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    The Pirate King - Chapter 2 - The Axe-Hand Pirates

    The Pirate King

    Author's Note: This is the second chapter of my first fanfic. Your feedbacks and reviews will help me improve on the next chapter. Happy reading.

    Previous Chapters

    Chapter 2: The Axe-Hand Pirates.

    Narrator: It’s been a day since Zoro had joined the Strawhat Crew and escaped the Marines. They are now heading towards Orange Town.

    Zoro: Luffy! I see Orange Town!!

    Luffy: Already?!? That was quick!

    Mizuki: I think this is where we’ll find our navigator.

    Zoro: Are you sure about that?

    Mizuki: I’m not mistaken! This is the place!

    Luffy: Let’s dock and find our new navigator then!

    Narrator: The Emperor anchors at the coastline of the island away from the sight of civilians.

    Mizuki: We’ll go search for my friend first. After that, you guys can go around doing whatever you want for an hour and we’ll set sail. Make sure to stay out of trouble!

    Luffy: Which direction is it to your friends’ house then?

    Mizuki: I’m sure that it’s somewhere at the outskirts of town. Now which way….

    Narrator: Mizuki looks around and notices something very odd.

    Mizuki: Hey guys! Don’t you think it’s too quiet?

    Zoro: Now that you mention it, where are the townspeople?

    Luffy: Ummm, maybe everyone is sleeping!

    Zoro: You Idiot! Everyone can’t sleep at the same time! Something is really weird here…

    Mizuki: Anyways, let’s quickly find my friend and get out of here…I’m getting a very bad feeling…

    Narrator: Luffy, Mizuki, and Zoro all walk through the town and towards the outskirt of town.

    Luffy: Remember anything Mizuki?

    Mizuki: I don’t really remember this place really well. All my memories are fuzzy when I try to think about my past.

    Zoro: What about that house over there? It looks different from the others…

    Mizuki: I’ll go give it a try.

    *Knock, Knock*

    Narrator: Mizuki knocks on the door of the house.

    *Step, Step, Step*

    Narrator: Footsteps were heard coming closer and closer from inside the house.

    ??: Y-Yes? Who is it?

    Narrator: Someone had opened the door, peeking out with one eye seeing who was knocking on the door.

    Mizuki: Is that you Nami?

    ??: W-who are you?

    Narrator: The strangers eyes widened as if she was seeing something she wasn’t supposed to.

    ??:Yes, I am Nami but w-who are you?

    Mizuki: Oh! That’s great! Don’t you remember me? It’s me! It’s Mizuki!

    Narrator: Her eyes widened once again.

    Nami: I’m sorry but I really have n-no idea who you are!

    Mizuki: Hey! Wait a min…!


    Narrator: Nami had shut the door on their faces and had walked back inside.

    Nami: *thinking* I’m sorry Mizu! I don’t want to get you involved into my matters! *sob*

    Zoro: Didn’t you tell us she was your childhood friend Mizuki?

    Mizuki: Maybe I got the wrong person. She was a lot paler than the one I knew. It couldn`t be her.


    ??:She made contact with some strangers.

    ??: Show her what happens if she disobeys us!

    *Knock, Knock*


    Narrator: No one opened the door even after the loud knocks made by the stranger.

    ??: heh, ignoring me are you?


    Narrator: The stranger had broken the door came in and found Nami lying on the corner crying.

    ??: Come with me little girl!

    Nami: *sob* I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean to open the door! *sob*

    ??: You think the captain cares about your excuses?

    Narrator: With Mizuki not able to find Nami, the three sit down at under a tree.

    Zoro: Hey, Look over there!

    Mizuki: Aren’t they children from this town?

    Narrator: A few children were lurking in the shadows of buildings as if they were hiding from someone.

    Zoro: You kids!! Come here for a sec!

    Narrator: As soon as Zoro called out to them, they ran as fast as they could in the opposite direction.

    Mizuki: Look at that Zoro! Your face scared those poor kids away!

    Zoro: What did you say you ugly woman?

    Mizuki: *twit* WHO’D YOU CALL UGLY?!?

    Narrator: Mizuki smacked Zoro’s head and had him fall to the ground.

    Mizuki: Anyways, let’s hurry up and find where they are going. Maybe we can get some information on what’s happening here.

    Luffy: Let’s hurry then!

    Narrator: The three pirates run after the children but were suddenly stopped by some pissed off villagers.

    Villager 1: Get out of this town you scum!!

