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    i know this is pointless but here is what u guys wanna aobut konan
    Konan is a shinobi of some power, as she is held in high regard by her partner Pain. However, Jiraiya held her off with relative ease. She has a natural talent for origami,[3] as seen with the paper flower she keeps in her hair. As a child, after training with Jiraiya, she was able to form paper weapons infused with her chakra, which could pierce flesh easily.

    As an adult and member of Akatsuki, her powers have grown considerably. She has created a unique transformation techinque which can turn her entire body and clothing into thousands of sheets of paper, which she can control at will and form into any shape. To travel long distances, she can mold them into butterflies or planes for powered flight, and to attack, the sheets can form arrows, shuriken, or kunai. She can also restrain opponents by blanketing them in sheets restricting their movement. Befitting (and likely inspiring) her title as 'God's Angel', the papers can also form large wings for flight or further weaponry. As a whole, she is probably quite difficult to harm since most physical attacks would go straight through her, but this has yet to be confirmed.

    She does have weaknesses, though. Jiraiya covered her with oil to make her paper cling to itself and negate her abilities. It is possible she is also weak to water, as Pain stopped his rain technique before sending Konan out. However, when she was a child she seemed to have no problems fighting in the rain. She also appears to be vulnerable to Fire Release techniques.

    * Even though she is an Akatsuki member, Konan (like Pain) ironically is not a missing-nin since she belongs to Pain's Amegakure; a world recognized village.
    * Apparently, Madara and Konan are not on good terms with each other as he always questions Pain's abilities and she immediately scolds him for it despite Madara being her and Pain's benefactor.

    Konan has a relatively mysterious personality. Mostly, she is stoic, calm, and level-headed (much like Pain). As a child, she was bright and relatively cheerful compared to the tough Yahiko and sensitive Nagato. However, the trauma of events since then have left her more serious and solemn and she never spoke until her most recent appearances.

    She does seem to be more empathic than other Akatsuki members, as she appears sad whenever she has been reminded of her past. She also expresses a great deal of loyalty and courtesy to Pain (which he always returns), doing his bidding without question and looking out for his well-being. She seems to act as an intermediary between Pain and Amegakure, the villages having given her the title "God's Angel" for this reason. Fans suspect that she and Pain harbor feelings towards one another as both converse the way a married couple would. Moreover, Pain freed her from Jiraiya's grasp without hesitation or request.
    She also has the ability to read Pain's emotions without him facially expressing them. As soon as Madara ordered Pain to capture Naruto Uzumaki and the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, she could tell right away that there was something about the order that upset Pain. *****

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    Arent pein and konan brother and sister though???

    Unless nagato died....and put his soul into yahiko...Like orochimarus soul transfer technique, maybe thats what jiraiya found out, afterall not much is known about the rinnegan....

    Its difficult to tell whether shes very powerful, i think she just happens to be a bad match against jiraiya, afterall how many other shinobi do we know who have vast amounts of toad oil to make her origami attacks useless??

    And he is a sannin, soo...yeah, she might be very powerful...who knows...

    Also pein did say "kill him if you get the chance to"

    Surely if pein knew konan was weak, he wouldnt have said this, itd seem like a hurtful remark, and that hes taking the piss out of her weakness.

    So in theory pein has real and truthful feeling and thoughts that konan could take on Jiraiya and kill him.

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