Tobi/Madara whoever he is went up against kakashi yamato etc etc right?

Tobi/Madara wants the 9tails right?

so why didnt he get the 9tails then?

we know he can travel real fast, and he took the 8tails with him too, meaning his ability stretches to whatever he touches as well.

Why didnt he simply grab naruto once naruto tried rasengan, and held him prisoner or knocked him out?

The reason may be of course he didnt have much time because he needed itachis body and sasuke, which certainly begs the question, how is the 9tails LESS important than itachis body/sasuke?

Itachi is so smart i think theres definitely more in the naruto manga to be unveiled of what itachis entire plans being laid down were.

Or maybe tobi desperately needs sasuke, which most likely has something to do with sharingan...

Either way, tobi appears to be a weird character that appears his only goal isnt akatsuki and its having the tailed beasts, hes got something else going on behind the scenes most definitely.