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    Only A Matter of time

    i thnk in my view naruto n sasuke are getting powerful.....but with a slight time difference..

    I mean in the 1st naruto part naruto acts like a dumbass n sasuke is known as mr popular as the last living uchiha!!!!

    Naruto got trained under jirayia n he learnt summing technique,rasengan!!!

    sasuke learnt to manipulate nature element along with his jutsu!!!i mean he can use fire techniques and lighting ---chidori!!! but it us not up to the mark!!!


    sasuke came to know tht he was not as strong as naruto!!!
    if he is not even as strong as his team mate how could he beat the ultimate uchiha itachi!!!

    so he went in search of power to oro

    Naruto at the same time undergone training with jirayia
    during this 2 years time

    Sasuke got his nature manipulation prefectely!!!
    n he got his ultimate jutsu kirin
    he could even use sharingan

    when naruto met sasuke after this long time Naruto on the other hand perfected his rasengan-->odama rasengan

    he learnt to use kage bulshin speedly
    he completed his ultimate tht jutsu partially!!!!

    At this time sasuke was powerful than naruto

    but Naruto with the help of kakashi managed to add nature manipulation to his jutsu!!!
    and learnt a full extent usage of kage bulshin!!!

    this made naruto on par with sasuke
    now at present sasuke got mangakyo!!!
    n can use tsukuyomi n amartasu n was assumed to use sussanoo

    and coming to naruto he surpassed jirayia in sage mode n he learnt fusion
    he got itachi's power

    he completed THT Jutsu!!!!

    now its only a matter of series of manga's we people came to see


    so whts ur opinion guys!!!
    Who is might b strong ???
    on whom u can bet!!!:D
    do u wanna see this fight again at the valley of end of do u wanna see a change in location???
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