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I think root may actually be what brings sasuke back to naruto's side. When Sasuke learns that naruto is against the same person/people that sasuke is against, he will think, HEY WE GOT A COMMON ENAMY LET"S BE ALLIES AND PWN HIM! well that might not happen, just think about the itachi thing, but i think it may stop sasuke from going on and destroying konoha. after danzo is one of the people who ordered the destruction of the uchiha clan.

also i think when naruto come's back, after pain may have left, danzo will be trying to take over konoha, and there won't be anybody strong enough to take him, then naruto will be like WTF you just sat down there on your A**'s while my friends gave their lives to defend the village, and now you think you deserve to be hokage? YOU SUCK MAN, and then danzo will like order his root guys to take out naruto cause naruto oppose's danzo, and then some of the root guys such as sai will be like WTF I can't beleive i supported you, and then convert to naruto's side, and try to hold off the other root members. and naruto will take advantage of them holding the rest of anbu off, and will like go into sage mode, and then his friends will like step back, naruto will summon those granny guys, and then like own the entire root army.

well what do you guys think?