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    The Pirate King - Chapter 3 - Mizuki and Zoro’s Determination

    Author's Note: This is the third chapter of my first fanfic. It was delayed since some technical problems with my computer but it’s finally done! This chapter is divided into two parts. Your feedbacks and reviews will help me improve on the next chapter. Happy reading.

    Re-cap: Mizuki and Zoro are about to have a showdown with the two commanders of the Axe-Hand Pirates while Luffy is running off in the direction of the Axe-Hand Pirates’ base to free Nami.

    Character Introductions::

    [Edited Picture of Lucy]
    Name: Mizuki
    Age: 17
    Affiliation: Strawhat Pirates
    Love Interest: Luffy
    Abilities/Strength: Water-Water Devil Fruit.

    Previous Chapters

    Chapter 3: Mizuki and Zoro’s Determination – Pr. 1 “The Blue Cloak”.

    Narrator: Zoro and Mizuki stood next to each other staring at their opponents as they get ready to fight.

    Chita: Let’s finish the quickly and follow the order given to us by Captain or who knows what he’ll do to us.

    Tate: You took the words right out of my mouth. *looks at Mizuki* I’ll tear you apart little girl if you don’t move out of my way!

    Mizuki: Don’t worry! I’ll get rid of you quickly and catch up to Luffy! *thinking* I haven’t used the devil fruit in actual combat yet, but looks like I’ll have to deal with it.

    Chita: *Looks at Zoro* This guy reminds me of someone…

    Zoro: The name’s Zoro! Let’s see which one of us is the stronger with the sword.

    Chita: hoho…You’re the infamous Pirate Hunter Zoro? What is a bounty hunter doing with pirates?

    Zoro: I am now a pirate and I will do everything possible in order to become the strongest in the world!

    Chita: All swordsmen say that but eventually face reality and hide themselves in a corner!

    Zoro: I am not one of them! *looks at Mizuki* Good Luck!

    Narrator: Zoro takes out his three swords and prepares to attack.

    Tate: Take care of him Chita and I’ll get rid of this girl. *looks around* H-huh? W-where did she go??

    Narrator: While Zoro and Chita were introducing themselves, Mizuki had started to run in a different direction.

    Tate: You aren’t going to run away missy! I’ll find you and slaughter you with the rest of your friends!

    Mizuki: *pant* I’ll have to run away for now…*pant*

    Zoro: Well then, Shall we get started?

    Narrator: Zoro placed one of his three swords in his mouth.

    Chita: A three-sword style user against a one-sword style user. I wonder which is stronger…

    Narrator: Chita moved his back leg back and stretched forward as in a running stance with his sword pointing towards Zoro ready to strike.

    Zoro: A fencing style?

    Chita: No. I developed this style myself and I call it Cheetah style and it’s the swordsmen style that fits me the most.

    Zoro: Heh..this will be interesting…

    Narrator: Zoro ran towards Chita.

    Chita: Head on attack right away? Hmmm….

    Narrator: Chita stood still as Zoro took his first swing…and Chita had blocked it with ease. Zoro turned his body to the right and swung his other sword against Chita’s sword but with much more power. Chita blocked the attack but was pushed back.

    Chita: You’re physical strength is much more than I ever imagined!

    Zoro: There’s more where that came from! *thinking* I can’t believe it! He blocked both my swings with one arm!

    Chita: It’ll be my turn now Zoro and you better be ready!

    Zoro: What are you saying? I’m always rea……!!

    Narrator: Zoro was struck in the stomach by Chita.

    Chita: I told you to be ready, didn’t I? I struck you with the hilt so I’ll be able to watch you suffer more….HAHAHAHA!! Now…get up and let me here your pain!!

    Zoro: *urgh* W-what was that?!? WHAT DID YOU DO YOU BASTARD?!?

    Chita: hahaha…no one reveals their secret to their enemies but I suppose I’ll tell you since you’re going to die here anyway…I told you that my style was called the Cheetah didn’t I? Cheetah is a style I created to fit my fighting style which is speed. That’s all I’ll be telling you now…hahahaha!

