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    Isabella Uchiha - Ressubmitting it

    Basic Information
    Isabella Uchiha
    Bella Uchiha, "Rouge", Lili, Liliana

    Looks: Bella has straigh crimson hair, slightly blushed and soft skin, and lively red lips. Her eyes are filled with beauty and depth, but her eyes seem to be darker than most Uchiha. She is quite tall and agile.

    Personality: Bella is a very thoughtful and polite person, and even though she is able to display a huge array of Taijutsu and Weapon skill, she usually tries to win with intellect alone. She is always seen with a tender and discrete smile, though her eyes are cold. She does not fear death, neither a peaceful one nor a torturous one, as she accepts her role as a weapon.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Konoha
    Village of Alliance: Kiri

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Sannin
    Specialty: Sharingan, Chakra Control, Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Weapon Play, Medical training in progress
    Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Lightning
    Your ninjutsu:
    Up to Forbidden
    Up to Forbidden
    Up to Forbidden
    Up to Forbidden
    Up to Forbidden

    Genjutsu - Up to Forbidden
    Ninjutsu - Up to Forbidden
    Taijutsu - Up to Forbidden

    Background Info.
    History: Isabella was born in Konoha, on a very rich Uchiha family. She had an older brother, which she loved deeply. One day, in a dark night, when they were very little, both were kidnapped by an evil organization of thieves, who killed both their parents and separated them from eachother, just to steal the money and the learnings of her family, hopping to copy the Sharingan. With her brother in her mind all the time and the fear of her kidnappers, she manage to awaken her Sharingan, and used her newly found power to evade her prison. Even though she was very little, she adapted extremely well, and showed great intelligence, facing hardships that would have most perish.

    She was then adopted by a small but rich family of Kiri ninjas. They treated her as if she was their own daughter. In gratitude, she tried to offer them the scrolls that she stole from the thieves, but they didn't accept it. Instead, she found out her adoptive mother was an Uchiha aswell. Her name was Akiza Uchiha, the Black Rose.

    She learned how to master the Sharingan with her, and a wide array of Taijutsu and Weapon Play with her adoptive fathers (Caliburn, initially married with Akiza, separated from her to pursue his man love with Mugiwara. Both then took Bella as a student/daughter, and thus she gained two fathers and a mother: A Sword/Weapon Specialist, a Taijutsu Specialist and a Sharingan Specialist. She also acquired the nickname of Liliana, or Lili, because both Caliburn and Mugiwara secretly loved a gorgeous and amazing woman with the same name, which stroke both of their hearts, even though their preferences were... quite opposite)

    Btw, her brother's called Ragnaroc Uchiha

    Many things happened after after Mugi and Caliburn fulfilled their man love. Grieving with pain, Akiza became somewhat of a crazy cat lady, but she collected men instead of cats. She brought home 2 fine specimens, one named Pato, or Seven Scaled Boy and another named Gato, or Gatsnshanks. It was very weird seeing them interact with each other. Disturbing indeed.

    One day Gats and Seven made quite a mess, with which I shall not say, and we had to call a handyman to clean. The handyman was called Hasashi. And he was one hell of a man. Isabella, or Lili, immediately fell for him. His crocked moustache, with remainders of pork chops and beer, his deep crack every time he bent over, his extensive beer gut, with smexy stains of who knows what. But Hasashi loved another girl. Hasashi loved Goro Kaguya. And so he severed bonds with Isabella Uchiha, and her eyes burnt, and a dark sun stood in it's place. She had awaken her MS.
    Unfortunately for Hasashi, Goro loved another man, Izuna Uchiha. And so he severed bonds with Hasashi, and his eyes burnt, but unlike Isabella, it was only because he had farted, and the chemicals in his fart made his eyes sting.

    The events were never spoken of again.


    Genjutsu Proficiency: Given her Genjutsu and Sharingan mastery, with her Sharingan active, using even the 3 Tomoe Sharingan, she is able to cast genjutsus further than normal. It does not change the damage of the genjutsu, it stays the same, it only enhances their reach, regardless of the Genjutsu. So if a genjutsu is usually Short-ranged, Isabella is able to cast it up to Mid-Range. If it's Mid-Range, Isabella is able to cast it up to Long-Range.

    Mangekyo Sharingan: Through hard training, Isabella Uchiha has unlocked the Mangekyo Sharingan. Hers has a dark sun patterned, against the crimson background.


    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: 0

    Old thread:
    Isabella Uchiha
    . Changed Looks
    . Changed Personality
    . Added more History
    . Added MS
    . Added a special Genjutsu Ability
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