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    Bonds of Shinobi V

    Chapter 5: Suffering vs. Hatred

    Recap: Team Miyagi was assigned a B-class mission, where they were to assist in the delivery of a hidden technique scroll from the Land of Valley's Kamisori clan to Tanigakure within the Land of Valleys. After the team had met up with the shinobi they were to assist, they soon encountered a team of four shinobi, who were assigned to steal the scroll from the shinobi and take it to an unknown client who tasked them with this mission. A fight broke out between the shinobi, where one of the bandit shinobi was taken out by shinobi from the Kamisori clan, Tsubaki was captured by the remaining shinobi, the shinobi from the Kamisori clan injured and the scroll stolen. Miyagi sent Kagami and Shisui to go after the two shinobi who took Tsubaki while Miyagi went after the shinobi who took the scroll. Soon into battle between Kagami and Shisui vs. the two twin shinobi, Kagami and Tsubaki were nearing execution when the Kyuubi chakra began leaking out of Shisui due to a fit of fear for his friends. It was also at this same moment in time, back in Konoha Love intercepted and took out three unknown assassins, who attempted to assassinate Tobirama and gave two of the bodies to Tobirama to conduct research which is still unknown to all with the exception of Love (and me of coarse so HA!)

    In the forest where the battle between the two twins, A and B and the three genin take place, Shisui's massive chakra still leaves the two shinobi in shock. Kagami looks in horror as well at his teammate. He looks at Shisui with his Sharingan and sees the powerful and malevolent essence surrounding him...Shisui gets down on all fours and turns his body and faces the two shinobi.

    A “Brother this isn't any ordinary kid we have to be careful”

    B “I don't care what he is, I'll still kill hi~”

    Suddenly, Shisui demonstrates great speed by getting up close to B and smashes him into the ground before he can even finish his sentence. Shisui remains on top of the shinobi and prepares to run his hand through the shinobi. A blocks Shisui's strike with his blade and he uses his Earth Spear technique to harden his body, preparing for an attack from the shinobi. Shisui swings his arm, hitting A and he goes flying backwards. The power Shisui demonstrated was enough to break his armor and knock the wind out of the shinobi. A looks up and sees Shisui heading at him with top speed and he manage to get out of the way. Shisui goes through a tree sending it crashing down and creates a crater.

    A “Just what is this kid”

    Multiple shuriken hit Shisui and he lets out a yell. A looks and sees his brother panting and holding himself up on his blade. Shisui rushes to him and A tries to get to his brother but he's too late. Shisui pins down the shinobi and drives his hand through the shinobi's chest killing him and he pounds the face in. A backs away looking in fear at Shisui. Shisui turns his attention to A and he lets out another yell and A simply yells in terror...Against Taiki Miyagi stands tall over the shinobi who has multiple slash wounds on his body, and is bleeding rapidly

    Miyagi “*Good, he couldn't keep up with my speed in level 1. That saved me some chakra...I have to get to others*”

    Taiki “(coughs up blood)...I never knew...that the Kotetsu were so powerful”

    Taiki drops and Miyagi gets the scroll and puts it in his pouch. He heads towards his students to go and stop Shisui's rampage. At the site Shisui now stands over A, who is now in the same exact shape as his brother, dead and mangled and he looks at Kagami. Tsubaki begins to come too but to a horrible revelation.

    Tsubaki “*where am's so dark I dead?*”

    Tsubaki still remains in the deep recesses of her mind and she's in a dark place.

    Tsubaki “*This presences...a light...Maybe I'm not dead*”

    Tsubaki heads towards the light but the moment she enters she sees a huge red chakra in the shape of a monster rush towards her face at a great speed letting out a screeching roar. At that moment Tsubaki's shocked awake and she sees Shisui walking over to her. Tsubaki's eyes widen as she looks at her teammate and she's filled with devastating fear, the likes of which she's never felt before.

    Tsubaki “Get away from me you monster!! Help!!”

    At that moment wires wrap around Shisui and restrict him. Shisui yells and turns his head to see Kagami holding the ends of the wire, and he makes quick seals.

    Kagami “Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique)

    Kagami spits a large stream of fire on the wires and as they combine the flames get bigger and then the eventually impact Shisui with the greatest force. Shisui yells as his body sets on fire. Tsubaki gets up and runs to Kagami. As Shisui drops to his hands and knees, Kagami releases the jutsu leaving Shisui's body to burn.

    Tsubaki “What is that?”

    Kagami “That's Shisui”

    Tsubaki “He's...he's a monster”

    All of a sudden Shisui gets up and begins walking towards his teammates. The burns begin to heal due to the Kyuubi inside of Shisui. Kagami puts himself in front of Tsubaki and protects her, but he used the last of his chakra to go full blast on Shisui.

    Shisui “Kagami...Tsubaki”

    At that moment Miyagi appears and places himself in front of his two students with his kunai at the ready. He whips out a long scroll and bites his finger. He writes a quick seal in the middle and places his hand in the center of the scroll on the ground, and the scroll begins to fill with seals. Long chakra ropes extend out of the scroll and wrap around Shisui constricting him.

    Shisui “Why?!”

    Kagami “Sensei what is that?”

    Miyagi “Don't worry I'll protect yo~”

    Shisui “Why are you guys...attacking me”

    Miyagi's eyes widen as he hears those mumbled words from Shisui and looks into his eyes. Shisui's eyes are conscious and in control. He shows no primal demonic instinct or intent to kill.

    Miyagi “*He's still in control...he's still conscious...*”

    Shisui's chakra begins to descend however Miyagi releases the jutsu and Shisui falls to the ground.

    Tsubaki “ that Shisui?...what is~”

    Miyagi “We'll speak nothing of this understood. This never happened and you will forget everything about this do you two understand”

    Both Kagami and Tsubaki nod reluctantly and Miyagi heads up to Shisui and picks him up. He sees the two shinobi dead on the ground and leaves them there...

    Miyagi “*Shisui...I'm so sorry...Tsubaki was terrified of him...Kagami tried to kill him...they saw the monster inside him and they couldn't see that he was still himself...nor did I...Shisui, please forgive your sensei*”

    Miyagi puts Shisui on his back and carries him as the four shinobi head back to their wounded. Three shinobi appear besides him, with one of them healing him. As they arrive he's just about finished and the medic goes over to Kagami and then Tsubaki and begins healing him. The severity of the burns on Shisui have died down due to the Kyuubi inside of him healing him slowly. The medic gives first aid to the shinobi until they reach Tanigakure. The scroll is delivered and the mission is a success. The medics in Tani properly patch up Kagami's wound and bandages up Shisui from the neck down. The four shinobi head back to their village after and by the time of their return it is morning. Tsubaki and Kagami head home and Shisui is placed in the hands of the hospital for further examination and Miyagi heads in to give his report on the mission.

    Tobirama “So he had control of the Kyuubi's chakra”

    Miyagi “I didn't understand it myself. He was completely aware of what he was doing...he wasn't going to hurt the others, just join them”

    Mito “A chakra leak like the one you're describing isn't uncommon upon Jinchuuriki. Every sealer of a Jinchuuriki allows a small whole in the seal in order for Jinchuuriki to learn how to harness at least a small amount of the Bijuu's chakra. The fact is no seal can completely be closed, not even the Four Symbols Seal, if it could then there would be no worry about the Bijuu taking control of the host, however there wouldn't be any access to the Bijuu's chakra either, unless the seal is unlocked with the key”

    Miyagi “So he only went into a partial state, nothing far enough to loose control and loose his sense of rationing?”

    Tobirama “Yes but it is crucial that he learns to harness at least that much of the Kyuubi's chakra now while he's young so in later times...he'll be able to learn to control more and reduce the chances of loosing control, the more chakra that leaks out.”

    Miyagi “I think I would be able to teach him at least that much. He's a physical fighter type. He's fast, strong, has high stamina and is capable of surpassing his physical limits for difficult jutsu without harming himself too much. I'm decent in fuinjutsu so I can restrict his chakra for the most part, although Mito-sama I may need some more training”

    Mito “Very well. I'll assist you...where's Shisui I need to check his seal”

    Miyagi “He's in the hospital, the burns from Kagami's jutsu wasn't strong enough where the fox couldn't handle it but he still need some res~”

    Mito “What do you mean Kagami's jutsu?!”

    Miyagi “...Tsubaki and have to understand they were afraid and they couldn't tell whether or not~”

    Mito “You mean to tell me that they attacked him?! They're own teammate!!”

    Tobirama “Mito-chan calm down~”

    Mito “No I won't calm down this is exactly why I didn't want him to be the next Jinchuuriki~”

    Tobirama “Mito!”

