I wonder why many people (I don't mean "most") hate Sasuke.

Sasuke grew up to some age along with Naruto always competing with him. They say he is arrogant, he tries to be cool and everyone, especially girls are fan of him. And Naruto at the same time struggles to surpass him. Why, indeed Sasuke was intelligent and stronger, we have to admit it.

Naruto fans, don't get me wrong, I am also for Naruto, but we have to admit it. Plz, read till the end.

Do you think Sasuke did the right thing to leave Konoha and go with Oro. Well, Naruto tried to stop him and everyone here, as well, hoped Sasuke return back when both fought at that walley. I personally think, Sasuke did perfect choice to go with Oro and that was the best and optimal choice for him. If he stayed with team 7, he would've never reached that point. He planned everything from the beginning, he didn't want to give his body to Oro, he just tricked him and got what he want. Do you think, Kakashi was enough to train him as Oro. No, never. I think Sasuke did great job to leave Konoha.

Naruto. He was childish, even now he is childish. He tried and still trying to bring Sasuke back, but indeed Sasuke went there with his own will. Naruto was stupid, and of course Sakura. As Sasuke said, what Naruto and Sakura would understand who know nothing about loosing the whole clan, family and relatives. On top of that, killed by his own brother.

All I want to say, there is no point to hate Sasuke. Why do u hate Sasuke. Because he didn't like Naruto growing so fast? No he was competing with him. The same thing did Naruto as well. And if this is the reason, then we have to hate Naruto as well.

Or, because he was arrogant. No. Sasuke was cool, that's it. At least tried to show himself cool. That's his personality. He fought with Naruto without head-protector, though he fought with it in the end. Coz he was confident and he was sure that he had still upperhand. Even in the last battle, he got a scratch after defeating Naruto.

Kishi sent Sasuke to Oro so that both sides grow faster than other people in other Teams. I think, Sasuke is not the type of person we should hate. I don't say that everyone hates him, I just say there are DEFINITELY people who hates him. And for Sasuke fans: I am trying to defend Sasuke, don't get me wrong, and of course I am not trying to degrade Naruto, I am a big fan of Naruto.