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    tHE STRONGES OF koNOHA aBALITIES(i am so BORED just woke up)

    naRUTO (actaully kage level)


    At the start of the series, Naruto primarily creates Shadow Clones for the purpose of Taijutsu in terms of combat. Naruto also often creates Shadow Clones to act as decoys or for other deceptive tactics, such as diverting attention away from himself so that he may use the Transformation Technique unnoticed. Naruto makes more intelligent and better control of his clones as the series progresses. In his fight with Neji, for instance, Naruto dispersed several of his clones once one was hit, creating the illusion that Neji had hit the real Naruto.[7] Later in the series, Naruto would hide away while several clones attack, confusing the enemy when there was no Naruto remaining. During his fight with Gaara, Naruto even uses his clones as shields and platforms to bound off of in the air. By Part II, Naruto's usage and timing of the technique has become more advanced. Various tactics he has shown include creating clones to push himself out of the way of an attack, transform into weapons, and fall for traps in his stead.
    Naruto in Hermit Mode

    He has also trained to become a sage, and he has learned how to enter Hermit Mode, which boosts his power and endurance. In order to achieve this power Naruto had to first learn how to control toad oil so that he could learn to properly sense sage charkra, then after he had done that Naruto must learn how to balance on a spike so that he could truly become a part of nature. He has just recently achieve Hermit Mode and is now practicing a secret jutsu, and has been told, by Fukasaku, that would be trained in a special type of Taijutsu] that focuses on the abilities gained in Hermit Mode, which he has mastered to some degree.

    But Naruto's most useful offensive technique is the Rasengan, a jutsu his father invented. Unlike Jiraiya or Kakashi, Naruto has to use two hands to create the Rasengan, due to his lack of chakra control. However, even with his two hands, he couldn't form a proper Rasengan sphere. It wasn't until his fight with Kabuto did Naruto use his own hand to create the shell, and used a shadow clone to spin the chakra creating a perfect Rasengan. When he is in his tailed transformations, he seems to have the ability to mold the chakra into a sphere with one hand using the demon fox's chakra alone. In Part II, Naruto showed off his own version of the Rasengan, a larger version simply called the Great Ball Rasengan, but would later go through element training and has since made his own version of the Rasengan. The Wind Release: Rasengan just like the standard is half complete, but Naruto has showed to use it quite well as he was able to create the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken.

    Nature Type

    * Wind (Main)


    * All Directions Shuriken
    * Clone Spinning Heel Drop
    * Combination Transformation
    * Demon Fox Rasengan
    * Demon Fox Transformations
    * Fire Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet (With Gamabunta)
    * Flying Swallow (Anime only)
    * Four-Tailed Fox Menacing Ball (Post transformation)
    * Great Ball Rasengan
    * Harem Technique
    * Hermit Mode
    * Naruto's Ninja Handbook
    * Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
    * One Thousand Years of Death
    * Rasengan
    * Senjutsu
    * Sexy Technique
    * Shadow Clone Technique
    * Summoning Technique (Toads)
    * Tornado Water Vortex Technique (With Yamato)
    * Uzumaki Naruto Combo
    * Uzumaki Naruto Two Thousand Combo
    * Wind Release: Rasengan
    * Wind Release: Rasenshuriken

    (kage level)

    established as a natural genius at the series' start, excelling at all that he does and finding little difficulty in more challenging tasks, which is most immediately evident through his proficiency with the Uchiha clan's Fire Release Techniques, as well as a number of other weapon-dependent attacks. In addition, both Madara Uchiha and Orochimaru have stated that Sasuke possesses the ability to become much stronger than Itachi. By Part II, he develops most of his potential and becomes a very powerful ninja, strong enough to hold the upperhand against Itachi for some of their fight in Part II (though Itachi was sick and in a weakened state at that point, and wasn't even trying to win), and has also proven capable of easily defeating a small army of shinobi without even getting a single scratch on him. During his encounter with Naruto, Sasuke is able to use his Sharingan to enter Naruto's subconscious where he proceeds to suppress the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox residing within Naruto. In this instance, the demon compares Sasuke's eyes and chakra to that of Madara which it claims is even more sinister than its own.

