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    The Great Konoha Confrontation part 5

    for this thread to make any sense, you must first read parts 1,2,3&4
    if your having trouble finding them, go to my profile and search my latest created threads. you'll find em.

    tsunade: ok, sakura/shizune/ino i want you to continue healing the wounded. i have something i must do yet.
    *tsunade looks into the distance*
    *sakura and shizune looks worried*
    tsunade: understood??
    sakura/shizune/ino: yes!
    *tsunade disappears*

    *ROOT ninja about to stab yamato from behind*
    *naruto arrives and shooves a rasengan in the ninja's stomach*
    yamato: naruto!, your back?!
    naruto: i just took out pein and---
    yamato: WHAT?? you aleady beat pein??
    naruto: yeah hehe. but after defeating him i heard some battles over in this area. so i came to help you guys. whats going on over here?
    yamato: well, ROOT all the sudden attacked ANBU out of nowhere right after pein invaded. if i had to guess, it was danzou making his move.
    naruto: who's danzou?
    yamato: he's the old man tsunade has kept an eye on the past few weeks.
    *naruto looks pissed*
    naruto: does he have a cane and a cloth headpiece?
    yamato: yes, you've seen him?
    naruto: when i returned to konoha, he was the first person i saw. in tsunade's room all alone. he killed one of pervy sage's toads. probably coming to get me.
    yamato: probably didn't want you returning to the village...
    *naruto turns and looks at the hokage mansion*
    naruto: sorry yamato, i can't let that old man get away with this!!
    *naruto disappears*
    yamato:.......get him naruto.....

    danzou: uughh!!
    *danzou is on the floor with the chidori blade in his gut*
    danzou: hehe, this village will be reborn into a new war empire. long did the sandaime disapprove of this. but i will finally get what i want. haha!!
    sasuke: not if your dead.....
    danzou: haha, and you think you'll bring yourself to kill me sasuke??
    sasuke: your the reason the uchiha clan doesn't exist anymore. you caused me pain and suffering my whole life. YOUR DEA--
    karin: sasuke!!, a group of powerful chakra's is right they're here.
    *sasuke takes the blade out of danzou and turns around*
    sasuke: kakashi....
    kakashi: hello again. good work...neji.
    sasuke: i told you kakashi sensei, i don't have time to play leaf with you anymore. TEAM HAWK ATTACK!
    suigetsu: yes! finally!
    *sasuke charges up a chidori*
    *sasuke turns around to face danzou but gets kicked in the face by sai*
    sasuke: guhhh!!!
    sai: no doubt in my mind that danzou is wrong. but i also know that your doing wrong yourself. killing is wrong.
    sasuke: you should not have got in my way! thats it, this foolishness ends here!!
    *sasuke closes his eyes*
    sasuke: AMATERASU!!!

    *tsunade on her way to find pein*
    *tsunade runs into ino's father and ibiki*
    tsunade: why are you two in such a hurry?
    ino's father: we're on our way to the hokage mansion to tell you. we know the secret behind pein!
    tsunade: ?!?! well lets hear it!!

    *naruto jumping with intense speed on rooftops towards hokage mansion*
    naruto: !!
    god pein: enough games uzumaki naruto, your coming with us.
    naruto: but how?, i killed you.
    konan: you can't kill pein, he's a god.
    naruto: tch!, what now elder toad?
    fukasaku: this pein....whats his secret? only if jiraiya was still alive!!
    *naruto and fukasaku looked worried*

    part 6 soon
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