    Villager 2: Give us our freedom back!!

    Mizuki: W-wait just a minute! What are you people talking about??

    Villager 3: Don’t play dumb with us! You are part of Morgan’s Pirate crew!!

    Mizuki: Who’s Morgan? What on earth is happening in the town??

    Villager 3: Are you people pirates??

    Luffy: Yes. We are Pirates.

    Villager 1: I knew it! Every pirate out there is like Morgan! Every last one of them are dirty, no good scumbags!!

    Mizuki: Like I asked, Who is Morgan?? We are the Strawhat Pirates and not all pirates are bad!!

    Zoro: I think I know who he is. I heard that there was a Pirate who came back from the Grand Line. I dunno much about him but I heard that he is very cruel and merciless.

    Villager 2: If you aren’t part of Morgan’s crew, then why were you at that girl’s house?

    Mizuki: Girl? You mean Nami? I was searching for my childhood friend Nami who lives in this town but I couldn’t find her.

    Villager 4: Childhood friend? W-W-WAIT A MINUTE!! ARE YOU MIZUKI?!?

    Mizuki: Y-yes I am Mizuki, but how on earth do you know my name??



    Villager 4: Don’t you remember me?? It’s me!! It’s Genzo!

    Mizuki: G-G-Gen-Genzo?!? Is that really you??

    Villager 1: Who is she Genzo?

    Villager 2:

    Genzo: Put your things down guys. Mizuki isn’t bad but keep a watch on those two. Mizuki used to Live here till she was 5 years old when she had to move due to circumstances that I’m not really sure of. Nami and Mizuki used to be childhood friends.

    Mizuki: Don’t worry about them Genzo. *points at Luffy* This is Luffy, my future husband. *points at Zoro* This is Zoro, our swordsman.

    Luffy: I have a question. If Nami and Mizuki are childhood friends, why did she act as if she didn’t know Mizuki?

    Genzo: That is…you see…

    Mizuki: What happened Genzo? You can trust us. We’ll help you in anyway we can.

    Genzo: Come inside or they’ll see us.

    Zoro: They?

    Narrator: The three pirates and the villagers entered into the house where they found young children, young and old women, and men who were injured lying on the floor.

    Mizuki: ?!?

    Luffy: Oi!! What happened here?!?


    Genzo: Well, as that green haired guy told you. Axe-Hand Morgan came to this town around a year ago took over the whole town. We informed marines who came here in large numbers but were killed as soon as they entered Morgan’s territory. Morgan and his subordinates are merciless who will do anything for money! They wanted to kill everyone here and make this island his resting place but when he saw Nami’s navigation skills, he tortured us to make her join them. Nami is now isolated from us and isn’t even allowed to talk to us.

    Mizuki: What are you saying?? Is that why Nami looked so pale?!?

    Genzo: Y-yes. I don’t think she’s eaten for days since Morgan found out that we have been sending her food secretly. He sent his men here who killed many of our children as payment!! I will never forgive that man!


    Genzo: You can’t go there! You’ll only get killed!

    Mizuki: Are you telling me to sit back and watch my friend get tortured and forced to do things she doesn’t want?!?

    Villager 5: G-GENZO!! THIS IS TERRIBLE!!

    Genzo: What happened Mito?

    Villager 5: *pant* NAMI…! *pant*

    Genzo: What is it? What happened to Nami?!?

    Villager 5: *pant* THEY FOUND OUT THAT SHE TALKED TO PEOPLE!! *pant*

    Genzo: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?

    Mizuki: W-What happened to Nami?

    Narrator: Everyone in the room started crying as if something bad had happened.

    Genzo: *sob* Nothing happened to Nami, we’ll be the ones killed now!! *sob*

    Luffy: Hey old guy! Where is Nami?

    Genzo: *sob* She probably got taken to their base near the river.*sob* Why? *sob*

    Luffy: Isn’t it obvious? We’re going to save her!

    Genzo: *sob* You’ll just get yourselves killed! *sob*

    Luffy: If we don’t save her, you’ll be the ones dying!!

    Luffy: Let’s go Mizuki, Zoro!

    Mizuki & Zoro: Right!

    Genzo: …*sob*

    Meanwhile, at Morgan’s base.

    ??: Brought her here Captain.

    Captain Morgan: Good job Tate. You can leave now and call Chita over now.

    Tate: Yes sir!

    Captain Morgan: Now then, what did I tell you about talking to other people?