    Zoro: *coughs blood* Speed? I underestimated you, but don’t think speed will let you win against me! *thinking* I’ll have to stay focused!

    Chita: defeat? Hahahaha! You’re already defeated if you think that’s all I’ve got!!

    Zoro: Enough talking! Let’s get this over with!!

    Chita: Don’t you worry! You’ll be dead before you know it!! hahahaha

    Narrator: Chita got to his stance once again, with his sword pointing towards Zoro and his back leg stretched back.

    Chita: Lightning Slash!
    Narrator: Chita brought his sword all the way around to his back foot and then quickly swung his sword bringing his sword back near his right foot and causing the air around him to move towards Zoro.

    Zoro: *thinking* What is he doin…..?!!!

    Narrator: The air projectile that was sent by Chita’s swing hit Zoro around the shoulders.

    Zoro: *urg* Didn’t see that coming…*thining* I can’t read what he’s doing at all! I have to clear my mind and think of nothing!

    Chita: hahaha! This is way too easy! I thought that you’d be able to put up a better fight!

    Narrator: Zoro closed his eyes…

    Chita: Giving up already?!? I thought you were a true swordsmen!

    Zoro: *thinking* Clear your mind…think of nothing and hear what’s around you…


    Narrator: Zoro got into his fighting stance once more but his eyes remained closed.

    Zoro: *thinking* Clear your mind…think of nothing and hear what’s around you…

    Chita: I hate cowards more than anything…! I’ll have you dead now!!

    Narrator: Chita rushes towards Zoro whose eyes are still closed.

    Chita: Mirage Strike!

    Narrator: Chita starts thrusting his sword forward multiple times as he runs towards Zoro which created a mirage of strikes which would make his opponent unclear of making correct choices.


    Narrator: Zoro suddenly opened his eyes.

    Zoro: Toro Nagashi!

    Narrator: Zoro leans towards Chita and blocks his sword using two of his own while twisting his body around as he continues to dodge the other strikes created by his sword style and slashing Chita with his third sword.

    Chita: *urgh!!!*

    Narrator: Chita was sent flying back after the powerful slash by Zoro.

    Zoro: *grins* You shouldn’t underestimate your opponents!


    Narrator: A Blue Cloak suddenly appeared over Chita’s body and is now covering Chita with it.

    Zoro: W-What the hell is that?!? Is that also a power of a devil fruit??

    Chita: *grins* I don’t need devil fruit powers! I am a swordsman and I am a level 8 chakra master!!

    Zoro: Chakra? What the hell is that?!?

    Chita: You don’t even know what this is?!? Hahahaha! You call yourself a pirate and you don’t even know what this is? No matter, I’m going to kill you today!!

    Zoro: *thinking* Whatever it is, I better be careful…

    Chita: 360 Typhoon!

    Narrator: Chita disappeared and suddenly Zoro found himself inside a typhoon of sort and swords started to appear from every direction.

    Zoro: W-What the?!?


    Narrator: Zoro tried to block each attack but the speed at which Chita was thrusting his sword was incredible.

    Zoro: *urg!!* *thinking* How did his speed and power increase this much?!? I should’ve dealt him much more damage that this!!

    Narrator: The number of swords began to decrease and Chita was visible again but he was right next to Zoro with his sword pulled back like he was about to hit a ball that was thrown at him.


    Zoro: !!

    Narrator: Chita had swung his sword as hard as he could and smashed it right in the middle of his abdomen which would kill anybody in the spot. Zoro was sent flying backwards and smashed into a tree which stood there.

    Chita: *puts his sword back into the back of his shirt* get back to the mission Captain ordered…

    Zoro: *pant* *pant* W-where d-do yo-you th-think you’re going?!? *pant*

    Chita: …!!

    Narrator: Chita turned around to find Zoro who was covered in blood standing there back on his feet and continue to fight once more.

    Chita: T-That’s impossible!! HOW DID YOU SURVIVE THAT?!? YOU SHOULD BE DEAD BY NOW!!

    Zoro: *pant* As you can see, I’m well and still living!

    Chita: I don’t know what you did but you’re just pissing me off more!

