this matter ASAP.

    Narrator: Darui hoped out of his bed and ran straight to the Elder Tower. Once he arrives, Darui walks right into the tower.

    Darui: Hello is anyone there. I must talk to the Elders

    Narrator: Suddenly a big smoke cloud appears and the elders form from it instantly.

    Head Elder: We are the Counsel Of 11 Elders why have you come for our wisdom.

    Darui: Well Elder since we dont have a Raikage i nominate myself for office.

    Head Elder: Request Excepted, the choice is to the people of Kumo. We will put together a rally and there is no need for the ram scroll anyway.

    Darui: Thank you elders.

    Head Elder: Be Prepared and Good Luck.

    Narrator: Darui travels home that night and receives a full nights sleep.

    Darui: Ahh morning looks like i have my speech in a couple of minutes. I better get ready.

    Narrator: Darui washes up, puts on his clothing then he is out the the door.

    Narrator: A big crowd waits for Darui and his speech infront of the Raikage's Office. Suddenly Darui appears on top of it.

    Darui: Hello my fellow villagers.( Crowd Gets Quiet). You may know me as the Aide to our previous Raikage but my real name is Darui. I am here to announce that i will be the next Raikage. I will protect you all from the pain and suffering of this war. I will be the shield that cant be pierced and dedicat my life to all of my villagers safety.

    Random Guy From The Crowd: What if we dont want you as our Raikage you are the reason that we lost our previous one. Maybe you should just leave the village forever.

    Narrator: Those words hit Darui like a dagger in the butt. He was frozen in place due to shock.

    The Entire Crowd: YAAA!!!!. LEAVE! LEAVE! LEAVE!

    Darui: Alright stop! Your right im not ready to lead you all. You need someone like Boss. You deserve better i can be better. I will leave the village. I will travel to every single village on my quest to be the powerful ninja this village needs. I will be leaving today and Goodbye.

    Narrator: Darui was shocked and amazed at what he said. He knew what he had to do. Darui had set a quest to obtain the most powerful techniques ever made and create some along the way. He knew it would be a long trip but he would see new things and experience event he never even heard of. But as he packed his bags he looked back on his past lonely as a child with only his sister. His parents died and him and his sister were street rats until they met the 3rd raikage thats when everything changed. Darui made a small smirk back in his home as he packed.

    Darui: Im doing this for both of you. My 2 Bosses(3rd and 4th). Alright looks like im ready.

    Narrator: Darui heads out his home to the gate with no one paying him any attention.

    ~5 minutes later~

    Narrator: Darui finally arrives at the gate

    Darui: Im going to miss you Kumo. Alright looks like im heading to Konoha to me someone called Kakashi Hatake. Its says here he has his own special techniques. This one is called Lightning Blade. Looks interesting i want to learn it. Alright lets get going. Goodbye Kumo

    ????: (In Darui's Mind) This wont be the last time you see it.

    Darui: What, who is there? Must be my imagination

    Narrator: Darui sets out on his journey to Konoha to learn from the copy cat ninja himself. Lets see how that turns out in our next chapter!!!

    Authors Note: That was the end of chapter 2 in my chronicles sorry it was so late i was multitasking. Next chapter is called The Beast Inside Me. It will be coming out the end of june into july depends. Remember Comment and Rep Me :
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    Re: Chronicles Of The Legendary Storm II

    Cool man, I wish could've been longer but I like it, I have a feeling that Darui's journey will be awesome!

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    Re: Chronicles Of The Legendary Storm II

    Not bad ^_^. keep up the good work. Looks like Dauri adventure is going to be a long one. ^_^ Hope everything turns out okay for him : )

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    Re: Chronicles Of The Legendary Storm II

    Both were awsome. Hope you come out with more soon.

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    Re: Chronicles Of The Legendary Storm II

    I liked this chapter. It revealed how the Kumogakure villagers feel about A/Kirabi and now their disgust towards Darui. I could get the feeling of how Darui undergoing the trials in order to regain respect and honor for his village and the people. The route you're taking with this story seems right so good job and now I'm off to read the next chapter ;)

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