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    Destiny (Chapter 1)

    *This is second part of a story trilogy. The first part, in its entirety, can be found here- Crowning, formally known as JetZula. You can find the individual chapters using the Search tool, but for you guys, I just made a thread with the full story.
    *You'll be lost if you do not read the first one, so click the link if you want to know what's up, but if you want to wing it, feel free.
    *This is a Fanfiction based on Avatar: The Last Airbender and the timeframe is Season 3, and is an Action-Love story. The first is filled with action, so please check it out if you want.


    Chapter 1


    The sounds of a ship echoes across the bay of the Fire Nation, as a hooded man stands at the dock. Slowly, the ship comes into view and the man looks up in relief. As the ship comes to a hault and releases the landing platform, a Fire Navy Captain dressed in war armour steps out.

    Captain: "Lord Iroh, are you ready?"

    Iroh: "Yes."

    Iroh walks into the ship

    Captain: "Ba Sing Se, huh? I hear you'll be taking over as the current King."

    Iroh: "A king must be calm, have a sense of justice, power, and be at peace with oneself. The current King is not fit to be one. However, I am. I am grateful my brother has given me this prestigious honour. "

    Captain: "Agreed, my lord."

    The Captain looks at his crew

    Captain: "Set Ba Sing Se."

    In Ba Sing Se, the people await the new King's rules.

    People surround the outside of the castle, but quickly back away as Fire is bended over their heads.

    Zuko: "Get away. Your ruler will be out here shortly."

    The crowd begins to mumble and boo, but Zuko sways more fire over their heads

    Zuko: "I said stand down!"

    As the crowd calms down, Zuko walks back into the castle and removes his Fire Nation head-piece, while Mai walks up to him.

    Mai: "Let me guess, another crowd?"

    Zuko: "Those peasants adore and are slaves to the King, when the don't even know who he really is. It sickens me."

    Mai: "Zuko, relax."

    Zuko: "How can I? I am supposed to be a Prince and here I am, betraying my father by going along with Azula's stupid plan."

    Mai: "Azula is in love, Zuko. Love isn't stupid. Annoying.......-"

    Mai kisses Zuko

    Mai: "But not stupid..."

    Zuko smiles.

    Zuko: "You're right, but I still don't like Jet."

    Mai: "You're not the only one....."

    Mai looks at Ty Lee's door to her room.

    Zuko: "Where is she?"

    Mai: "Out always. She said she would get you some new shirts."

    Zuko: "Who let Ty Lee go?! I'll be wearing pink....."

    Zuko sulks while two Earth Guards walk up to them.

    Guard 1: "Prince Zuko, we've received an intermission from one of our ship captains."

    Guard 2: "He has seen sight of a Fire Navy Ship heading this way."

    Zuko looks at Mai in disbelief, then turn back to the guards.

    Zuko: "Who was on this ship?"

    The sun brightens up the King's room, while he and Azula ay on their blood red couch, glazing at the sky through the glass window upon the roof.

    Jet: "Nice sky, but it'll be better when it darkens."

    Azula: "Your people are waiting for their King to speak. We should hurry and-"

    Jet: "Relax. I'm the King and I'd much rather spend my day with you."

    Azula: "I agree, but nothing is better than watching those peasants suffer."

    Jet kisses Azula

    Jet: "Is that better?"

    Azula: "Almost."

    Jet: "I'm insulted."

    Jet laughs.

    Jet: "And besides, I used to be a peasant. It's not as fun on the other side. Here, everything is right. Over's awful, but enough about that! Later today, we should see a play or something."

    Azula: "That would be-"

    Zuko runs in, with Mai walking behind him.

    Zuko: Azula, you were right. He's coming."
    Azula: "Well, off course I was right, but I didn't actually expect him to come."

    Jet: "Wait, who's coming?"

    Inside a pirate merchant ship at the bay of Ba Sing Se, Ty Lee, holding a necklace and a bag of clothes drops all of it onto the counter. The ragged merchant turns around, and he looks down at his costumer.

    Merchant: "Some of the finest items you have there. They are quite expensive."

    Ty Lee: "I think I'll manage and besides, the necklace if for someone special.

