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    NB ~Resources~

    Yes what u read is correct.
    We all need some different resources that we use when we do our GFX work
    like brush packs, stocks/renders, Fractal packs, Patterns, Psd files, tutorials etc etc.
    in short the tools an artist requires to get his GFX work done.

    Now some resources we get easily over different sites over the internet and some are just to rare to find.
    So what this thread is intended to do is if u while your scourge of the nets find some really good resources
    and would like to share them then this is the place to do it.

    It could be for any program it may be for gimp, photoshop, illustrator, Fireworks and Apophysis or for any other programs...

    So if u really have something worth sharing and most importantly if u have the will to share then.....

    Follow this code
    PHP Code:
    B][U]Resource:[/U][/B](brushes/HD stock packs/fractal packs etc)
    B][U]Link to the source:[/U][/B] [link to the page where other users can download it from
    B][U]Program:[/U][/B] [the program for which this resource was made]
    B][U]Artist:[/U][/B] [Give proper credit to the artist if any who made this resource if 
    `t know please say it was not made by u and take no credit] 

    1. Follow the normal forum guidelines.
    2. If it is a link to a DA account then if u like what u have downloaded then be sure to add it to your favorites.
    3. No warez and torrent site links please.
    4. If possible try to get the permission of the person who made the pack (not really necessary :p).
    5. If u are unsure about the resource u want to share then VM me or Lizh and we will see what we can do.

    NOTE: No spam here please any spam here will be infracted by a mod.

    Banner made by lizh.
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    Re: NB ~Resources~

    Name: Hasan [Humor]
    Resource:: HD Stocks, HD Renders, HQ C4Ds, 4 PSDs.
    Link to the source::
    Program:: Photoshop.
    Artist: I just take credit for compiling the pack, the credit for the c4ds, renders and stocks go to their respective owners.

    I hope ya'll enjoiii it.

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    Re: NB ~Resources~

    Name: The Rogue
    Resource:HD Renders, C4D
    Link to the source:
    Pack 1
    Pack 2
    Pack 3
    Pack 4
    Pack 5
    Pack 6
    Pack 7
    Pack 8
    Pack 9
    Program:Adobe Photoshop
    Artist:Wasn't Made By Me And I Don't Take Credit

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    Re: NB ~Resources~

    Name: Tybone
    Resource: Contains some awesome abstract/grunge brushes, aswell as HD C4Ds and a pattern file which includes scanlines, there are also some stocks and renders and .PSD files which might help you improve.
    Link to the source: [X]
    Program: Adobe Photoshop
    Artist: Credits for the pack belong to some guy named JaspervD, credits for all the resources go to their respective creators.

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