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    Awards Showcase

    ~The GFX University~

    This is the GFX University, where a group of selected people will teach personas that want to get involved in GFX, the correct way.

    List of Teachers :

    ¤~ Nocturnal - Headmaster - [email protected]
    ¤~ Mina.. - Vice Headmaster - [email protected]
    ¤~ Alternative - [email protected]

    Terms and Conditions :

    1.You are required to be obedient.Not be rude and always listen to what your teacher is telling you, not doing so will lead to you being kicked out of the University.

    2.IM Software.Software like Windows Live Messenger and/or Yahoo are required, and even more are Top Priority.
    In order for you to learn correctly, your teacher must be able to contact you Instantly.

    3.You must have posted a thread in the Design Hall at least 2 times.

    4.Photoshop, for now, we teach nothing but Photoshop.If I am able to hire a GIMP teacher, I will say so in this thread.

    Application Template :

    PHP Code:
    [B]Software[/B] : 
    B]Experience[/B] : 
    B]Examples[/B] : 
    B]IM[/B] : 
    B]Other[/B] : 

    Software : Photoshop/GIMP (Only Photoshop Available At The Moment.)
    Experience : (How much Experience You Have in GFX.)
    Examples : [B](Examples of Your Work.)
    IM : (Your IM Address.)
    Other : (Write Here Why you are Interested in GFX and Being Taught.)

    Notice : If you want to Apply for Teacher, PM me.
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