    Mito “And what about you Miyagi? How did you react?”

    Miyagi turns his head in shame implying that he felt the same as his other two students, although he feels bad that he looked upon his student with such intensity.

    Mito “(clinches her fist), Shisui-kun...”

    Mito runs out of the room and heads towards the hospital.

    Tobirama “Miyagi it's alright, what happened was unexpected and~”

    Miyagi “I was prepared to kill him to protect the others...I was prepared to kill one of my students to protect the others, without hesitation...That's not what a sensei is supposed to do. I'm supposed to protect all of my students and take care of them equally...He was aware...of everything even that fact. No matter what he's not going to forget what we did to him”

    Miyagi walks out of the room as well and Tobirama sighs. At the hospital Mito makes a huge fuss about seeing Shisui.

    Nurse “I'm sorry Mito-sama but he's still in restriction you can't see him right now”

    Mito “Let me through I need to strengthen his seal”

    Nurse “We have him under the best care, he'll be fine until you see him”

    Mito “This is very important!”

    Head Medic “Let her in”

    Nurse “But sir he's still in bad shap~”

    Head Medic “Go on ahead Mito-sama”

    Mito “Thank you”

    Mito heads into down the hall towards Shisui's room

    Nurse “Sir he needs to rest”

    Head Medic “He's okay to have this one visitor, he needs somebody especially at this point in time”

    Mito enters Shisui's room at the end of the hall in the recovery unit. He's asleep and bandaged up from the neck down. There is a burn scar on right side of his chin which goes down to the top of his right pectoral muscle from Kagami's jutsu (only the part not bandaged up is visible however). Mito walks to the edge of his bed and strokes his hair while looking at him with sympathy and care.

    Mito “I'm sorry Shisui”

    Mito “Hina-senpai!! I did it, I finished my fuinjutsu training with sensei. It's all thanks to you!”

    Hina “That's wonderful Mito-chan, don't give me all the credit though, you are really skilled, and I know you'll be a wonderful kunoichi”

    A young Mito looks upon her senpai with a cheerful admiration for her. The two begin walking through the beautiful park of Uzushiogakure, with Hina holding Mito's hand affectionately. Both smile at one another until they come begin to pass other citizens within the village. Hina looks around and sees the faces and expressions of each person as they pass by the two of them. Mito sees their actions of tension, parents holding their children closer, to them, shinobi with looks of hostility and aggression. At that moment Mito feels Hina's hand squeeze her's tighter and she looks up at Hina and sees her cheerful fall completely into pain and depression.

    Mito “Hina-senpai, what's wrong with you, you look like your stomach's in a knot”

    Hina “I love you a lot you love me?”

    Mito “(smile innocently) of coarse I do Hina-senpai, you're like my big sister...That's what I'm going to call from now on Hina-Nee-sama”

    Hina “(smiles slightly while a tear falls down her face) Thank you Mito-chan”

    Mito was still a young child at the time and didn't understand the reason for the hate Hina felt from all the villagers.
    *6 Years +*

    Several shinobi fight Hina within Uzushio. Hina has activated four of the 9 tails of the Kyuubi and she goes on a rampage within the village. The village has been evacuated into the safe houses and all shinobi, within Uzushio (chuunin and above) have been dispatched to fend off the rouge Jinchuuriki. Among the many shinobi the Mito is there as well assisting them. The shinobi attempt to use their sealing jutsu to restrict the Kyuubi however, their skills aren't strong enough to match the raw power of the Kyuubi. Mito looks terrified as she looks upon her best friend in such a demonic state. In an instant the leader of the Uzumaki clan appears.

    Uzumaki Leader “Shiso: Shichuuseki Soutei Fuin (Four Symbols: Four Pillars Binding Sealing)

    With great speed and skill the powerful shinobi rises four pillars around Hina, with his jutsu. A seal on the ground forms directly under her and the pillars begin go glow green. Four green chakra ropes wrap themselves around Hina and restrict her. Slowly but surly they completely bring her down and the seal on the ground creates a white glow. The chakra from Hina begins to shrink and goes into the seal until Hina is back in her normal state. Hina's passed out and the leader of the clan releases his technique and walks over to her.

    Uzumaki Leader “Well it looks like two tails is her limit, anything after that and she goes berserk...everybody get back to your stations, begin cleaning up the village and get the civilians back to their homes.”

    The leader slings Hina over his shoulder and walks away. Mito gets up off the ground and watches as she's taken away.

    Mito “What...what happened to Hina-nee?”

    Uzumaki “She's a monster, that's all she's ever been and now because she wasn't able to control herself she almost destroyed the villa~”

    Mito punches the shinobi, knocking him down before he finishes his sentence.

    Mito “Hina-nee is not a monster! They did something to her, they did something to her to make her act that way! It's not her fault and if you ever say that again I'll kill you!”

    Mito runs after the leader of her clan to demand an explanation.

    Mito “What happened to her?! What made her act like that?!”

    Uzumaki Leader “Go and do you're job child, this is none of your concern”

    Mito ”She's my sister, she is my concern!”

    Uzumaki Leader “Watch your tone! You know better then to lie, this woman has no family”

    Mito “She does. She's taken care of me my entire life and she's helped me with my jutsu. She loves me and she treats me better then anybody else. I decided a long time ago that I would do the same to her, that's what sisters do for each other and she's my family!”

    The shinobi looks at her studying the young kunoichi who stood up to him.

    Uzumaki Leader “It is my fault that this happened to her. She is a special type of person called a Jinchuuriki. She was given a power, a power that is used for military purposes, as a weapon”

    Mito “A weapon?! You made her a weapon?!”

    Uzumaki Leader “This had to be done for the village, she was given this job upon her birth, it is her duty”

    Mito “That's...that's why everybody hates and fears her...that's not a duty it's a curse!...So what happened today was~”

    Uzumaki Leader “We had to test to see just how far she can control the seal that binds this power to her.”

    Mito “So this was your doing as well...You made her act like this and you're the one who sent the village into an uproar!”

    Uzumaki Leader “You're still very young and you don't understand just how important this job is, consider yourself lucky that I've told this to you. Only me and a few shinobi know about this, this is top secret priority, you must not tell anybody”

    Mito “If it's that top secret then why tell me?! Why tell me anything?”

    Uzumaki Leader “Because you love her”

    Mito looks at her leader slightly surprised at his reason.

    Uzumaki Leader “We chose her because she had no family. No siblings, her father had died months before and her above average chakra even for us Uzumaki's caused her mother too much strain and she died giving birth...We figured she'd have nothing else to loose...however we made a mistake. A Jinchuuriki is a vessel, to hold a powerful demon that is pure hatred...we figured that vessel was completely isolated from the rest of the world that it could focus on fending off that mass amount of hatred, but we were wrong”

    Mito “Are you trying to say that she's not right to be the vessel? Are you saying that you're going to kill her and give the power to somebody who can?! I can tell just by looking, whatever that power is it's too great for it to be taken out without the person dying...If that's the case then I'll fight you myself to protect her~”

    Uzumaki Leader “Calm down child there will be no need for that...Even if she can't fully control the power, she's more then capable for the second reason why a Jinchuuriki is needed, to prevent what is inside her from breaking loose and and destroying the village”

    Mito “So what is the right way for a Jinchuuriki to fight off the hatred of this power...tell me so I can help her”

    Uzumaki Leader “You already have...From talking with you just now, the love you have for her and the obvious love she has for you back is enough”

    Mito “What do you mean?”

    Uzumaki Leader “A vessel must be filled with love. Only love can fend off such a powerful hatred. The way you love her...and the way she loves you back...that is what a vessel needs to fight off this power. She may have failed this test but that doesn't matter. Keep her close to you, love her through anything, and protect her as you do now. Even if she doesn't become the perfect Jinchuuriki she will at least live a happy life knowing that somebody like you has always stuck by her side”

    Mito watches as her leader walks away with Hina and she contemplates what he says. Despite everything she saw, she still loves Hina, now so more then anything.
    *5 years +*
    Mito “What are you going to name him?”

    Mito sits on a park bench next to a pregnant Hina.

    Hina “(smiles) I don't know, I've always wanted a girl, I didn't think of any boy names. I'll still love him just as I would a girl though.”

