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    Theory about yamato's real plans

    i guess part of u already read in the prediction thread, but i decided to write it as a thread.

    so, yamato.. in the bunekr there was a sign - "yamato works", and kishi wont show us that kind of thing so we can just igonre it. i think thats what we shuled "pay close attention" to.

    i based my theory on that yamato was kind of controlling naruto's training from the shadows - he could stop the training when he was tired, he can control naruto progress, he can tell everything to denzou , he can research he's weakness and knowing hes strategy and learning how to defeat him. yamato was once in the root, who said he quit?

    - my post on prediction:
    another thing, yamato.. wtf how is he involved? "yamato works".. this bunker was made of wood.. whice who made it? yamato.

    im starting to think its a hugh conspirecy !! yamato was supervising the training and he told everything to denzou! and maybe yamato was "tired" in the training to make naruto stop progressing in hes training? maybe yamato is learning naruto way of fighting, and hes weakness? uughhh.. headach.. thats it, im lost, from now on i have got no trust in yamato..[/QUOTE]

    post a replay pl0x :D
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