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    Re: Naruto Manga 552 Spoilers Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Chief Toad View Post
    I'm pretty sure it was Naruto's Rasengan because you can see his fingers with the mini flames on them in TB Mode & Muu fighting the Tsuchikage below the Rasengan & you can also see Gaara in the frame before looking up in amazement since it's the first time he's seen Naruto in the new super Naruto Beast Mode!
    sorry to burst your bubble but i think he figured that out lol. he just said he thought for a split second

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    Re: Naruto Manga 552 Spoilers Discussion

    when is it going to be out. it should be out by now, right?

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    Re: Naruto Manga 552 Spoilers Discussion

    Farewell filling up...
    チリナル weasel watch bee 中�� � been nagato go
    Nagato then...

    Nagato sealing mark! Battlefield is finally to the most interesting part... �� �!
    552 Hokage conditions...!

    Cabbage! …
    Kabuto is irritated punched to the ground.
    Kabuto ( nagato first... You still had �欠けて mobile power...  The mouth drawing samsara eye � �� common visibility in mobile interpolation is going... Blind spot hidden from 当て�� to a kunai Shuriken art � weasel! � �� and let dry or indeed it did... )  …  It's about time... ... It cannot but put special

    Gnx-y901tw Susanowo weasel disappear
    チリナル to say this エドテン 術�� � Hey hoe! Want to battle sounds are et and 戦� ��... Probably in the other centimeter what eh?
    Weasel 穢土 reincarnation would I stop �� � brought the left to the hometown mural reveal
    Bee... Sand エドテ �� � SEI fellow, and fought my way here to spy image pixel い� sealed �� but... Or if from kill chopsticks iodide is not OK? This surgery is no weakness a perfect art seems OK?
    Weasel, haz said whatever and always have holes and weaknesses become �� � art
    Bee and recapture that....
    チリナル... Hate... 止め�� � au lait! I know I said haz... 後� �� me, leave it! ( shadow alter ego art! )
    Ordinary チリナル → Naruto
    Naruto miku gone...!
    Your bee nine-tailed Fox chakra mode to �� �... Further is the alter ego to a Naruto � ��
    �� � weasels who tries too hard to stop this 穢土 reincarnation Oh's falsehoods � �� have no idea
    Naruto... This war is all me alone � do! View all would I take on... � �� and that's my role!

    Naruto Hana Hana
    Weasel you certainly unlike previous 強�� � was... Gained the ability's conciliators shall put い� put lose sight of the �� most important things are that seems a
    Naruto! …
    Weasel... Good Oke remember well-RI �� � you hated everyone you are Murong � ��始め... Fellow and seems to be gone is like to give you the existence of others �� � positives and approved and wishes with Gundam � �� gone reason is to
    A weasel you thanks everyone here �� � in evading and said forget the existence of other people � �� power is turned on if you obsessed with 驕り more... Either... Cod of guests such as �� � Government!
    A least weasel to maggy �� � it to 背負おう in person and to... So � �� and should always fail and before father Minato was the Hokage's only with existence of mother クシナ �� � Companion...  � �� previous dream was certainly the same father and.... If you keep in mind
    By weasel Hokage became everyone from visibility �� � is I I forget no companion � ��
    Bee Naruto... OLE is what Dolphin is ��'m � and I'm committed to you is 守� ��... Alone line it's Hank-zo! To begin with is me still alive-pin �� � NG

    Dolphin ( Hey just have all shouldered this �� � never got )

    Naruto certainly... Would I managed to �� � CP3 I suck... Assumptions � �� too though Shin Hey...
    Begins to burn Crow weasel's car!
    Naruto what!
    Weasel eye of the Ssu-Shui no 立�� � useful ten years... Very nice and accomodating during the Sasuke again will � ��, and in it you are shusui eyes more than got... It Te �� � Lee and same mind shusui is passed or getting real stuff � �� got it anymore eye Yes et no
    �� not use such eye case now pinned Sasuke �
    Now Naruto Anta also directly SA スケ�� �会える! This time-
    Weasel イヤ...
    Weasel Lait anything in the one person trying to �� �... Failure... The upcoming... It is left to the � �� between.

    When weasel passes a カラスフレッシ �� � juice to the Naruto thing is Naruto � �� finding ( weasel Sainte-Ske is left to you )
    Bee is just strong only of I spy �� � ambiguous... Anta it guy
    Itachi asks the killer by Naruto
    Bee! Oh! Iodide!
    Weasel head to somewhere
    Naruto, transformed into チリナル
    チリナル オレ達 also let go... Bee �� � おっちゃ it!

    Got stuck second generation water Shuriken owing kasari my �� �...
    Second generation water comes out fine
    From the second generation water... Lait now Ghost in �� � even if said waste even a include! � ��! Mirage Lait now!
    Shinobu Union A then how do I do � ��!
    Second generation water first knock down clam! AI said what are you making a mirage �� � a � ��!
    Shinobu A OK! I'll do it all! 狙え� clam ��!
    All together Yara kunai Shuriken throwing
    A Shinobi are!
    Second generation water unpleasant... So saying �� � are you talking from a while ago! 蜃 気� �� clam shell that's stupid! 'Em real gone under it's trickling!
    From Shinobu a. a.! Where are the real � �� do!
    Second generation water from Lait back around に�� � what is it I'm hiding won't seem Mirage 言� Daro �� going!
    Shinobu A Shuriken throwing
    Also hit the second water Mirage
    Attack and now OLE second generation water from waste �� � also I would've got by hanging!
    Shinobu A hated... Clams behind it from getting � ��'m going on… Again — I'm Su!

    Shinobu B wind Dun and hung-network!
    Get caught up before lightning shadow
    Temari OK! Seal team hurry!

    Gaara sand Nori flying back! �� � sat shadow!
    Earth shadow! Steer clear of
    Earth shadow! (.... At this time! �� � ) waist at least.

    MU dust DUN Hara field separation surgery!
    Gala! ( Allais is! )

    At the bottom left hand チリナル spiral 丸�� � gone I at the end.
    Or finally arrived! サーセイ the

    Somebody translate that!

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