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    Why did Demon ghost realm jump in front of kakashi's attack against god realm? What if what Jiraiya found out before his untimely death is true..."the real one is'nt there" and god realm might just be the direct link to the real one. If my theory is true it explains why god realm is used as the "leader" and not any other realm. It also explains why demon ghost realm inexplicitly sacrifices himself. Even if he dnt do it by choice and god realm used his telekinesis technique some how to proctect himself by using his own teammate as body still backs up the idea of god realm being the link btw the other realms and the real one(Negato). Assuming kakashi doesnt die n hes only using a genjutsu to find clues on how to defeat Pain, then dis would be the clue to assist his analysis...all he has to do is just prove it by breaking through god realms technique some how....i wonder if he still has enough chakra....i hate waitin' 4 the nexx manga

    What do you guys think?

    Here are links to back up my theory
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