okay. this is the war to end all wars. after this, naruto will achieve the peace that eluded so many before him, minato, jiraiya, even pain himself. so to do this, this is the finale. those not going one on one with someone such as the sand dude, his name is escaping me for some reason, will stand side by side holding nothing back. choji, bee, etc will be there to take on the new pain of the 6 paths. it will be emotional because they will talk about the possibility of them dying. once the fight starts we will all see how real that is when someone on our side is killed. possibly kakashi performing his most powerful technique. sasuke will make his appearance seeing the battle and joining in with madara. naruto will be devistated at the loss but have no time to think since sasuke will kill him first an eager to show of his ems. madara will be fighting the others but watching that fight closely to ensure that he doesnt actually kill naruto. naruto will unleash the secret technique itatchi gave him madara will step in the other will be distracted by the jinchurikis and it will be a dialogue between sasuke, madara, and naruto. naruto will finally reach sasuke, to a point, and those two will take on madara. naruto will unveil that he, too, posesses the rinnegan being the decendent of the six paths and together with sasukes sharingan will discover a way to stop madara who will decide to kill sasuke and take naruto. I am not sure if bee dies or not it would make sense having naruto be the last to obtain. the two of them will take down madara and sasuke will be fatally injured. once madara dies, sasuke will have a dialogue with naruto. the village will all have seen sasukes heroism and narutos and sasuke will die in narutos arms. oh and the ninetails hates madara more than anyone so he will team up with naruto unleashing a power, unseen before this but will make it clear that it will only be this once, so he thinks lol and we will see the white fox. back to sasuke. he dies after appologizing to naruto for the hate, thank him for believing in him. naruto will use the power of the six paths, i am not sure, but i think he may be the reincarnation of the sage because they prophesized that he will return to bring peace. i think it will have something to do with the fusion of the tailed beasts. idea idea. naruto loses his tail beast all hope looks lost but manages to fuze with them all becoming the reincarnation of the sage and ends the war and not only becomes the hokage once sasuke dies but destroys the way of the ninja eliminating all ninjitsu. foreshadowed by them always saying, as long as the art of ninjitsu exists, there will always be war. naruto always says he will find a way. everyone admires his will of fire. i think there is two sides to that sasuke and naruto both polar opposites much like the sage himeself. I know there are flaws but i think i may be onto something. I have seen enough anime to kind of get a sense of where it is going. I know i will still be surprised but there is only one way for naruto to end and that is epically. the only way for that is that naruto becomes the reincarnation of the sage by fusing with all of the tailed beasts and beating madara by his own game. sasuke plays his part too. unlike the first two hokages, they will work together. ideas, please. I want to picture this as best as i can and see how close i get in the end