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    The Pirate King - Chapter 1 - The Voyage Begins

    The Pirate King

    Author's Note: This is my first ever FanFiction. Please make sure you give me a feedback so I can improve on the next chapter.

    Introduction: The Pirate King is set on the current One Piece time line and is based on the manga/anime itself. It has custom as well as canon characters, devil fruits, locations, etc. There will also be a crossover between Naruto , Bleach and One Piece.

    Chapter 1: The Voyage Begins – Part 1.


    Makino: Luffy! Open the door! It’s time to wake up Luffy!

    Luffy: C-coming Makino *yawns*

    Narrator: Luffy gets out of his bed and walks over to open the door, but before he opens it, he looks over to his left where two wanted posters were pinned onto the wall.

    Luffy: *thinking* Wait for me Ace…Sabo…

    ??: Luffy! Get your ass over here!!

    Luffy:Coming Dadan!

    Dadan: When are you leaving Luffy?

    Luffy:Hmmm…After I’m done eating!

    ??: Luffy!! Where are you?!?

    Luffy: I’m here Mizuki. What’s up?

    Mizuki: Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?!? I’m coming with you!!

    Luffy: W-What?!? The life of a pirate is dangerous! You’ll be in danger all the time!!

    Mizuki: Don’t worry about the small stuff! As long as I’m with you I’ll be happy! I also ate a devil fruit just to go with you!

    Luffy: Devil Fruit?!? Where did you get your hands on that?

    Mizuki: I saw it floating by the river. I didn’t know what it was at first but I started getting the hang of using my powers. I can become your first mate now!

    Makino: Just take her with you Luffy! She is your future bride after all.

    Dadan: I think it’s a bad idea. The sea is unpredictable and you never know what’ll happen!

    Mizuki: I’ll go with Luffy! I made my mind up! Right, honey?

    Luffy: *blushes* S-STOP CALLING ME THAT!!

    Dogra: *points at Luffy* He blushed! Babababababa….

    Narrator: Everyone started laughing as they saw Luffy who was usually calm and carefree blush and get angry at them.

    Mizuki: Ignore them Luffy! You are going to be King of the Pirates right?


    Mizuki: Good! Now, if you become the King of the Pirates, I’ll also be known as Queen of the Pirates! Thinking about it sends shivers down my back!

    Mayor Woop Slap: You two will ruin the name of Fuusha Village! Why can’t you just be normal citizens??

    Mizuki: Shut up old geezer!! I want to go with Luffy and find the One Piece!! No one will stop me!

    Luffy: Fine, Fine! Just stop your yapping and start eating! We’ll leave in two hours!

    An hour later…

    Narrator: Everyone goes outside to get some fresh air. Dadan’s subordinates are taking supplies to the Emperor for Luffy and Mizu’s journey.

    Mizuki: I love how the ship looks! Can’t wait for the adventures that we’ll go through!

    Luffy: So, what devil fruit did you eat?

    Mizuki: I dunno, but it allows me to control water so I’d call it the water-water fruit.

    Luffy: WOW! That’s amazing!! Show it to me, show it to me!

    Mizuki: Calm down! I’ll show it to you.

    Narrator: Mizu faces the sea and as she raises her hand up, the water in the sea starts floating up as well.

    Luffy: T-T-THAT’S FREAKING AWESOME!! Do something else!!

    Mizuki: That was simple. I am working on attacks but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. I’ll show it to you later.

    Luffy: Sure! Just make sure you show it to me!

    Dadan: Everything is ready for you guys to set sail.

    Makino: You’re finally beginning the road to your dream Luffy!

    Mayor Woop Slap: *sighs* Don’t get yourselves killed!

    Narrator: Luffy and Mizuki get on the ship as they get ready to leave Fuusha Village.

    Luffy: Thanks for everything guys!! *looks toward Dadan* I hate Mountain Bandits but I like you guys!

    Dadan: *sob* You bastard! Get lost already!! *sob*

    Makino: Mizuki! Make sure to take care of Luffy!!

    Mizuki: Don’t worry Makino. I’ll always take care of him!!

    Luffy: Oi! I can take care of myself!

    Magra: It’s the wife’s job to take care of her husband Luffy! Just be happy!!

    Mizuki: That’s right Luffy!

    Luffy: I’ll see you guys!!

    Mizuki: We’ll miss you!!

    Narrator: Luffy and Mizuki turn the Emperor around and begin their journey. Both Luffy and Mizuki wave their hands at their friends and family at Fuusha Village while they wave their hands back.