    An important aspect of Sasuke's growth as a shinobi in Part I is his acquisition of the Cursed Seal of Heaven. Orochimaru, recognising his potential, bestowed the seal on him as a gift in order to grant him greater strength and entice him to seek Orochimaru for further power. Initially, Sasuke suppresses the seal on Kakashi's advice, but later on, his frustration with his inadequate strength forces him to rely upon its power in battles. When activated, the Curse Seal grants him enhanced speed, strength, durability and chakra. However, it corrodes both his body and his mind, giving him a darker personality and making him vulnerable to Orochimaru's influence.
    Kakashi teaches him how to use the Chidori, made more effective when combined with his Sharingan and the speed he has copied from Rock Lee. With this combination Sasuke can punch through the strongest obstacles with relative ease, as well as severely damage any opponent. In Part I, Sasuke is limited to using the attack only twice a day, with a third usage after the initial activation of his cursed seal. Over the timeskip, Sasuke puts great deals of development into the Chidori's ability to manipulate lightning-based chakra. When first seen in Part II he is able to use Chidori Current to emit electricity from all over his body as a shield that stuns those it comes into contact with. If need be, Sasuke can channel this force into his new Kusanagi, creating a destructive blade. He can even concentrate this chakra into highly condensed needle-like forms, which he can throw in volleys with pinpoint accuracy. Sasuke has also taken to using form manipulation on the Chidori itself to create an extendable blade form, although he is only able to extend it to 5 meters in length. This blade is also capable of splitting into multiple additional blades upon contact with an enemy, drastically increasing the number of wounds it can inflict. He has also shown the ability to send the chidori through the ground, creating an electric current beneath his opponent's feet. His most powerful technique is the Kirin, a technique which requires real lightning as opposed to his chakra. If there are no clouds available, Sasuke can use Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique to make the right storm conditions and Sasuke simply has to use his chakra to draw the lightning towards his foe.

    Mangekyo Sharingan techniques to Sasuke through a poke on the forehead. Itachi did so in an effort to help him fight against Madara, setting to activate when it catches sight of Madara's Sharingan. Later, when he realizes that Itachi was good all along, and did all he could to protect Sasuke and help him grow,

    Having recieved all of Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan techniques, Sasuke is now able to use Amaterasu and presumably Tsukuyomi and Susanoo. In his fight with Kirābī, he used a Genjutsu which has been speculated to be Tsukuyomi due to having similar effects. He has also showed the ability to extinguish the so-called unextinguishable flames of Amaterasu, which he used to save Karin and Kirābī's lives when they were being burnt by it. As with Itachi, Sasuke's Mangekyo Sharingan techniques damage his eyesight and drain his chakra every time he uses them. While resting after his fight with Kirābī, Sasuke finds that his vision is slightly blurred, which shows that he is gradually going blind.

    * Amaterasu
    * Chidori
    * Kirin
    * Kusanagi Sword: Chidori Katana

    * Mangekyo Sharingan

    * Shadow Shuriken Technique
    * Sharingan
    * Sharingan Windmill Triple Blade
    * Summoning Technique (Snakes)
    * Susanoo (Presumed Usable)
    * Transcription Seal: Amaterasu (Involuntary)
    * Tsukuyomi


