First of all, many of you (including myself) think that since Gamakichi summoned Naruto to Strange Tree Mountain, he can just release the jutsu and Naruto will fly back to Konoha in an instant. But we don't know for sure how reverse summoning works. For all we know, that messenger frog may have been given the responsibility to make preparations for Naruto to be able to be unsummoned! So.. Naruto may be given a travel frog (see picture) to run back to Konoha. If this happens:

Will Naruto and Sasuke cross paths on their way to Konoha? I was just reading old manga, and one of the chapter's front pages gave me an idea on how N/S' next encounter may be like. Imagine this..

Pa Frog discovers the corpse of his messenger frog, alerting him of danger in Konoha. He prepares a travel frog for Naruto.

Naruto: What's with the frog gramps? *notices Pa Frog's sad expression*
Fukasaku: You're headed back to Konoha.. the village is in danger... it's probably Akatsuki.
Fukasaku: Our messenger frog, I summoned him.. or his corpse actually. Something's definitely wrong.
Fukasaku: We can't...
Fukasaku: Look Naruto, you're not a frog! The rules for human summoning are different. Blah blah blah -- so you can't be unsummoned in this situation.
Naruto: WTF T_T
Fukasaku: This here frog's the fastest one on the mountain. He'll get you to Konoha in a few hours. Now get going already!
Naruto: Right! Let's go!

New chapter:
Hawk is preparing for their departure. The chapter is talking about their plans for attacking Konoha. Tobi can't come for some obvious reason (likely having to to with Hachibi or Kyuubi sealing) but he says he will come eventually. Ending panels shows Sasuke and Naruto traveling.

New chapter:
Naruto is thinking real hard as he travels, with a serious expression and tears are forming in his eyes. Portraits of his important people take up a page or two. Kakashi, Sakura, Konohamaru, Tsunade, Iruka, a group of his rookie genin friends, the Hokage mountain, and finally Sasuke. A shot of blurry objects coming from the woods onto Naruto's current path. He then sees the backs of 4 people in Akatsuki cloaks..

Naruto: Akatsuki...!
Travel frog: Really?!?
Naruto: Stop them!

Naruto's frog jumps ahead of Team Hawk and skids to a stop, putting Naruto and Sasuke face to face, just meters apart.

Naruto: Akatsuki cloaks.. Sasuke, you..?
Sasuke: Naruto get out of...!
Naruto: Konoha's in danger!
Sasuke: ...
Naruto: Don't you ****ing care?!? Or.. are you really Akatsuki now...
Sasuke: Juugo, Karen, Suigetsu.. go on ahead.
Naruto: Like I'll let them..!

Naruto tries to block Hawk's movement but Sasuke appears in front of Naruto, they are in the same position as when they met at Orochimaru's hideout.

Sasuke: Who will save you now, Naruto?
Naruto: ...You're the one who needs saving, Sasuke.

Sasuke's Sharingan activates. Naruto's eye sockets begin to darken.

Next few chapters Naruto and Sasuke fight, Sasuke gets his ass whooped.

New chapter:

Suigetsu's leading Juugo and Karen on their way to Konoha. Karen keeps looking back to see if Sasuke is behind them, she looks worried.

Suigetsu: Where the hell is Sasuke?
Karen: ...
Juugo: He'll be here.
Suigetsu: Tch..
Karen: ...that guy...
Suigetsu: ??
Juugo: Who?
Karen: Sasuke called him Naruto.. his chakra.. it's enormous. That of a Jinchuuriki..
Suigetsu: WTFMATE
Juugo: ... *he looks back to see if Sasuke is coming, he looks worried now too*
Karen: !! *senses chakra*
Juugo: Look! Someone's coming!

Naruto and the frog's silhouette can be seen in the distance. Team Hawk skids to a stop. Karen notices Sasuke's body on the frog. Team Hawk, realizing what's happened to Sasuke, gets into a battle formation.

Naruto: No time for you!!

End chapter shows Naruto's frog leaping over Hawk. Naruto is still in Sage Mode without Fukasaku on his back.

Next 2 or 3 chapters

Naruto's frog out runs Team Hawk easily. He arrives at the smoking crater which is Konoha. Hearing the loudest battle taking place, Naruto heads in that direction. Few scenes of Naruto passing dead shinobi, including Konan and Hinata's corpse (LOL narusaku ftw) lying next to each other.. Naruto's eyes are like Kyuubi's.

Tsunade: Sakura! Get Kakashi to the hos...!

Tsunade is fighting Deva Pein, Sakura is nearby trying to heal a nearly dead Kakashi. Tsunade and Sakura feel Kyuubi's energy nearby.

Sakura: This chakra..
Tsunade: Naruto!?
Kakashi: .....

Naruto's frog lands next to Sakura (for some reason extremely silently), she doesn't notice until he drops an unconscious Sasuke next to Kakashi's body (he's not wearing his Akatsuki cloak).

Naruto: Don't tell me if he's dead or not until after I'm done with Pein..