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    The Rising of the God of War: Is this reality or not?

    Chapter 1: Is this reality or not?

    Kratos, the "God of War", is now lying unconscious on a bed, inside a room in the castle of Sparta. The king of Sparta is walking around the room worried, sweating and sometimes looking at the unconscious Kratos. He's still the same man, with a red tattoo on his face, a black goatee and the scar on his right eye, his appearance remains the same while his personality has changed since the last time he sacrificed for the humanity but why's he unconscious? Didn't he knock at the death's door or is it something else? Kratos is awaken, as he opens his eyes slowly, memories arose of him at the last moments of his life.

    Kratos stabs himself, sacrificing for the humanity. "You fool what have you done? You disappoint me Spartan," Athena said, she takes the sword off from Kratos body and leaves as Kratos lies on the ground, helpless but proud of what he did

    The king walks up to Kratos, his face is covered with joy when he understands that Kratos is alive. "Kratos you are finally awaken!" he says. Kratos looks around him and grabs the king from his clothes. "Tell me, where am I? Why am I alive?" Kratos says, his face shows anger and he grabs the king from his clothes, rising him up to air. "Calm down, I'm here to tell you that..." the king says, without fearing Kratos at all and staring him but Kratos doesn't let him finish his statement by interrupting the king. "Shut up, I don't want to listen bullcraps... All I want to know is the truth!" said Kratos, he throws the king away causing him to crash into the wall. "I'm the king of Sparta, Leonida II, the son of the mighty Leonida who fought against the Persians, I have to say that..." Leonida II says as he's interrupted by Kratos again. "Save you Bla...Bla...Bla for the next time, I need to know why am I alive?" Kratos says while turning his back on the king but as memories arose of him meeting Pandora, he starts experiencing a terrible headache, losing his conscious again as he falls to the floor.


    "Pandora, why is that you don't give up?" Kratos said, "What makes you forget about failures and stand up over-and-over?". "Kratos, you don't understand do you? It's hope, as long as there's life there's hope! It's hope which makes us to stand up when we fall!" Pandora says.

    "Kratos... Wake up!" Leonidas II says concerned. Kratos opens his eye and finally realizes that the reason that he's alive, it's hope but a question still remains. Who hoped that Kratos would be alive?
    Kratos stands up. "Give me my swords..." Kratos says, looking at Leonidas II and Leonidas II simply obeys to Kratos words by giving him his swords which were hidden under the bed. It were those the swords which accompanied Kratos during his quest. Now they are still Kratos's weapons, but what does Kratos intend to do? Kratos stares at his swords and a reflection of Athena's face is shown. "Athena... I shall kill you!" Kratos says. At the moment he's speaking, he hears a noise. He and Leonidas II run up to the windows and Kratos is shocked by what he sees, the Titans he defeated with his own hand, are now alive. "It seems that my quest begins now," Kratos says, jumping from the window.
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