    Mito “Well don't treat him like a girl. Treat him like a boy...How about Shisui”

    Hina “Shisui? That's an odd name”

    Mito “It's probably better then the names you and Koga thought of”

    Hina “Koga's a wonderful man, but he's so nervous about this”

    Mito “I know, he used to act so cool but now he's a mess”

    Hina “(sighs) but he's a great person, a great husband, and I know he'll be a great father...I might just name our baby after him”

    Mito “That's what parents do who can't think of a name, come on be original~”

    Hina “For a long time I though you were the only person who'd ever care about me”

    Mito looks at Hina. Hina looks down in her lap with a gentle face and smile. Her expression though does have a bit of sadness concealed within it.

    Hina “You've been my best friend for so long and you've taken such good care of me...I can't thank you enough and I can't express how much I love you”

    Mito “I'd always love you Hina-nee”

    Hina “When I met Koga, that mission we went on together...He protected me and he was so kind to me unlike the other members on our team. I fell in love with him but I wasn't sure that he'd return my feelings, given the fact that I was a Jinchuuriki...That day in the winter festival...when he confessed to me...That was the second happiest day of my life”

    Mito “What was the first?”

    Hina “(turns her head to Mito, smiles, and closes her eyes) The day I met you”

    Mito looks at her surprised and then she blushes. Mito smiles and hugs Hina.

    Mito “Well soon that's going to be the second happiest day of your life”

    Hina “What do you mean?”

    Mito “When you're baby is born...I bet you'll feel a lot happier when somebody is born into the world loving you.”

    Hina smiles back at Mito and she nods her head in agreement. Days later Hina goes into labor and she gives birth to her baby. Koga and Mito are in the room with her as well as she holds her baby boy for the first time. She smiles with tears and sweat rolling down her face. The Uzumaki clan leader is also in attendance, holding down the seal that binds the Kyuubi.

    Koga “He's crying...what do we do?!”

    Koga is in a frantic state, after hearing his wife yell in pain trying to give birth and keep down the seal of the Kyuubi, not to mention seeing his son.

    Mito “You're going to calm down. Babies cry when they're first born, that's what they do”

    Koga “(wipes tears from his eyes) But~”

    Mito “I've seen how much you love Hina and I know how well you protect her. Just do what you do for her, with him. Love him, protect him and take care of him (smiles)”

    Koga “Alright”

    Hina “Koga...come hold your son”

    Koga walks over and holds his son and smiles at him. He's peaceful now in his arms and Koga feels confident at that moment. He walks over to Mito and hands him over to her.

    Koga “Here Mito-chan...hold your godson”

    Mito looks surprised when Koga says those words.

    Mito “Godson?”

    Koga “(looks at Hina) We decided...since you've always been there for the both of us...especially Hina...We decided to go with the name you picked out for him”

    Mito “You mean~”

    Hina “His name is Shisui Uzumaki”

    Tears begin to fall down Mito's face and she wipes them off and holds onto Shisui.

    Mito “Hello Shisui-kun...I just want to thank you first of all for loving your mother and your father...I also want you to know that I will love you too, and they will too. We'll protect you always”

    Uzumaki Leader “(Cries hysterically) SO BEAUTIFULL”

    The three laugh at their leader as he wipes the massive tears off his face, and Mito holds Shisui close to him.
    *11 years +*
    Dozens of Uzushio shinobi lay dead on the ground surrounding Koga and Hina. In front of them Madara Uchiha stands with his Mangekyou Sharingan staring directly at Hina. Koga places his arm in front of Hina protecting her.

    Madara “You don't have to die. This matter doesn't concern you, only me and the Jinchuuriki over there”

    Koga “If you think for a minute I'm going to let you anywhere near her you're crazy!”

    Madara “You just dug your own grave you fool”

    Madara closes and suddenly his left eye begins to bleed.

    Madara “Amaterasu!”

    Suddenly black flames ignite onto Koga's body and he begins to burn. He hells in pain and falls to the ground yelling in intense pain.

    Hina “Koga!”

    Madara “Come with me and I'll release him”

    Hina looks angrily at and leaps back away from Koga and Madara. She makes rapid seals and suddenly a ring of water begins to circle around her.

    Hina “Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu (Water Release Great Waterfall Technique)

    The ring of water begins shooting out into a large vortex of water shoots down towards Koga. Madara leaps back out of the way realizing that he'd be caught in the jutsu. As the jutsu dies down Madara regains sight and he sees Hina down next to Koga. She has a scroll rolled out and she's rapidly writing down seals. She makes four quick seals and all of a sudden the flames of Amaterasu begin leaving Koga and go into the scroll's center.

    Madara “Fuka Hoin (Fire Sealing Method) *She knows the abilities of the Sharingan even to this point”

    Koga “(panting) Run...don't let him catch you”

    Madara “I must admit, to preform such a powerful Water technique without a body of water around. Few shinobi can pull off such a feet. You may even rival Tobirama Senju”

    Hina “You're Madara Uchiha...what do you want with me?”

    Madara “It's not so much what I want with you, but what's inside of you to be more politically correct”

    Hina “You're after the good will come of that with it in you're hands”

    Madara “The Uzumaki never cease to amaze me. To be able to seal away my fire so quickly is another impressive feet, however this is where the fight comes to an end”

    Hina “(makes seals) Suiton: Suikodan no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique)”

    A large body of water shapes itself into the form of a shark and rushes to Madara. Madara leaps up evading the large shark. While he's in the air multiple shuriken head towards him. Madara takes out a kunai and deflects all the shuriken. A split second after that Hina appears behind Madara. He turns his head in amazement of her reflexes and is unable to prevent her from stabbing him. As she stabs him dematerializes into multiple crows. Hina lands and multiple crows circle around her.

    Hina “Genjutsu?!”

    Suddenly the world turns dark and red and multiple black spikes begin to pierce Hina all throughout her body. Madara appears in front of her with his Mangekyou Sharingan staring directly into her face.

    Madara “Tsukuyomi, the ultimate genjutsu. You are a strong kunoichi no doubt but this is where your life ends. When my illusion ends, so does your life. This has nothing to do with you personally, but you stand in my way. My clan has been corrupted by the insidious Senju. It's ironic how those with the strongest eyes in existence have been so blinded to the world around them. If I'm to ever restore my clan and have them see the light, Konoha must fall and those within my clan who are too ignorant to see the light must be eradicated in order to purify our blood. I need the Kyuubi in order to do that. Don't worry though, so long as you're village doesn't interfere I shall spare them destruction”

    Hina “You...bastard”

    In the real world Hina lays in front of Madara unconscious. He walks over to her and begins preforming seals. As he walks over he feels something grab his leg. Koga holds onto Madara, barely conscious he tries to prevent Madara from killing his wife.

    Madara “If you want to be with her so bad then you shall hold each other in the afterlife. She'll join you shortly”

    Madara takes the Gunbai fan off his back and using his chakra he straightens the spiked chain connected to the end of the handle, essentially making it like a sword and he stabs down directly through Koga's neck, killing him instantly. Blood spatters on Madara's hand and the chain of the fan. He continues to walk towards Hina and her takes off her shirt, and chain mail armor under. He places his hand on her stomach and makes the half tiger seal.

    Madara “Lets see if I can break the legendary Four Symbols Seal of the Uzumaki clan”

    The seal on Hina's stomach begins to leak like black ink off of her and a big whole appears on her stomach where her seal is. Hina begins yelling in pain. Her body begins to get with the Kyuubi's intense chakra and fill up her body. Her eyes roll into the back of her head and her body takes on the appearance of a miniature Kyuubi. Madara steps back and watches as the woman yells in agony. Mito appears on the scene with multiple shinobi and she looks in horror at the sight. She see's Koga on the ground dead and she sees her closest friend screaming pain. The Uzumaki Leader looks at Madara menacingly and Madara turns around and looks them. He smiles cynically at the group of shinobi.

    Madara “You're too late”

    At that moment a large beam of chakra shoots out of the whole inside of Hina and the chakra begins to take shape. A moment later the chakra forms into the Kyuubi, and the beast is freed from Hina. The demon lets out a menacing roar and all the Uzushio shinobi step back except for the leader and Mito.

    Madara “*Hypnotic eye*”

    The beast lets our another roar and then it can be seen, the eyes of the Kyuubi project Madara's Sharingan on it, giving him control over the beast. Madara jumps on top of the demon as it begins to charge up a powerful black ball of chakra. He releases it towards the shinobi and all of them look with fear and helplessness as the giant ball of energy shoots at them. In a mere instant the entire area behind them is leveled. All the shinobi lay on the ground except for the Uzumaki clan leader. He managed to put up a powerful kekkei jutsu to defend him and his comrades against the blast.