    Narrator: Chita took out his sword which he had stored in his back and was ready to kill…

    Zoro: *thinking* What a killing aura! Looks like he is really serious now so I better get serious as well! I’ll finish this with one move!

    Narrator: The two swordsmen stood facing each other ready to finish what they had started.

    Chita: Cheetah’s Wrath!

    Zoro: Three-Sword Style Secret Technique: Three Thousand Worlds!!

    Narrator: Chita starts running towards Zoro at an incredible pace and does three slashes in a split second with each slash being incredibly powerful and Zoro runs forward as well with two of his swords held at an angle against each other spinning them to create momentum and then attacks Chita with force and power. The two swordsmen now stood at each other’s end with their finishing stance.

    Chita: What an incredible man you are…


    Narrator: Chita had fallen to the ground in defeat and Zoro stood there covered in blood while storing his swords back.

    Zoro: I think I’ll wait for them her…

    Narrator: Zoro fell to the ground as well after the intense battle.

    Zoro: z…I want some sake….


    Mizuki: *thinking* this is a good place…

    Tate: Stop running you little brat!! I don’t have time to play around!!

    Mizuki: I wasn’t running away!! I was coming up with a strategy!!

    Tate: Nothing you do will change the fact that you’ll die here!! Wawawawawa!!

    Mizuki: Shut up!! That laugh of yours pisses me off the most!!

    Tate: *twitch* What did you say you little brat?!?

    Mizuki: I said your laugh pisses me off the most!!

    Tate: You know what?!? You’re freaking blue hair pisses me off!!

    Mizuki: *twitch* Take that back you over grown furball!!

    Tate: F-Furball?!? That’s it!! I’m gonna smash you down here!!

    Mizuki: *grins* Try it!

    End of Part 1
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    Re: The Pirate King - Chapter 3 - Mizuki and Zoro’s Determination

    Chapter 3: Mizuki and Zoro’s Determination – Part 2.

    Tate: Try it?!? You’re just pissing me off now with that cocky attitude of yours!! *opens his mouth*

    Mizuki: What are you doing…?

    Tate: Lions Roar!

    Narrator: Tate jumped up into the air and roared with his mouth wide open and a huge shockwave was produced shaking the surrounding and into Mizuki.

    Mizuki: !!

    Narrator: The shockwave smashed Mizuki against ground.

    Tate: That’ll shut you up now! Wawawawa!!

    Mizuki: *urgh!!* I-I said I hate that laugh of yours didn’t I? *coughs boold*

    Tate: Wawawawa...! Looks like it’ll take more than that to defeat you but that makes it much more fun!! *laughs*

    Mizuki: *thinking* I better think fast and beat this guy or I’m done for.

    Tate: What’s the matter? Are you scared little girl? Wawawawawa!!

    Mizuki: STOP CALLING ME A LITTLE GIRL!! Water Gun!

    Narrator: Mizuki points the index and middle fingers of both hands at Tate like guns, she then turns her finger tips into water and shoot bullets made of water at Tate.

    Tate: Water? Only sea water is harmful to me. Your power is usele….!!!

    Narrator: The water bullets hit Tate around the shoulders, stomach, and legs sending him flying back.

    Mizuki: Yes, but water shouldn’t be taken lightly!

    Tate: *Raises to his feet* Shit! I underestimated you!!

    Mizuki: That’s right furball! I’ll never be taken down by scum like you!!

    Tate: FURBALL?!? *runs toward Mizuki* I’ll tear you apart!!

    Mizuki: Getting mad will get you nowhere! I’m a logia type devil fruit user, whatever you do will just pass throu…!! *urgh!!*

    Narrator: Tate landed a heavy blow to Mizuki’s stomach sending her flying back.

    Tate: Even if you are logia, it doesn’t mean it’s invincible. The way you lack knowledge about devil fruits, I’d say you got your powers recently which makes it much more simple for me! Wawawawawa!

    Mizuki: *thinking* How was he able to punch me?!? *gets to her feet*

    Tate:You’re pretty surprised aren’t you? This is all simple matters in the grand line and we are one of the weakest out there!! But thanks to our new alliance, we have gotten these powers!

