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    The Great Konoha Confrontation part 7

    for this thread to make any sense, you must first read parts 1,2,3,4,5&6
    if your having trouble finding them, go to my profile and search my latest created threads. you'll find em.

    *iruka walks in hospital room*
    iruka: hows sai?
    sakura: he's badly injured but he'll live.
    iruka: why did sasuke turn on us?
    sakura: what? what are you talking about?
    iruka: yeah, sasuke did this to sai. he ingulfed sai in some kind of black flame.
    sakura: you mean pein isn't the only enemy in konoha?
    iruka: no, in fact, sasuke brought 3 other accomplises with him. we captured those three though. kakashi took sasuke somewhere. probably to talk. it seems sasuke was out of chakra after he attacked sai.
    sakura: i need to go! tell ino to mend sai for me. an you go help with ROOT.
    iruka: ok!

    *neji/shikamaru/ino's father arrive at the ANBU-ROOT battlefield*
    neji: tenten, how it looking for your point of view?
    tenten: great, we severly outnumber ROOT. we should win.
    neji: good.
    shikamaru: ok let's get to business.

    *kakashi on his way to naruto and runs into iruka*
    kakashi: iruka?
    iruka: sakura told me to help aid the ANBU.
    kakashi: new order, come with me. we must find naruto
    iruka: you got it!
    *kakashi and iruka scatter*

    *ibiki and chouji finish imprisoning suigetsu/juugo/karin*
    ibiki: they're not going anywhere. go and help the ANBU chouji.
    chouji: ok, cya

    *naruto and tsunade pop out from the ground*
    fukasaku: we should be safe for a bit here.
    naruto: so whats his secret?
    tsunade: let me just break this down for you in a way you'd understand naruto. he has those black piercings that i'm sure you're aware of. if we just take those out of his body. his rinnegan powers will deactivate. thus having no powers.
    naruto: well how do we take them out??
    fukasaku: unfortunately we can't. pein is too hard to get close to for a long period of time. the only way i can see us pulling them out is instantly, but that's where we fall short on the stick. we can travel at the speed of light.
    *tsunade looks at naruto*
    naruto: actually i can....
    fukasaku/tsunade: ??
    naruto: jiraiya told me about my father minato namikaze. and his flying thunder god jutsu.
    fukasaku: did he now?
    naruto: yeah, but. if i unleash the seal that holds that jutsu, it also unleashes the seal of the kyuubi. so his chakra would leak out and completely take over.
    fukasaku: are you sure naruto?!?!!?
    naruto: yes, but why are you so surprised?
    fukasaku: because naruto. there is a way!
    naruto/tsunade: !!
    *couple minutes later kakashi and iruka show up*
    kakashi: finally we found you naruto!
    *naruto looks at kakashi smiling*
    *tsunade looks in total shock*
    iruka: why does tsunade look like she's seen a ghost?
    fukasaku: because she did see a ghost. a ghost that kakashi knows quite well actually.
    kakashi: ?!?!
    fukasaku: a ghost also very similar to little naruto here.
    kakashi: can't be....mina---
    god pein: we finally found you. and you have company this time. well either way. this time your leaving konoha with us naruto.
    *kakashi and iruka look worried*
    *naruto smiles*
    naruto: the only one's leaving konoha today, are the leaves in the wind.
    god pein: whatever that means.
    *pein jumps toward naruto and company*
    all 6 peins: WE ARE PEIN AND WE ARE GOD!!!
    iruka: naruto look out!
    *naruto continues to smile*

    *sakura jumping on rooftops*
    sakura: ?!
    *sakura jumps down to sasuke*
    sakura: oh hey sasuke...
    *sakura punches sasuke threw a stone wall*
    sasuke: guuhh!! sakura stop uhhuhuh......
    sakura: oh, i should stop? when you come to konoha and injure people like sai. whats your deal sasuke. you used to be friends with me, i used to love you. but now, your just another villain like orochimaru and your brother!
    sasuke: my brother itachi, tried to help konoha. its a long story. but itachi turned out to not be evil after all. i ran into a man named uchiha madara. even more powerful than itachi. and he wanted to use me to destroy konoha. but i came home sakura. i'm home now.
    sakura: you call coming home, burning comrades arms off?!?!
    sasuke: it had to be done. to convince everyone i wasn't evil.
    sakura: sorry sasuke, i don't buy it.
    *sakura charges up another punch*
    sasuke: then this world will be destroyed....
    sakura: !....what do you mean?
    sasuke: uchiha madara is the one who controlled and summoned the 9 tailed fox like a pet. if he finds naruto. this world, our world....will die.
    sakura: ?!
    sasuke: we have to find naruto.
    *sakura looks confused
    *sakura picks sasuke up and jumps to find naruto*
    *sasuke looks into the distance*

    zetsu: it's taking pein forever.
    tobi: so it seems.
    zetsu: want me to check things?
    tobi: no, you and kisame stay here. i'll go have a quick vacation to konoha.

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