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Konan isnt gonna just sit there and let the lava hit her she isnt that weak konan can set traps while in the battle and im sure she has fought many strong opponents sided with the old Akatsuki just because someone spits lava doesnt mean they will win. konan isnt weak there is a reason she is the right hand of pein and besides she knows other justsu Jiraiya taught them well. She's smart she wouldnt just go into battle and die another thing Konan was able to hurt and rip off one of Madara's arm and Mei was right there when Madara declared war she didnt do anything but stand there like the other Kage's WTH i wouldnt have stood there and she also didnt kill sasuke.
I'm finding some wholes in your argument. You're saying Konan won't stand around and let Lava hit her. I can understand that but in a battle you're moving so could it be possible that a kunoichi who's obtained the rank of Kage could find a way to use her jutsu on another kunoichi like Konan even if she's S-class I'm sure the Mizukage could find a way to make her techniques work. You said she could set traps, couldn't the Mizukage also set traps. skills in setting traps is a fundimental teaching to all shinobi so I'm sure two highly advanced shinobi could pull off traps as well as defend against traps set by their opponent, and based on Konan's fighting style most of her traps will be bomb orriented which is more or less basic. Her jutsu learned from Jiraiya are her paper techniques as we've seen her in a fair amount of battle time it seems her paper skills are her primary weapon. I'm pretty sure Madara could've killed Konan if he wanted to before he lost his arm however because he needed info as to where Nagato was he kept her alive with his arm as a small cost. Bringing up how Mei listened on intell from her opponent about what was going down has nothing to do with Konan and should be left out of the argument not to mention that war would be waged regardless if she blindly attacked Madara, knowing her attacks wouldn't work meaning a waste of chakra. Also Sasuke's death would've came by her hands had Zetsu not placed spores on her, it wasn't Sasuke's skill that stopped her. Sasuke also has nothing to do with this argument unless you're implying that Konan could defeat Sasuke but that would be for another discussion. The Tsuchikage also would've obliterated Sasuke, had it not been for Madara basically Sasuke's a luky SOB. You're not giving how Konan's fighting style and skills best Mei only speculation on how scenerios Might go and irrelevent arguments concerning other characters that won't relate to this one at all.