    Madara “You're reputation does you justice, but not even you could create such a powerful defense without a price. I can see're out of chakra. For an Uzumaki of your caliber to have their entire chakra drained to absolute 0, well it's only fitting, even your chakra pales in comparison to that of a Bijuu. I have no more dealing in your village. I will leave you in peace if your village stays out of my way. When this is all over maybe we could still hold an alliance with the Uzumaki”

    Madara makes a few hand seals and he completely disappears with the Kyuubi. The Uzumaki leader drops to his knees. Mito regains consciousness and looks at her leader.

    Mito “Sir!”

    Uzumaki Leader “ have to get to Konoha...You're the only one strong seal the Kyuubi...”

    Mito “But what about you and...HINA!”

    Mito runs over to Hina and notices her still alive. She breaths heavily and sweat beats down her face. Hina runs over to her and lays her on her lap.

    Mito “Hina-nee hold on I'll get you some hel~”

    Hina “Where...where is Koga...please tell me he's alright”

    Mito “He's...I'm sorry Hina, we came too late, but we can still help you~”

    Hina “No...Mito you know I can't even now I'm loosing my energy rapidly...I only have a few more seconds”

    Mito “Hina-nee (begins to cry)”

    Hina “Do favor my dear Mito...”

    Mito “Anything!”

    Hina “Don't let them...take...Shisui'

    Hina's last breath is for her son. Tears run down the face of a broken hearten Mito. She holds her sister tight and promises her. She looks back and sees her leader dead as well. The others on the ground behind him begin to regain consciousness and Mito wipes the tears from her face and her look turns into determination. She puts down her sister and begins walking towards them.

    Mito “Hurry and get up”

    Uzumaki “What happened...what's going on~”

    Mito “There's no time for questions. Pick yourselves up now, take care of the dead and then get back to Uzushio and evacuate the village and set off security alarm. I'm heading to Konoha, the moment you get everything under control, send as many shinobi as you can as back up. I want the entire sealing squad on my side before I reach Konoha do you understand”

    Shinobi “Yes ma'am!”

    Mito begins running and she wipes the last tear off her face, baring a look of utter determination and calm nature....As the battle of Konoha takes place Hashirama and Madara do battle. As soon as the shinobi come to back up Hashirama he breaks Madara's control over the beast and takes his battle with the Uchiha elsewhere. The shinobi from Konoha and Uzushio do battle with the Kyuubi until Tobirama appears and stuns the beast with his jutsu. The Kyuubi is suppressed and the shinobi try to find a suitable Jinchuuriki to act as its new host. Shisui Uzumaki was decided, against Mito's will as the new Jinchuuriki. Her mind goes back to that time when she first talked to her clan's leader, saying how she was young and didn't understand the significance of the Jinchuuriki. Mito had grown up a lot during this battle and despite her promise to her sister she had no choice. Shisui Uzumaki was summoned from Uzushio and given the task with becoming the Jinchuuriki. The beast was sealed within him and the villages of Uzushio and Konoha were saved thanks to him...A week after the attack Shisui was in the hospital. The sealing of the Kyuubi took a lot of energy out of him and he rests up. Mito enters his room and looks upon him. He sits awake as she enters and his face is filled with despair and sadness.

    Mito “ are you feeling?”

    Shisui “Mito-sama?...I'm doing okay”

    Mito “Are you in any pain, does anything hurt?”

    Shisui “Yes...actually”

    Mito “What is it? You can tell me.”

    Shisui “(grabs his chest) Right hurts a lot, and no matter how hard I try not to think about it, it still hurts”

    Mito “(looks guiltily at him) I'm sorry precious Shisui...that's...all my fault”

    Shisui “No it's not Mito-sama, you've always loved me and you were like mom was to me”

    Mito “I'm so sorry for everything...I couldn't protect your father or your mother...I promised her...I promised her that I wouldn't let this happen to you but I lied to her...She'll never forgive me I know it. I don't care...I don't care if she forgives me. I don't deserve it. The only thing I care about is you're her are what she left behind for me to look after and I promise that I will”

    Shisui “If feels different's so different from Uzushio...I've seen the way people used to look at mommy back in our village...They really used to hurt her...and it used to hurt me to see her like that”

    Mito “But whenever you were around she thought of nothing else and felt nothing but happiness. That's what you gave her and that's why she loved you so much...and that's why I love yo~”

    Shisui “Is that what's going to happen to me?...Are they all going to hate me too?”

    Mito looks at Shisui and see's the look of fear and sadness in his face.

    Mito “Don't worry, I'll always be here to love and protect you just like I did with your mother. This is a different place but I know you'll make friends who care about you and love you like I used to love your I still do, through you”

    Shisui “You promise I'll make friends?”

    Mito smiles and nods to Shisui and he smiles back at her.
    **End Flashback**
    Note: This flashback covered memories of Mito starting from when she was a little girl. The first part showed when she was 10, the second part was a memory from when she was 16, then 22, and then up to about present time. She is about 31, 32 now, Hina would've been 37 as well as Koga (Shisui's parents), and Shisui is about 12-13 years old from the beginning of the series to about right now.

    Thanks for the replies people, there are still a couple parts right below this one. This isn't the whole chapter I know it's F***ing long but thanks for the replies and reps people.
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    O_o That was.......

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    Re: Bonds of Shinobi V

    Great story dattebayo
    and i don't like to read it anyway
    stupid reading

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    Realy good story bro + rep for ya

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    Tears from Mito's face fall onto Shisui as she cries to her sister's legacy.

    Mito “I'm so sorry Hina-nee...Koga-kun...”

    Mito feels a hand reach up and touch her face and she opens her eyes to see Shisui smiling at her, wiping the tears away from her eyes.

    Mito “Shisui...kun”

    Shisui “I've never seen you cry like that before doesn't suit somebody as beautiful as you”

    Mito smiles at him, seeing him in a cheerful mood despite everything that's happened. She sees his smile and she stops crying.

    Mito “Sorry are you feeling?”

    Shisui “The burns don't hurt so much anymore, neither does the cut”

    Mito “That's good”

    Shisui “How's Kagami and Tsubaki?”

    Mito looks back at Shisui and sees the dark look of sadness overcome his cheerfulness. Mito clinches her fist on her sides and turns her head away from him.

    Mito “They're fine...Listen Shisui~”

    Shisui “I don't like this makes people fear and hate me...even the ones closest to me. Tsubaki was so terrified and both Kagami and sensei thought I was going to hurt them...I wouldn't ever do that...After seeing that I know that they'll never trust me again~”

    Mito “None of this is you're fault and don't ever think that it is! Shisui you are a wonderful person, you're kind, and polite and you're every bit like your parents...I've never seen such determination and love for one's comrades and friends in a person other then your father. I knew that he'd treat your mother right and that fact alone made me love him, just like I do for you. I know I haven't been around much because of everything that's happened but Konoha needs all the help it can get. You were in control the whole time. Your powers activated because of your care for your comrades, not out of anger and hatred”

    Shisui “Maybe...but when I saw those two getting ready to kill Kagami and Tsubaki...I felt so helpless, and then I began to feel afraid. After that happened, I remember going after the shinobi like an animal. I saw through different eyes but I was still myself on the inside. Everything I did was like an impulse. I saw the people I wanted to protect and I didn't harm them. I saw the people trying to hurt them and it was like my body reacted on its own at that point...I saw what I was doing and it terrified even me, but...I didn't want to stop”

    Mito “Don't worry about it now, everything's okay now. Just get some rest and everything will be alright. The doctors said you had to stay here for two more weeks, for those burns to heal. You'll be fine then”

    Shisui “Alright...thank you...for coming to see me Mito-sama”

    Mito “You don't have to thank me...remember I'm your godmother, it's my job to take care of you”

    Mito smiles and leaves the room and Shisui turns his head to the window and looks into the blue sky.

    Shisui “*I can still make friends...I'll just have to work harder at it...I'll show both Kagami and Tsubaki that they can trust me*”

    2 Weeks Pass

    Shisui's two week resting period has ended. He's discharged from the hospital and he makes his way into the village. Word of the mission in the Land of Valleys has become the talk of the village. Tanigakure has thanked the village of Konoha and has paid them admirably, not only monetarily but in military support should they need it in their vulnerable state. Things have seemed to pick up for Konoha in terms of their strength returning from them. Word of the excellence of team Miyagi, a genin built team on such high ranked a mission has spread throughout the other countries and more mission requests poor into the village. The KMPD has been successfully been established, as well as a stronghold for the Konoha Shinobi academy. The academy now fully staffed, and filled to the top with promising shinobi candidates. The money that now comes into the village from the missions is enough for supplies for the village and the shinobi, and enough to fund the new organizations that have been established...However despite all this good fortune that has blessed Konoha, the details of the mission in the Land of Valleys have also been shared throughout the other countries and Konoha, meaning the incident with Shisui is well known throughout the village as well...Shisui continues his trek through the village but as he walks the stares he receives are even harsher then before. Again, just like in the tea shop the whispers he hears as he walks by, are like daggers to his heart.