    Nami: *sob* I’m really sorry! Please don’t kill them!! *sob*

    Captain Morgan: Hahaha! I’ll only kill a few of them! This is what happens to those who disobey my power!!


    Captain Morgan: I’m sorry! *in a sarcastic tone* But I already sent the order to annihilate half of the town! Hahahaha!

    Nami: *sob* YOU BASTARD! I WILL N..*thud*

    Narrator: Captain Morgan kicked Nami on the face.

    Captain Morgan: You dare talk back to me?!? I’ll make sure to show you the cries of the ones you care about!!

    At the outskirts of Orange Town.

    Luffy: We better hurry and find Nami!


    Mizuki: What was that?

    Tate: Hehe, what do we have here…

    Mizuki: Who are you?!?

    Tate: I am the vice-captain of the Axe-Hand Pirates. All those who defy my captain are left to die like those villagers and you brats!


    Mizuki: So you’re our enemies, eh?

    Tate: Enemies? Wawawawawa. You three are like little bugs for us. *looks at Zoro* Why do you look familiar?

    Luffy: Huh? Zoro, do you know him?

    Tate: Zoro? Roronoa Zoro? Wawawa, did you come for our captain’s head?

    Zoro: I am not a bounty hunter anymore. I am one of the Strawhat Pirates!

    Tate: A bounty hunter became a pirate? Wawawawa, that’s news to me!

    Luffy: We`re wasting time here! Let’s get going already!

    Tate: Go? Wawawawa! I’ll have you die here! Attack them Axe-Hand Pirates!!

    Narrator: Pirates started jumping from behind Tate with their swords and guns pointed at the three Strawhat Pirates.

    Tate: Now, I’ll be off t…

    Mizuki: Whirlpool!

    Narrator: Mizuki made both her hands into water and started spinning them as fast as she could to create a whirlpool in the air which caught all the attacking pirates and sent them flying in all directions.

    Luffy: That’s so cool!! Is that a new move??

    Mizuki: Yep! I thought of this move the other day when we came across a whirpool.

    Zoro: heh, not bad!

    Tate: This is surprising. Heh, looks like I’ll have to be in the action this time.

    Mizuki: I ate the water-water fruit. Don’t expect me to go easy on you!

    Tate: Heh, you’re still no match for me!

    Narrator: Tate suddenly started to change his appearance into that of a Lion.
    Tate now stood there as a half Lion and half human form.

    Mizuki: Wh-what the…?!?

    Zoro: heh, looks like he ate one of those devil fruits too…


    Tate: Cat-Cat fruit model: Lion! Now stay still so that I can slaughter you all!

    ??: What the hell?!? What happened here??

    Tate: Chita! Where the hell were you? Captain gave us orders to annihilate the town!

    Strawhat Pirates:

    Chita: Is that so? But looks like you’ve run into trouble to me.

    Tate: Heh! Don’t worry about me! I’ll kill them one by one!

    Chita: I got nothing to do so I’ll help you get rid of them!

    Narrator: Chita took out his sword which was hidden behind his back.

    Chita: Now…which one of you will I kill first?

    Zoro: I’ll clash swords with you!

    Chita: How brave of you…I’ll kill you fast so don’t worry about running away…

    Zoro: It’s a swordsman’s shame to run away from a duel!

    Chita: I hope you can back that up!

    Tate: The Captain will be mad if we’re late to execute his orders! Let’s hurry up and finish this!

    Mizuki: Luffy! Get going! We’ll take of these two!

    Luffy: Y-Yea! Beat the crap out of them guys!!

    Zoro: Heh, you don’t have to tell me that! Now get going!

    Back at Morgan’s base.

    Captain Morgan: Hahahaha! The town should be screaming in fear by now! Hahahaha!

    Nami: *sob* PLEASE!! PLEASE STOP THIS!! I BEG OF YOU!! *sob*

    Pirate 1:Captain, it looks like we’ve got a problem.

    Captain Morgan: Huh? What are you talking about?

    Pirate 1:It looks like Tate-dono and Chita-dono were stopped by some pirates. One of them is seen to be a girl who holds a devil fruit ability and it seems their captain is coming this way.

    Nami: *thinking* girl? It can’t be her, can it?

    Captain Morgan: What is this?!? They should know how I get when someone keeps me waiting! I’ll kill this captain of this no name pirate crew and get on with the slaughtering of the town!! This is my town so everyone has to obey me!

    To be continued next chapter
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