    Mizuki: Enough chit-chat! Torpedo!!

    Narrator: Mizuki turns her whole right hand into water and swings it towards the ground where it splits the ground and heads towards Tate in an incredible speed.

    Tate: *thinking* Shit, that looks dangerous! Full Transform!!

    Narrator: Tate begins to transform into a Lion and quickly dodges the attack that was sent to him at a incredible speed.

    Mizuki: What t-the hell?!?

    Tate: This is the final form of my ability, a full formed Lion.

    Mizuki: That doesn’t matter, I’ll kill you anyway!!

    Tate: *grins* Try it.

    Mizuki: Whirpool!!

    Narrator: Mizuki turns her left hand into water and starts spinning it rapidly and creates a whirpool in the air sucking in Tate from where he stood.

    Tate: Sucking me in are you? That’s suicide since I’m a close range fighter!!

    Mizuki: Water Fist!!

    Narrator: Mizuki turns her right hand into a giant arm and punches Tate in his tracks and into the ground.
    Tate: !!

    Mizuki: Don’t get up now!!

    Tate: *pant* That was surprising! You’re the first person to do this much damage to me since I got my powers!! *pant*

    Mizuki: *thinking* I punched him with all my strength on that one, how is he still standing?!?

    Tate: You thought you’d get rid of me that easily?? Don’t underestimate the Axe-Hand Pirates!! Quick Attack!!

    Narrator: Tate transformed into a full lion and ran towards Mizuki at an incredible speed confusing Mizuki from jumping right and left and finally scratching her in the stomach and then kicking her which sent her flying back.

    Mizuki: *urgh!!* Water Way!!

    Narrator: Mizuki faced one hand forward and another hand back and turned both hand into water and created a path way for her to get down without much damage.

    Mizuki: *coughs blood*

    Tate: That’s one handy move you got there but That won’t stop me from killing you!!

    Tate: Quick Attack!!

    Narrator: Once again, Tate jumped right and left to confuse Mizuki and then jumped infront of her to give the finishing blow.

    Mizuki: Water Way V.2!!

    Narrator: Mizuki faced both hands forward and turned them both into water and pushed the water from her hands forward and into Tate throwing him back.

    Mizuki: *pant* Don’t expect to hit me twice with the same trick! *pant*

    Tate: *pant* I suppose I should’ve figured that out before. *pant*

    Mizuki: I think it’s about time I finish you off! I don’t have that much time to waste and need to go help save Nami!!

    Tate: That captain of yours will be dead, don’t worry and you’ll die along with him! Wawawawawa!!

    Mizuki: Don’t you dare say anything bad about Luffy!!

    Tate: I will! What are you going to do?

    Mizuki: Kill you!!

    Tate: Is that so? King’s Roar!!

    Narrator: Tate opens his mouth wide and roars producing a shockwave exactly like his Lion’s Roar but much more devastating then he starts running at an incredible speed behind the shockwave that was heading towards Mizuki.

    Mizuki:That won’t stop me!! *runs towards the shockwave* Hydro Cannon!!

    Narrator: Mizuki coveres herself in water and then makes her right arm as big as a giants and then smashing against the shockwave and landing a heavy blow on Tate crushing him into the ground.

    Tate: …!!!

    Mizuki: That should be it!

    Tate: *coughs blood* *pant* W-What should be it….!! *thud*

    Narrator: Tate had fallen to the ground after getting that heavy blow on his whole body by Mizuki.

    Mizuki: H-he scared me for a second there…If he was one of the weakest in the Grand Line, what kind of place is that? *urgh!* My whole body aches…I better take a rest somewhere here for now…*thinking* Luffy, please save Nami!!!
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    Re: The Pirate King - Chapter 3 - Mizuki and Zoro’s Determination

    pretty good

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    Re: The Pirate King - Chapter 3 - Mizuki and Zoro’s Determination

    Quote Originally Posted by Felix andrew View Post
    pretty good

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    Re: The Pirate King - Chapter 3 - Mizuki and Zoro’s Determination

    part 2 is up.

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