    “They said he killed two jounin level shinobi with his bare hands when he lost control”

    “He nearly transformed into the Kyuubi like that night when the Madara attacked the village”

    “I heard he's Konoha's ultimate weapon”

    “Do you really think he can control that thing, what if what happened there happens to us”

    “Is there a shinobi in the village who's strong enough to stop that monster”

    “He almost killed his teammates, the jounin in charge had to take him down”

    “Just lucky he didn't transform into his true form or we all could be dead right now”

    Shisui's face turns into a mix of failure and aggravation. Everywhere he goes the same things are being said by the whole village. Suddenly two boys run into him and they fall down. They look up and their faces are filled with fear. Shisui begins to extend his hand downwards to help them up and they yell, just like the others did the time he saved them. Again the attention of the villagers turns towards him and he clinches his fist. Something completely different from last time happens. Shisui closes his eyes and his face begins to get angrier and angrier as tears fall down his face heavily. Suddenly the essence of the Kyuubi's chakra begins forming around him. Although it is small it is extremely dense and powerful enough for it to be seen. Some people begin to back away slowly but other completely loose and run shouting.


    Those words from a random person cause an uproar and panic. Shisui opens his eyes suddenly, revealing the eyes of the Kyuubi. He ducks down as a Konoha shinobi lunges at him with a kunai. Shisui sweeps the open hand strikes him on the chest, onto the ground. The shinobi releases his kunai and Shisui takes it. Four more shinobi come at him and Shisui heads at them. He jabs one of the shinobi in the stomach and twists his body 180 degrees until his back is parallel to the shinobi's. Using his body he pushes back roughly on the shinobi knocking him back with a full body blow. One shinobi lunges a punch at him and he simply side steps and grabs the shinobi's arm. He kicks another shinobi in the shin and then does another open handed strike to his neck sending that shinobi down. As the other lunges for him. Shisui lifts up the shinobi he still holds onto and throws him into the last one. Shisui goes to the middle of the road and strikes down in the center of the street. His fist creates a fair sized crater.

    Shisui “EVERYBODY STOP!”

    Everybody freezes in their tracks and pays attention to Shisui.

    Shisui “I was using 'kid gloves' just look (points to the shinobi he took down)

    Everybody looks and they see the shinobi getting up rather easily. All five shinobi have no lasting injuries or any physical difficulties from the attack of Shisui (The biggest injury was perhaps the fact that they were washed by a 13 year old genin).

    Shisui “I'm Shisui Uzumaki! I'm not a monster, I'm not a weapon! If I had wanted to kill them I could have. I'm not a monster, I know everything I'm doing and I would never harm Konoha! (tears roll down his face)”

    After all that Shisui runs off and heads to the river in the park. He goes and sits on the docks and cries as he looks at the lake...During this same time the other members of team Miyagi go through their own hardship. The Uchiha complex is filled with angered and enraged Uchiha shinobi about the new organization set up by the Hokage. The KMPD was designed as a smoke screen to deceive the Uchihas into believing they were important to the village, while keeping them away from the government. This smoke screen has not fooled for a minute, the Uchihas and the realization brings great anger to the clan. Kagami however, has been kept in the dark about this realization since the organization's founding. Although the discovery he makes not only surprises him, but also the higher ups of the Uchiha clan...

    Setsuna “Kagami-kun, I heard that you're last mission was a success...I also heard that you were having some difficulties though.”

    Kagami “Those shinobi...they were almost as fast as sensei. My eyes could keep up but my body...”

    Setsuna “Don't worry about it so much Kagami. For someone your age to activate their fully matured Sharingan is rare, and it shows the ability to excel beyond the normal standards of the Uchiha. For you to excel within this clan shows the potential to do anything.”

    Kagami “If that were so, I would've been able to handle those two shinobi, and...I could have handled whatever that power Shisui possessed”

    Setsuna gets a darkened look when Kagami mentions Shisui.

    Kagami “That was inhuman. It was like he had transformed into some sort of animal, or demon...what was it?”

    Setsuna “Lets not worry about that for right didn't expect to get stronger get an incredible power increase just because you have a full Sharingan now did you?! (laughs)”

    Kagami “Then what is the trick?! What do I have to do?”

    Setsuna “Calm down. Listen I'm going to teach you how to control your Sharingan and how to evolve it to the fullest of it's abilities. It's believed that every Uchiha has a specialty with their Sharingan, once it reaches full maturity. Whether it be exceptional ninjutsu, genjutsu, or taijutsu abilities or unique dojutsu ability. I'm going to teach you just how strong an Uchiha can get”

    Kagami “What's your specialty Setsuna?”

    Setsuna “Well for me in particular I'm pretty gifted in genjutsu”

    Kagami “genjutsu...”

    Setsuna “Don't worry about it. Listen I know Miyagi works you guys really hard, so I'm going to add on to that. I'll take you under my wing and with training you get from the both of us you'll become one of the strongest in our clan, I promi~”

    Setsuna stops his sentence when he and Kagami come across the headquarters of the KMPD. Outside three Uchiha shinobi stand to the captain of the department and they notice that the conflict the four shinobi are having with captain.

    Captain “Stand down soldier!”

    Inabi “NO! You have no right to do this!”

    Tekka “Inabi-san just let it go”

    Yoshiro “He's not going to listen to us, he's one of them”

    Inabi “No I won't let this go. I'm the strongest shinobi in this organization. I deserve this promotion, most everybody else in the senior and local officer class recommended me and you haven't given me one dignified excuse as to why you didn't promote me!”

    Captain “You're irrefutable arrogance in your abilities. I have every right to deny you for this position. My decision stands and your complaining about it only makes my decision stand even firmer”

    Inabi “You little (activates his Sharingan)”

    The captain gets on his guard and it was at that moment when Yoshiro and Tekka held Inabi back.

    Captain “Show that type of insolence again and I'll lock you up myself”

    The captain walks back inside the building and Yoshiro and Tekka release Inabi. Setsuna heads to the three shinobi while Kagami stays in the background.

    Setsuna “Inabi, you have to calm down about this~”

    Inabi “No I don't. They've already isolated us from the rest of the village, and the government with this whole Military Police thing. This is complete bull!”

    Yoshiro “Setsuna even you must see what's going on here”

    Setsuna “I do, that's why I'm staying out of this. Right now my only concern is Kagami, if anybody's going to get the village to trust us again it's him. He has the potential to be the strongest of us”

    Tekka “Setsuna there's more then just the discrimination with the ranks here, you have to have noticed that they're~”

    Kagami “They're what? What's going on here?”

    Kagami walks over to the others and they turn to look at him. Kagami looks confused and at the same time annoyed.

    Setsuna “It's nothing for you to worry about Kagami. Lets go”

    Kagami “No, I want to know what's going on here. What's all of this about the Uchihas being excluded from the government and everything?!”

    Tekka “You can't keep hiding this from him Setsuna. He's going to find out eventually. Better from you then figuring it out on his own when it'll hurt more”

    Setsuna “(sighs) The KMPD here wasn't made a peace gesture towards the clan. It was so we won't have strong say, or any for that matter in the government of Konoha. The Hokage organized this and decided to put the Uchihas in charge of it for the most part. The captain however is chosen by the Hokage. This is where everything falls out. Even though they appear to be giving us a position in the village they still have control over everything”

    Kagami “That can't be...what about~”

    Inabi “You're going to realize this sooner or later kid. As long as the village is under the control of the Senju, we'll never have any say in what happens”

    Setsuna “Inabi don't say that. Your starting to sound like~”

    Yoshiro “Setsuna it's the truth. You can't deny it. This pact made with the Senju was a mistake from the start. It was only a shroud to cover up their thrust towards power, and we couldn't see it”

    Setsuna “You guys are wrong. Everything that's happened so far has been because of Madara. Just you wait and see, everything will turn eventually and we will be accepted into the village”

    Setsuna takes Kagami away from the others and tries to get Kagami to forget the conversation however Kagami is still shocked and has begun to think just like the others.

    Kagami “Setsuna...”

    Setsuna “Kagami, you're the only person who can turn the village around. You're the only person who can make them see how trust worthy the Uchihas are. You have to believe that, and you have to work at it...I'm putting our clan's fate in your hands. Even if everybody else has given up, you and I have to be the ones to fight for our clan”

    Kagami “I will show the village that we're nothing like Madara...but...I can't help feel the truth in what Inabi and the others said”

    Setsuna stops and Kagami looks up at him confused slightly.

