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    The Great Konoha Confrontation part 6

    for this thread to make any sense, you must first read parts 1,2,3,4&5
    if your having trouble finding them, go to my profile and search my latest created threads. you'll find em.

    ino's father: thats just about the jist of it.
    tsunade: ok, good work. you two go guard the hokage mansion. don't engage akatsuki without backup. but kill any ROOT members on the way. GO!
    *ino's father and ibiki scatter*
    tsunade: now for pein!

    sakura: uhhh!! noo!!!, gai isn't going to make it!
    shizune/ino: !!
    *sakura sighs*
    sakura: theres nothing left i could have done, gai sensei has passed away. i'll go tell lee....

    *sasuke's amaterasu catches sai's left arm*
    sai: GGGRRUUUHHHHH!!!!!
    kakashi: neji!
    neji: understood!
    *neji jumps toward sasuke only to be stopped by suigetsu*
    suigetsu: im here too you know.
    *shikamaru catches suigetsu, juugo and karin in shadow possession*
    suigetsu: what the??
    kakashi: now chouji!
    *chouji grabs suigestu and juugo with giant hands*
    *then kakashi paralizes karin with sharingan*
    iruka: my turn.
    *iruka trapps suigetsu,juugo and karin in mud coffins*
    kakashi: now neji!
    sasuke: don't interfere!.............huh?
    *sasuke looks down to his chest*
    *sasuke gets blasted through the wall*
    kakashi: mangekyou sharingan!
    *kakashi puts out amaterasu from sai*
    *sai's whole left arm is gone*
    iruka: he's unconscious.
    kakashi: guh, im almost out of chakra! iruka, take sai to the hospital!
    iruka: got it!
    *iruka takes sai and leaves*
    kakashi: neji/shikamaru/chouji, take these three accomplices of sasuke and bring them to the interrogation center for ibiki to deal with.
    neji/shikamaru/chouji: yes sir!
    *neji/shikamaru/chouji scatter*
    *kakashi stares at danzou*
    kakashi: why does sasuke hate you three so much?
    danzou: i don't need to tell you anything kakashi!
    kakashi: whatever, remain here. i've got work to do!
    *kakashi grabs sasuke and disappears*
    *danzou smiles*

    fukasaku: naruto, we should retreat. theres no point fighting someone like this if we can't kill him.
    naruto: elder toad, you know as well as i do. i can defeat him. but this immortality thing he's got goin on is something i can't deal with. we gotta figure out the secret behind his immortal talent.
    fukasaku: thats why we should retreat!
    god pein: your not going anywhere. THE KYUUBI IS MINE!!
    *pein charges naruto*
    naruto/fukasaku: tch!!
    *tsunade punches god pein*
    *god pein goes flying*
    *human pein catches god pein*
    naruto: trust me gramma tsunade, he's not even close to dead.
    tsunade: i know. but i know how we can beat him. or i should say "you".
    naruto/fukasaku: ??
    hell pein: so another legendary sannin ehh? if you interfere with akatsuki's plans, you'll end up like jiraiya.
    *tsunade looks at pein*
    tsunade: you'll pay for what you did.
    hungry ghost pein: well whatever, if you say you know our secret. you must die.
    god pein: konan!
    konan: right!
    *konan throws paper everywhere*
    *animal pein summons a mass of bee's*
    *naruto jumps and grabs tsunade, then jumps into a frog on the ground disappearing underground*
    god pein: they got away....find them!

    sakura: lee....
    lee: yes sakura?
    sakura: gai sensei.....has left this world.
    lee: !!
    sakura: im sorry lee.
    *sakura walks out of the room*
    iruka: sakura!, sai has been badly injured. his left arm is burned off. you have to help him.
    sakura: sai! no!, get him to an emergency room now!!
    iruka: got it!!

    *neji/shikamaru/chouji meet up with ino's father and ibiki carrying hawk on their backs*
    neji: ibiki, take these three at once and put them in a secure holding facility, chouji help ibiki carry them to the facility.
    chouji: ok!
    *chouji and ibiki scatter with suigetsu,juugo and karin in the mud coffins*
    ino's father: neji, didn't kakashi meet up with you guys?
    neji: yes, we fought sasuke and those three ninja you just saw. we defeated them. and kakashi is dealing with sasuke right now. i don't know what he plans to do with him.
    ino's father: ibiki and i were on our way to tell kakashi about peins secret.
    neji: don't bother. kakashi is dealing with sasuke right now. whatever kakashi does, he knows it has to be done. come with shikamaru and I. we'll go aid konoha against ROOT ninja. the battle is reaching intensity. we must stop ROOT before too many ninja die. lets go!!
    *neji/shikamaru/ino's father scatter*

    *sasuke is tied up to a tree with wires like before*
    kakashi: what happened to you sasuke?
    sasuke: wouldn't you like to know....
    kakashi: actually, i really do want to know.
    *sasuke turns his head in anger*
    kakashi: you and i both know we are both running VERY low on chakra at this moment. so don't try and do something hasty. why are you here with companions attacking konoha?
    sasuke: a special friend of mine told me a very interesting story. about how the elders and the 3rd hokage are responsible for the uchiha massacre!!! THEY MADE ITACHI DO IT!!!
    kakashi: ?!?!....and just who told you this?
    sasuke: another survivor of the uchiha clan.
    *kakashi thinks back to the fight with tobi seeing the sharingan inside the mask*
    kakashi: whats his name?
    sasuke: uchiha madara.
    kakashi: WHAT!?!?!?.....he's long dead. how is he still alive???
    sasuke: you underestimate the power of the uchiha!!
    *sasuke tries to activate sharingan but fails due to not enough chakra*
    kakashi: if what you say is true. then konoha is in danger.
    *sasuke smiles*
    sasuke: good....
    kakashi:....i'll let naruto deal with your attitude.
    *sasuke laughs*
    sasuke: last time i saw him, he was still extremely weak.
    kakashi: heh, you'll find out soon enough.
    *kakashi disappears*

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