    Merchant: "Young love, hm? I remember my first love. Broke my heart when she got with someone else. I never told her how I really felt, but-"

    The merchant laughs

    Merchant: "He broke her heart and she broke his arm. I guess it's not all bad!"

    Ty Lee looks at the man like he's insane while thinking about her own dilemma.

    Ty Lee thoughts: "Why can I see Azula doing this...."

    Merchant: "But don't mind me. I hope you and your love have happy life."

    Ty Lee: "I know she'll be happy, but how can I when she's with someone else?"

    Merchant: "Fight him. Never give up, kid.....or you'll be a lowly Pirate merchant."

    Ty Lee: "You're right! Thanks Pirate guy!"

    Ty Lee hugs the merchant and then lets go and looks at what she bought.

    Ty Lee: "How many coins do I owe you for this?"

    Merchant: "It's on the house. Love and money should never be intertwined."

    Ty Lee: "Thanks!"

    Ty Lee grabs the bag and necklace, but when at the door, she turns around.

    Ty Lee: "You should go talk to the girl you loved. Never give up right?"

    Ty Lee smiles and leaves.

    Merchant, who smiles: "Right."

    Back inside the main room of the castle.....

    Mai: "I didn't expect him to come and actually represent the Fire Nation."

    Azula: "Well, he was in prison, thanks to Zuzu, so nobody should be surprised. it's simple. He wants revenge. It's about time he actually proved his name, but I doubt he really can. He's a broken old man now."

    Zuko: "Don't talk about him that way. You're wrong about him."

    Azula: "You, especially, should know what I mean, having spent so much time with him over the years. You're the perfect example of his student. Worthless."

    Zuko: "Talk about me all you want, but don't talk about him like he's nothing!"

    Zuko's face fills with anger and his hazel eyes lock onto her cold and emotionless eyes. Noticing this, Jet gets infront of Azula, and between her and Zuko.

    Jet: "Calm down guys. No need to fight."

    Zuko gets in Jet's face.

    Zuko: "Who do you think you are?! You're an outcast who has no business in being here!"

    Mai: "Here we go...."

    Jet: "I'm the king, remember?"

    Zuko: "Only because Azula likes you. Nobody else does. The second Azula wakes up from hey little boyfriend fantasy, you're done for."

    Jet: "Heh, you sure about that?"

    Zuko: "I'll finish you myself."

    Azula gets inbetween them.

    Azula: "Jet, never try to protect me again. It's romantic, but makes me look weak, like Zuzuhere."

    Azula kisses Jet and then turns around to Zuko.

    Azula: "This isn't a fantasy. It's real, Zuzu, and it won't be ending anytime soon. Understand?"

    Zuko: "Like I care."

    Zuko looks away

    Azula: "Good. Now, back to our problem...."

    Outside the castle, Ty Lee suddenly bumps into someone.

    Ty Lee: "Sorry!"

    Ty Lee looks at the crowd

    Ty Lee: "Wow! That's a big crowd."

    Man: "We're waiting for the King's proclamation."

    Ty Lee: "Oh, well, good luck!"

    The man turns around and begins to utter the words Thank you, but Ty Lee's gone. He looks up and notices her running on top of People's heads

    Ty Lee: "Excuse me! Coming through!"

    Ty Lee does a front flip and lands on her feet, at the door of the castle. The crowd applauses

    Ty Lee: "Thank you! I miss the circus sometimes."

    Ty Lee runs into the castle, but stops at the status of Jet and Azula in the hallway.

    Ty Lee: "..............."

    Ty Lee's face over flows with sorrow, but as she focuses in on Azula, she smiles and brightens. She then walks to the main room, where everyone is standing by the couch.

    Ty Lee: "Hey guys! I'm....."

    Ty Lee notices Azula's face, which is serious, and Zuko's which is semi-worried.

    Ty Lee: "...Back. What's wrong?"

    Azula: "It seems a family member is coming for a visit."

    Ty Lee: "Who?"

    Azula: "Dear old Uncle Iroh."

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    Re: Destiny (Chapter 1)


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    Re: Destiny (Chapter 1)


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    Re: Destiny (Chapter 1)

    nice chapter

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