    Setsuna “Listen Kagami...there are a few people...that I will ask you to stay away from. Under no circumstances are you to interact with these people...or to listen to what they have to say. Inabi, Yoshiro, and Tekka are among those people”

    Kagami “But they're our clansmen, what are you hiding from me Setsuna?”

    Setsuna “I can't tell you at this time...but I need you to trust me little brother”

    Setsuna leaves Kagami then and as the sun begins to set Kagami heads out to enter the rest of the village. As he enters the village the looks and stares of hostility from the rest of the village begins to anger him. He activates his Sharingan and he suddenly gets the attention of a few shinobi. Kagami calms down and he heads up to the top of a giant Tori entrance, leading out of the main district of Konoha. It looks directly down at the river and Kagami sit and looks up into the sky with his Sharingan.

    Kagami “*I will return the honor and respect to the Uchiha name. I swear it*”

    The Tori overlooking the River peeks down to the docks where Shisui sits. The sun has almost completely set and two of the three members of team Miyagi have gone through the end of their day. Tsubaki walks down the road of the main district of Konoha, thinking to herself. She looks left and right and sees many of her comrades, who don the same Konoha headband as her. She sees them and she thinks back to her mission in the Land of Valleys. She gets a look of failure and despair on her face, for her lack of ability to help either of her teammates, and in fact cause them harm.

    Tsubaki “*I couldn't do anything but get captured...I wasn't strong enough to help out at all...I could only get in the way...and because of that Kagami got hurt and Shisui...he...*”

    All of a sudden she remembers the image she saw upon awakening on the mission. She remembers clearly the dark chakra that coated Shisui...that image terrifies her and gives her a cold chill.

    Tsubaki “*all that hatred...what was that...It was as if Shisui had turned into some sort of monster*”

    Tsubaki begins remembering what Miyagi had said the first day of their mission as well.

    “You're going to have to figure it out by yourselves”

    Tsubaki “*How are we supposed to figure out what type of shinobi we are?...Kagami and Shisui are always so far ahead of me...maybe...maybe I'm not meant to be a shinobi...All I do is hinder my comrades*”

    Miyagi “Tsubaki-chan”

    Tsubaki looks up and she sees Miyagi walking towards her.

    Tsubaki “Sensei?”

    Miyagi “Why do you look so down? We've been given vacation time after our mission I'd expect you to be happy about that”

    Tsubaki “...It's nothing sensei...really”

    Miyagi looks at Tsubaki confused about her feelings.

    Tsubaki “Actually sensei...I have a question I want to ask you”

    Miyagi “Anything”

    Tsubaki “What...would I have to do to drop out of the shinobi program?”

    Miyagi begins to understand Tsubaki's feelings, and realizes how she feels about the incident on their last mission. Miyagi lets out a sigh and then he smiles at her.

    Miyagi “Sorry but I seem to have forgotten exactly what you have to do. I can't help you there”

    Tsubaki “Sensei I'm not joking, what happened on the last mission was~”

    Miyagi “My fault. I shouldn't have let that happen. I shouldn't have even let you three go on that mission with me. Look you're still a genin Tsubaki. You have very spectacular gifts as a kunoichi and with the proper training you can become a first rate kunoichi. You just have to look deep inside and find out what it is you're best at.”

    Tsubaki “I've been trying to do that, but I can't seem to find anything. What if you're wrong sensei?! What if you're wrong and I'm not cut out to be a ninja? I don't want to be the cause harm to my comrades and failure of the mission. I don't want to hurt Konoha more then it already is”

    Miyagi “If that is your goal then only you can make that happen. I know for a fact just how capable you are. I know where your abilities lay. I am your sensei after all remember? If anybody sees the potential you have it's me. It's up to you whether or not you trust in my you?”

    Tsubaki “I don't know”

    Miyagi “Have I ever done anything that has led you to doubt me?”

    Tsubaki “No but~”

    Miyagi “If you don't doubt me then you must trust me then...there is no middle ground in such things like trust. If you don't doubt me then you trust me, which means you trust that you have the ability to shape what type of shinobi you want to become”

    Tsubaki “I guess so...I mean yeah, you're right”

    Miyagi “You don't want to hinder your comrades you say...then you have to make that goal a reality. You're the only one who can make that happen Tsubaki. Don't sit and wallow in your own self pity. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and go and find out what you have to do in order to help your friends. When you figure that out, the rest will come to you easily”

    Miyagi continues on and walks past his student. Tsubaki looks down and closes her eyes. She opens them with more determination in her eyes, but still keeping that self doubt there. She continues walking and she spots the archive library of Konoha. The archive library contains information on ninjutsu. Hundreds of scrolls on ninjutsu training methods, techniques, and famed shinobi in history. Tsubaki decides to start her search there. The first section that catches her eyes is a section dealing with genjutsu. She heads into the section and takes out a scroll on the basics of genjutsu. She begins reading the scroll and it brings back memories of when she was in the shinobi academy. She was the top of the class in genjutsu studies and she was strong enough to defend against genjutsu even back then.

    Instructor “Alright class can anybody give me a brief summery of what genjutsu is?”

    The instructor looks around and Tsubaki raises her hand vigorously with an answer.

    Instructor “Yes Tsubaki”

    Tsubaki “Genjutsu techniques are the illusionary arts. It's different then ninjutsu and taijutsu because it's not real and it doesn't cause real pain, but only simulates pain. It attacks a person's mind and causes insanity”

    Instructor “That's correct. With genjutsu you're only attacking the cerebral nervous system and causing an illusion or fake image of something happening. Genjutsu can be used offensively, defenselessly, and also in other supplementary ways. It's less preferred then ninjutsu and taijutsu for the fact that it doesn't harm the person physically and also because genjutsu is more difficult to use then both ninjutsu and taijutsu. It requires precise chakra control and a high level of intelligence. Although not as popular as it's comrades, ninjutsu and taijutsu, genjutsu can be just as affective in bringing down one's opponent, if not better. You're attacking the brain of a person, and psychological weapons are perhaps the strongest tool of a shinobi”
    **End Flashback**

    Tsubaki is seen leaving the archive library. In her hand she has two scroll pertaining to genjutsu, and in her pouch she has scrolls of high level genjutsu techniques. Tsubaki's look of determination and confidence has shot up radically to the point her self doubt has vanished...As she walks through the main district she comes by the lake. Below her she sees her teammate Shisui sitting down at the bottom of the hill on the docks starring out at the lake. Above her she sees her other teammate Kagami looking into the sky. She stands dead center between both locations. Soon Shisui turns his head and looks at Tsubaki and stands up. Kagami looks down and sees Tsubaki standing there as well. Kagami and Shisui's gazes meet each other and they soon look back at Tsubaki to see where she heads. Tsubaki looks at Shisui and that image of the Kyuubi shooting out towards her returns and she backs away fearfully, from Shisui. She looks at Kagami and sees the pain that resides in his chakra and she heads towards him. Shisui sits back down at the docks and Kagami leaps down to Tsubaki. The two begin walking through the Tori and it's at that moment Tsubaki feels the presence she first felt in Shisui, the first time they met as a team back at graduation. She sees the small ball of light pureness deep down inside of him but this time...the small ball is even smaller then before. She turns her head back down to the docks but Shisui's gone. She forgets about it and continues to walk and talk with Kagami.
    Late Night

    Night has come in the village and once again the silence in the air is soothing. Out in the training fields Miyagi stands before Mito, exhausted and out of breath. The two shinobi have been training vigorously and they now discuss the matter of why they train together...Shisui.

    Miyagi “(panting) This isn't like normal. I never though fuinjutsu could be used to such a wonder you guys are masters of this, you're the only shinobi who have the chakra reserves to use such high level fuinjutsu techniques”

    Mito “It's more then high chakra, it takes control as well. Even though we Uzumaki have high reserves of chakra for these kinds of jutsu, it's the strongest of our clan who can use the most minimal amount of our chakra to preform theses techniques, this allows us to hold the certain jutsu for longer periods, not needing to exert such a large amount. Even you can hold these level of techniques for a fair period without high reserves”

    Miyagi “Well I guess I better improve on my chakra control. It seems like these level of techniques are harder to preform then most genjutsu. It takes extremely precise chakra”

    Mito “Well until you master it, I'm not letting you near Shisui's seal”

    Miyagi “Understood...besides Shisui does have his own unique talents besides this”

    Mito “I know. He has the potential to be a powerful shinobi. Both of his parents were some of Uzushio's best”

    Miyagi “Are you still mad about the whole situation with the mission?”