    Mizuki: Where are we heading first Luffy?

    Luffy: Well, I got myself a first mate but that isn’t good enough. We may be strong but we should wind ourselves more crewmates. We’ll stop at the next island and search for a strong person to join the Strawhat Crew.

    Mizuki: Sounds good to me Captain!

    End of Part 1.

    Chapter 1: The Voyage Begins – Part 2.

    Narrator: It’s been two days since Luffy and Mizuki left Fuusha Village to begin their journey in search of the One Piece. Luffy and Mizuki stand in front of the ship with a big grin on their face as they arrive at their destination.

    Villager 1: P-P-PIRATES HAVE COME!!



    ??: What’s with all the noise?

    Villager 1: Zoro-dono! Pirates have arrived at the island! We ask of your help to get rid of them!

    Zoro: Huh? Sure…but you have to pay me double the amount now…

    Mayor: DOUBLE THE AMOUNT?!? Our Village doesn’t have all that money!!

    Zoro: Then, good luck with the Pirates! *waves his hands and walks away*

    Mayor: We’ll give you all the sake we have! Please protect the village! you’re talking! *with a grin on his face*

    Narrator: Zoro walks towards the coast where the Strawhat ship had docked. Zoro took out his sword prepared to attack fiercely in any second. The villagers quietly watched from the sidelines to see the Pirates die.

    Luffy: Man! We’re finally here!!

    Mizuki: Where are you going to go first Luffy?

    Zoro: He’s going to die! You’re both going to die!

    Mizuki: Who the hell are you? How dare you say that my husband is going to die?!?

    Zoro: I am Roronoa Zoro and I am swordsman. W-wait…husband? Aren’t you guys too young to get married?

    Luffy: *blushes* WE AREN’T MARRIED!

    Zoro: How come you’re blushing?

    Mizuki: He’s just too shy to admit it!

    Zoro: I don’t really care though! You’re still going to die!

    Mizuki: No one’s going to die!

    Luffy: You’re a swordsman? Great! Wanna join my crew?

    Zoro: Pirate? Buwhahaha…I’d rather die! Why are you guys Pirates anyway?

    Luffy: I am going to be the King of the Pirates!!

    Zoro: You? King of the Pirates? Do you understand what you’re saying? Buwhahaha

    Mizuki: Luffy will become King of the Pirates! If you don’t shut your trap, I’ll kill you! *with an evil look on her face*

    Zoro: Try it little girl!!

    Narrator: Zoro took out his sword and was ready to kill at any moment.

    Zoro: Give up now! You’re out of your league!

    Mizuki:Maybe you should give it up! You’re no match for me and Luffy is much stronger than me.

    Zoro: Enough chit-chat!

    Narrator: Zoro ran forward and slashed Mizuki right through the middle.

    Zoro: I should give up? You’re too weak!

    Mizuki: Who’s weak now? Never underestimate your opponents!

    Zoro: H-HOW?!? I cut you right through the middle!

    Mizuki: I ate the water-water fruit! Sword attacks won’t scratch me!

    Zoro: A devil fruit? That doesn’t matter! I’ll surpass that and definitely cut you!

    Mizuki: Try as many times as you want, but it won’t do any good against me! Water Gun!

    Narrator: Mizuki points her index and middle fingers of both hands at Zoro like guns; she turns her fingertips into water and shoots bullets made of water at him. Zoro was thrown back from its destructive power.

    Zoro: *pant* *pant* You really are strong! Phoenix of the 36 Earthly Desires!

    Narrator: Zoro uses the air to slash the Mizuki who stood not so far away from him. Zoro first holds one of his swords horizontally above the shoulder of his sword arm, and then performs a circular swing that launches the air compressed projectile spiraling towards Mizuki. Surprisingly, this attack connected and had cut Mizuki in the shoulder even though it shouldn’t have hurt her.

    Mizuki: H-How did your attack connect? You are tougher than you look!

    Luffy: That’s enough Mizuki. Zoro, we’re here to look for someone to join the crew. We aren’t interested in anything else. Do you want to join us?

    Zoro: I want to see how strong the captain of the ship is. If you’re strong, I’ll think about it.

    Luffy: That’s fine with me. Ready?

    Zoro: I was ready from the start! Bring it on!!

    Luffy: You asked for it! Lightning Pillar!

