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    A (4th Raikage)

    A, Yondaime Raikage


    A (エー, Ē) is the Fourth Raikage (四代目雷影, Yondaime Raikage) of Kumogakure, the son of the Third Raikage and the adoptive brother of B, the Jinchurki of the Eight Tails. Much like his father, he is a very proud, headstrong leader but one that is extremely protective of his villagers. He is also a very honorable man and one that is very attached to his villagers. While he often seems a harsh brute, he is very kind and emotional, specially when it comes to his relationship with B, who he refers to as his brother. Because of this attachment, he is often divided between doing what is right for the village but is wrong for an individual or what is right for that individual but is logically wrong for the village's interests. As a strong leader, A also recognizes and respects those who, like him, are strong leaders, an aspect easily seen throughout his relationship with Tsunade, who he trusts and respects as an equal. His ascension to becoming Raikage after his father was not by chance. Having been trained by his father in using a Lightning based Nintaijutsu style, A soon became almost as skilled as his father in using it. So much so that while using the Lightning Armor technique that enables the usage of that style, he becomes fast enough to rival virtually any ninja seen to far. Because of this, he is one of the strongest Kages in the ninja world.



    • He is a Lightning Specialist, capable of using all Lightning techniques with a simple handseal
    • He is a Taijutsu specialist, with great physical strength and speed
    • He can use the Lightning Armor technique and the Nintaijutsu techniques that can be used with it.



    • The member needs to be Sannin Rank and a member for 5 months
    • Requires the member to have mastered Lightning Release and Taijutsu
    • The user must undergo a battle test to showcase his knowledge of the bio and its abilities.
    • The user must have permission from one RP Moderator
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