    Mito “Yes...but not so much anymore. I understand what you were doing...but you have to understand, Shisui has everything he needs to combat the fox's control...He would never hurt anybody from the village”

    Miyagi “I know that...but~”

    Mito “No buts, Shisui would never hurt anybody from the village he loves them too much!”

    Miyagi looks at Mito who has a look of guilt and sadness on her face. He smiles at her and begins to change the subject.

    Miyagi “You're right. Shisui is a strong shinobi. His physical abilities are top notch. He's strong, his speed may even surpass mine in a few years, and his taijutsu well above genin level, maybe even better then most chuunin”

    Mito “He was attacked earlier today”

    Miyagi looks at Mito and sees that her face hasn't changed in mood at all.

    Mito “I heard about it from the shinobi themselves. They said that the fox's chakra began to leak out and they were only trying to make sure he~”

    Miyagi “Oh I saw what happened”

    Mito looks at Miyagi and is shocked and a slightly annoyed at his relatively cheerful tone in the matter.

    Miyagi “Yeah apparently two kids ran into him and they ran off screaming. I saw the chakra begin to leak out but I also saw how upset he looked. He was attacked out of nowhere by the others. He took them down pretty quickly and without any trouble. He was pretty skillful at that”

    Mito “Why do you sound so calm about it?! He's being ridiculed and ostracized by the rest of the village!”

    Miyagi “I find it alright because I know his resolve was that he wasn't going to hurt him with showed his potential to control his chakra...I also found it alright because...Shisui is a strong person, his abilities and his heart will change how Konoha looks at him eventually. It may not be fair for him to have to work at getting the affection of others, when most others are born with it...but when he does earn it he'll be alright”

    Miyagi smiles at Mito and she looks at Miyagi shocked. She closes her eyes and smiles back and the two begin their training again. During that time Shisui still remains at the lake however he has stopped crying and he has shielded himself to a point where he won't let the villagers remarks and stares bother him like they used to...with this however he becomes a little more depressed and unsure if they'll ever accept him...In the Uchiha complex, Kagami walks to his dwelling, having left Tsubaki a while ago. The roads down the complex are silent and Kagami is the only one out.

    Kagami “*I will get stronger...They will trust us, Senju or whatever. The Uchihas have ended their strife with the Senju*”

    Kagami suddenly feels the presence of another shinobi and he immediately activates his Sharingan. The presence feels hostile and Kagami prepares himself. In the trees above two masked shinobi stare down at Kagami.

    Anbu 1 “He couldn't have detected us?”

    Anbu 2 “We're getting too close we need to tail back a little”

    Kagami leaps away while the two speak from a distance. He attempts to get away from the shinobi but the begin to pursue him. The two shinobi gain on him quick and Kagami looks back at them. He sees their black cloaks and masks and tries to distinguish what village the shinobi are from. One of the shinobi makes four quick seals.

    Anbu 1 “Doton: Doryuheki (Earth Release: Earth Style Wall)

    A large wall of mud and earth appears in front of Kagami and block his path forwards. Kagami hops on the branch in front of the wall and leaps up to the top of the trees. The shinobi follow him and when Kagami reaches the top both shinobi surround him, one in the front of him and one in the back.

    Kagami “I don't know who you clowns are but if you're looking for a fight I'll give you one”

    The two masked shinobi don't say nothing, they simply nod at each other and they both rush Kagami. They take the blades off their back and Kagami takes out a kunai. He uses his Sharingan and he begins seeing the next movements and strategies of his opponents. The shinobi in the front of him swings his blade over Kagami's head. Kagami ducks and evades the blade. He places his hand on the ground and turns his body over to kick the arm of the other shinobi, who lunges at him from below. Kagami disarms the shinobi and grabs his blade. He leaps back away from both of the shinobi. One of the shinobi takes out a string of kunai and throws them at Kagami. They're laced with paper bombs and they explode on contact. Kagami evades four of the five knives and tosses the blade at the last one in mid are, causing an explosion.

    Anbu 1 “We're causing too much noise we need to finish this quick before more show up”

    From the smoke multiple shuriken rush out towards the two shinobi. The shinobi with his blade blocks all the shuriken. Kagami emerges from the smoke and one shinobi gets behind him in a full bear hug.

    Anbu 2 “*Kaimon!* (Gate of Opening)”

    The shinobi opens up one of the eight gates and suddenly his grip gets tighter around Kagami. As they begin to descend the shinobi begins spinning rapidly with Kagami in his arms.

    Anbu 2 “Omote Renge (Front Lotus)”

    As the two shinobi descend in a rapid spiral motion, a split second before they hit the ground the Anbu shinobi releases Kagami, bouncing off him as he hits the ground with great powerful impact.

    Anbu 1 “You over exerted yourself on that jutsu are you alright”

    Anbu 2 “(Panting exhausted). I'm fine...I didn't use full force so it shouldn't have killed him. You have to use...your genjutsu to erase his mind”

    Suddenly the shinobi goes flying as Kagami appears behind him punching him with great force. The other masked shinobi backs away to his teammate. He looks and sees the object in Kagami's place is a simple log, revealing a substitution jutsu.

    Anbu 1 “Are you alright?”

    Anbu 2 “He used the substitution jutsu...this kid is strong”

    Kagami “Who the hell are you?!”

    As the wind blows the torn robes from the first shinobi begin to blow. From the tears a tattoo on the shinobi's arm reveals something devastating to Kagami.
    Kagami “Setsuna...I'm seeing a lot of people with that odd tattoo”

    Setsuna “That's the mark of the Anbu Black Operations unit of Konoha. They're a secret task force under the Hokage who handle out secret missions”

    Kagami “A secret task force? Why would the Hokage need them, I mean all shinobi are loyal to the village right? There doesn't seem to be a need for them”

    Setsuna “Their rolls are more short they're trained to do what most ordinary shinobi cannot do...they are in the literal example, heartless shinobi while on their missions”

    Kagami “What kind of work do they do?”

    Setsuna “Anything given to them. assassination, transportation, however more commonly they're used for...espionage.”

    Kagami “So they're basically spies and assassins for the village against enemies and other villages...I guess that makes sense”

    Setsuna “(tensed) yeah...enemies of Konoha”
    **End Flashback**
    Note: This flashback was about a months ago, around the same time as the relocation of the Uchihas. Even back then they were used to spy on the Uchiha clan, but in this instance it was a new organization and it was still under construction so they weren't officially on spying duty, but Setsuna knew that they would be used to spy on the Uchihas eventually.
    Kagami “You're from...”

    Kagami clinches his fist and his body tenses up with greater rage and anger as he looks at the two shinobi.

    Kagami “You're from Konoha! What the hell is going on?!!”

    Anbu 1 “We're going to have to kill him, he's figured it out, we can't hold back anymore”

    Anbu 2 “Alright I got it”

    Kagami's eyes widen when he hears that and just like before in the Land of Valleys, he feels a pulsing sensation and his blood begins to rise and boil. Kagami makes rapid seals.

    Kagami “Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique)

    Kagami spits out large fireballs at the two shinobi in all directions. The one shinobi still stranding at full health uses a water technique to extinguish the flames but as he does, shuriken appear from the flames and continue to spiral towards them. The shinobi are unable to defend against them and they're hit with the shuriken. Kagami instantly appears behind both shinobi and slits one of their necks. The shinobi remaining backs away from him and looks at Kagami, who is filled with a dark hatred.

    Anbu 1 “ all this power coming from?”

    Kagami suddenly appears behind the shinobi, and just as the shinobi realizes in shock it's too late. Kagami stabs the shinobi in the back, straight through the heart and he drops.

    Kagami “Konoha will never trust long as the Senju~”

    Kagami is suddenly knocked unconscious by a strike to the neck by Setsuna. Suddenly four hooded shinobi drop down next to Setsuna and Kagami. Their hoods conceal their face revealing only their mouths.