    Narrator: Luffy points his hand towards the sky and a huge lightning bolt struck Zoro from the sky. Zoro lost conscious the moment it hit him as he was holding his Swords which doubled the power.

    Mizuki:Looks like we got ourselves a swordsman!

    Luffy: Yosh! I’ll go look around the Village! Want to come along, Mizuki?

    Mizuki: Sure thing! It’s a date!


    Mayor: I reported to the Marines. They’ll be here any minute to arrest these criminals!

    Villager 2: Great Mayor! Let’s stay hidden until the marines arrive!

    Luffy: Mizuki, we don’t need to refill anything right?

    Mizuki: We already got everything we need. *looks to her side*

    Narrator: A Marine ship was arriving to the island.

    Mizuki: Looks like we’ll have to leave early Luffy! C’mon!

    Luffy: Coming!!

    Villager 3: They’re trying to escape!!

    Mayor: Don’t worry. The Marines will get rid of them!

    Luffy: Oi! Zoro! Zoro!! Wake up!!

    Zoro: W-What happened to me? *as he wakes up with a hand placed on his forehead*

    Mizuki:You lost to Luffy! Hahahaha

    Zoro: *angrily* Shut up! I was caught off guard! *looks at Luffy* Did you also eat a devil fruit?

    Luffy: Yep! I ate the rumble-rumble fruit.

    Zoro: Look here! I did join your crew but if you try to stop me from reaching my goal, I’ll find a way to kill you!

    Mizuki: Ho…what is your goal?

    Zoro: My goal is to become the world’s greatest swordsman!

    Luffy: I’d expect nothing less from a crew member of the future Pirate King! If you can’t even achieve something that small, you’ll embarrass me!

    Zoro: Nicely said!

    Marine 1: Captain Smoker! It’s an unknown Pirate Crew!

    Captain Smoker: How many crew members??

    Marine 1: 3 members spotted on the deck! A-and one of them is P-PIRATE HUNTER ZORO!!

    Captain Smoker: W-What is he doing on a no name Pirate Crew??

    ??: Pirate Hunter Zoro?!?

    Marine 1: He looks beat up!!

    Captain Smoker: Tashigi! Bring me the speaker!

    Tashigi: Yes sir!

    Narrator: Tashigi runs into her room to bring Captain Smoker the speaker.

    Tashigi: Here you go, sir!

    Captain Smoker: *takes the speaker from Tashigi’s hands* Pirates! SURRENDER NOW OR WE WILL BE FORCED TO FIRE!!

    Zoro: Looks like their asking us to stop.

    Mizuki: We’ll kick their ass and get out of here!

    Luffy: *walks to the back of the ship* FIRE IF YOU WISH BUT THE STRAW HAT PIRATES WILL NEVER SURRENDER!!

    Captain Smoker: *thinking* Looks like he is the captain. Something about him feels strange! Men! Prepare to fire the cannons!!

    Marines: Yes Captain!

    Luffy: Zoro, you rest! You’re pretty beat up at the moment! Mizuki, give us a big wave so we can get out of here.

    Zoro: I can fight too…*ugh*

    Mizuki: You should rest Zoro. Your muscles must be numb from the shock you got after Luffy’s attack. *looks at
    Luffy* Sure thing Captain! Big Wave!

    Narrator: Mizuki raised both her hands to create a big wave behind the ship which pushed Emperor and were now sailing far into the horizon.


    Captain Smoker: Looks like they aren’t just your ordinary Pirates. Looks like one of the members is a Devil Fruit user!

    Tashigi: Devil Fruit? Just like your one?

    Captain Smoker: Yes! From now on, we’ll go after the Strawhat Pirates! They look like a dangerous bunch and something worries me about that straw hat pirate!

    Somewhere in the middle of the sea…

    Zoro: Where are we going now? And are you guys really married?

    Luffy: We need a navigator! I know nothing about the sea and Mizuki knows only a little. Let’s stop on the next island we come to and search for someone with good navigation skills. AND I AM NOT MAR…!

    Mizuki: *kisses Luffy on the cheek* Yes, we are married!

    Luffy: *blushes* I-I-I AM N-NOT…*thud*

    Narrator: Luffy had fainted after Mizuki had kissed him on the cheek.

    Zoro: *thinking* what a romantic couple *laughs*

    Mizuki: Sheesh! He really is a kid! I mean, how could you faint after a kiss on the cheek?!?

    Zoro: This pirate crew doesn’t seem all that bad and I get the feeling that some interesting adventures await us.

    End of Part 2.
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