    ? “Did you see?! That power, that chakra~”

    ?? “If his chakra is extremely powerful, even for an Uchiha”

    ??? “He is compatible with his father, in a few years, with the right training he could~”

    Setsuna “No, I'm not training him if you plan to use him. I've made a promise not to let him sink to your Madara's level”

    ???? “ haven't told him about his father...his real father”

    Setsuna “That's because he doesn't need to know. He's confused enough as it is, and this is only pushing more towards what his father didn't want. He was nothing like Madara, he didn't want the Uchihas to take over Konoha, he didn't want to destroy the Senju, he only wanted peace between our two clans...I promised him that I would raise Kagami to seek out those goals, not to do just the opposite”

    ?? “Setsuna don't be foolish. The Senju are surely not going to want peace as you and so many other believe. They want exactly what we want, to end the war between our two clans, only through one clan being wiped out”

    ??? “That's right...we desire our clan to be on top and the Senju theirs. It is our duty to see that our clan rises to the occasion and with Hashirama out of the way, Madara-sama has left more then enough opportunity in our hands to see his plans come true”

    ? “Madara-sama's plan is was most admirable, you would do well to respect that. He willingly sacrificed himself to get rid of Hashirama, and left us with the crown jewel that would allow us to assert our power over the Senju. That jewel is Kagami”

    Setsuna “I won't let you have him~”

    ???? “Then why are you with us Setsuna? Why do you fight for us and our goals? You say you want peace between us and the Senju and you strive for that through Kagami yet you are still with us...why is that?”

    Setsuna “I'm not a complete idiot like you guys see me as...I too do desire peace between our two clans...and I do believe that it is possible, and that Kagami is the only one of us who can do that...however I know how slim the chances are and I love my clan more then anything...If it comes down to it...I know where my place is but I sware on my life that I won't let Kagami be a part of this. He inherited the will of his father all his own and I won't let him go back on that. I promised that I would at least keep Kagami on that path so even if I do end up with you, I will make sure that Kagami won't and I will not let any of you near him”

    ??? “What makes you think you can stop us Setsuna. We could kill you right here if we wanted and we could take Kagami under our wing”

    Setsuna “You can't kill me because I'm the only person who can unlock Kagami's power. Without me you will have nothing. You're crown jewel will be useless and so will your precious plans of asserting dominance. I joined you to protect my clan...nothing more. I'm not power hungry like you.”

    ???? “He's right...for now we'll leave the boy's development to you, however...don't slip up or we will take advantage, Setsuna”

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    Re: Bonds of Shinobi V

    The four shinobi walk into the shadows and disappear. Setsuna picks up Kagami and slings him over his shoulder and begins walking back to the village. He makes a few seals and the two dead begin to fade, a genjutsu cloak has been placed over them. Secrets surround the Uchiha clan, just like many other things are shrouded in secret in the village of Konoha. Both Shisui and Kagami have powers within them that are to be molded upon their maturity as shinobi. As for the time being all members of team Miyagi, including Miyagi himself, go through their primary shinobi training. Shisui in his physical abilities, Kagami in his kekkei genkai, and Tsubaki in her genjutsu...The underbellies of Konoha feed on the surface like parasites. Danzo Shiruma, Love, and the underground Uchihas all formulate their plans to assert themselves to obtain power enough to break through and take down the light and take control. However in order for either one to take down the light, they must get rid of their competition first...In a cave outside of Konoha, two torches illuminate over a tablet. Standing in front of that tablet is Love glaring at it with his newly obtained Sharingan.

    Love “So...the powers of God lay in two parts, the elements of spirituality and the elements of physicality...I guess from what I can understand...I have only half of the spiritual half...1/4...I still have some ways to go then”

    Love sits down on top of a body...the body of the last shinobi he fought who attempted to assassinate Tobirama. The eye sockets of the shinobi are empty without eyes and Love strokes the cheek of the dead shinobi.

    Love “I'll let the physical element fall into my lap but it looks like I'll have to figure out the other half of the spiritual element by myself...Mangekyou....Sharingan”

    The journey of the three genin and Miyagi continue, Tobirama's struggle with the stress brought on by Konoha and those out to seek power from under it also continues. As for the underground of Konoha...they wait like lions in the hunt; they creep low waiting for their moment to pounce and kill their pray. The next time we see Konoha, Three years will have passed...

    ~END OF PART 1~

    Previous Bonds of Shinobi Bonds of Shinobi II Bonds of Shinobi III Bonds of Shinobi IV

    Following Bonds of Shinobi VI Bonds of Shinobi VII Bonds of Shinobi VIII Bonds of Shinobi IX Bonds of Shinobi X Bonds of Shinobi XI Bonds of Shinobi XII Bonds of Shinobi XIII
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    Re: Bonds of Shinobi V

    U are just awesome dude

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    Re: Bonds of Shinobi V

    Quote Originally Posted by naruto kyuubi View Post
    U are just awesome dude
    Aww shucks no I'm not (Well maybe I am lol)

    Na but really thank you. I'm proud of this chapter for the fact that it felt easier then the last chapter and it just rolled off from it (there wer a few things I was unsure of that I might have wanted to re-do but I'm comfterable where this one's). Alls I have to do know is figure out how to make the next chapter look

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    Re: Bonds of Shinobi V

    Quote Originally Posted by rinnekugan View Post
    O_o That was.......
    Quote Originally Posted by rinnekugan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Zawar View Post
    Great story dattebayo
    and i don't like to read it anyway
    stupid reading
    Quote Originally Posted by NorwegianKirabi View Post
    Realy good story bro + rep for ya
    Quote Originally Posted by wastedmonkey View Post
    good work.
    Thank you all for your comments, I also take criticism about the plot line, character developments, writting style, descriptions and details, anything. Feel free to do so if you can find anything that you guys don't like or doesn't fit your liking. I agree in the statement "Learn from your mistakes" lol

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    Re: Bonds of Shinobi V

    LOVED this chapter. It was like, an exciting anime episode.
    It was done PERFECTLY.
    I realized my comments are out of order:

    You added the flashbacks in the right moment, and described it really well. You made me really like both Mito/ the flashbacks cleared some confusion, because I was puzzeled at first why Mito was feeling so much sympathy towards Shisui (when she was angry @ Miyagi). I was unsure whether you mentioned any relationship with Shisui beforehand.
    I could feel Shisui's pain when he was attacked by his own comrades, and also when he reflected about it...
    I could also feel Miyagi's guilt clearly when reading his thoughts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reborn View Post
    Love “So...the powers of God lay in two parts, the elements of spirituality and the elements of physicality...I guess from what I can understand...I have only half of the spiritual half...1/4...I still have some ways to go then”
    This bit sparked my interest.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reborn View Post
    Love sits down on top of a body...the body of the last shinobi he fought who attempted to assassinate Tobirama. The eye sockets of the shinobi are empty without eyes and Love strokes the cheek of the dead shinobi.
    Love is sick. As in, disgusting. >__> "

    Quote Originally Posted by Reborn View Post

    Recap: gave two of the bodies to Tobirama to conduct research which is still unknown to all with the exception of Love (and me of coarse so HA!)
    Research = Edo Tensei ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Reborn View Post
    Tsubaki “He's...he's a monster”

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    Re: Bonds of Shinobi V

    Quote Originally Posted by Train View Post
    LOVED this chapter. It was like, an exciting anime episode.
    It was done PERFECTLY.
    I realized my comments are out of order:

    You added the flashbacks in the right moment, and described it really well. You made me really like both Mito/ the flashbacks cleared some confusion, because I was puzzeled at first why Mito was feeling so much sympathy towards Shisui (when she was angry @ Miyagi). I was unsure whether you mentioned any relationship with Shisui beforehand.
    I could feel Shisui's pain when he was attacked by his own comrades, and also when he reflected about it...
    I could also feel Miyagi's guilt clearly when reading his thoughts.

    This bit sparked my interest.

    Love is sick. As in, disgusting. >__> "

    Research = Edo Tensei ?

    Yeah I had to make the ending fitting because this ends part one of the series. Just like in the manga where there was a time skip that where this is heading

    Love is my favorite character to write with. I'm trying to make him a cross between Orochimaru/Madara/and genuinly caring/dedicated person to Konoha (we'll see later in the series about that last part)

    I kind of made the Edo Tensai thing obvious but I'm trying to keep his reason for actually doing the research a secret (although I may have given it away in a previous chapter if you look hard enough. I won't say anymore).

    Tsubaki is a cross between Hinata/Sakura (In part 1). She cares about both her teammates (Hinata) Yet she treats Shisui like everybody else (Sakura most of P1).

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    Re: Bonds of Shinobi V

    Again, you have delivered awesomeness.

    Love is now a mixture of Kabuto ( Or Orochimaru ) and Guy in my eyes < These sexy eyes
    He is becoming more and more twisted. And i like how you mention him last, it gives the story that needed cliffhanger. So props for that

    Oh and i saw how you Matched Mito's FlashBack with the Battle FlashBack a couple chapters back. Nice one.

    I also liked...Hold on. I liked every bit of this.
    Only thing i didn't like is that it was so damn Long !

    Other than that, Great Job.

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