    * Chidori
    * Dancing Leaf Shadow
    * Demon Fox Chakra Seal
    * Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
    * Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
    * Earth Release: Inner Decapitation Technique
    * Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique
    * Eight Gates
    * Evil Sealing Method
    Front Lotus
    * Hidden Mist Technique
    * Kamui
    * Lightning Blade
    * Lightning Blade Double Charge
    * Lightning Hound (Unnamed)
    * Lightning Release: Shadow Clone Technique
    * Mangekyo Sharingan
    * Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
    * One Thousand Years of Death
    * Rasengan
    * Shadow Clone Technique
    * Sharingan
    * Silent Homicide Technique
    * Strong Fist (Limited)
    * Summoning Technique (Dogs)
    * Summoning Technique: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique
    * Water Clone Technique
    * Water Release: Grand Waterfall Technique
    * Water Release: Water Dragon Projectile Technique
    * Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
    * Water Release: Water Shark Missile Technique
    Kakashi is shown to be very respected by almost all others in Konoha, as well as being constantly depicted as one of the most powerful Ninjas the Leaf Village has to offer. He is also recognized as the foremost jutsu specialist in Konoha due to his proficiency in all forms of ninja combat and copying over 1,000 jutsu with his Sharingan eye. He A true testament to his skill is during a conversation, both Jiraiya and Tsunade mentioning that if the need ever should arise, Kakashi would be an obvious candidate for the title of Hokage.
    Kakashi has further developed the Raikiri and, in a fashion similar to Sasuke's extensions of the technique, displays the ability to use the lightning produced from Raikiri into the form of a wolf to attack with or form a strong current to tear through the ground and strike an opponent from a distance. Kakashi has also displayed the ability to manipulate lightning to create a clone.

    In addition to the sheer number of jutsu at Kakashi's disposal and his skill at lighting-based chakra, he is an even more formidable opponent from extensive knowledge and skill at elements jutsu. Thanks to his skill and Sharingan, he is highly capable if not proficient at multiple elements. His proficiency in earth and water-based jutsu have proven to be very useful in several battles and demonstrated great ingenuity and near mastery-level handling in them.

    The Sharingan is his most useful asset as it allows him to copy any jutsu used against him, see through any deceptions, and predict his opponent's movements. The drawback of the Sharingan is that because Kakashi has no Uchiha blood, it costs him more chakra than it would an Uchiha and he can't deactivate it, so if it was allowed to see it would use up chakra needlessly. Kakashi avoids this by covering it up with his forehead protector further giving him a mysterious appearance. Despite his handicap with the Sharingan, he is very skilled in using it. Even Itachi himself, a true heir and master of the Sharingan, acknowledged Kakashi’s superior might and skill at using Sharingan compared to most true Sharingan wielders. Sometime between Naruto's departure to his return from Konoha, Kakashi seems to have extended the amount of time he can sustain using the Sharingan as he seemed to use it for several hours while testing Naruto and Sakura.
    Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan.



    While he is capable of using ninjutsu and genjutsu, he tends to choose not to, even going so far as to use regular disguises instead of the Transformation Technique. In the few instances that he has used ninjutsu, it has always been offscreen, such as when he summoned Ninkame prior to his first appearance. Despite his apparent decision to only use taijutsu, Guy is a talented ninja, graduating from the Academy at age 7 and becoming a Chunin at age 11. Itachi Uchiha has on different occasions warned others against underestimating Guy. Given that Itachi and his accomplices are extremely dangerous ninja, such a warning is an indicator that Guy is an excellent combatant.


    * Amaterasu
    * Crow Clone Technique
    * Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
    * Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes
    * Ephemeral
    * Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
    * Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
    * Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique
    * Mangekyo Sharingan
    * Sharingan
    * Shadow Clone Technique
    * Clone Great Explosion
    * Susanoo
    * Transcription Seal: Amaterasu
    * Tsukuyomi
    * Water Clone Technique
    * Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
    In the few battles he has been seen in since the start of the series, Itachi was shown to be an extraordinarily powerful ninja, and easily one of the strongest shinobi in Naruto. This is demonstrated by his ability to easily defeat Deidara and Kakashi Hatake, as well as having his skill praised by several other people including Orochimaru who addmitted to Itachi being stronger than him. Even though Sasuke carried the upperhand for most of his fight with Itachi during Part II, this mainly because was because Itachi was sick and weakened at the time, and he had planned to lose the fight beforehand. He is a master of the Sharingan, as he has demonstrated great talent with its abilities, such as its unique Genjutsu throughout the series. When faced with an opponent's Genjutsu, Itachi can use his Sharingan to dispel it or perform Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change and turn the Genjutsu against its user.[10] Itachi is also noted to be very fast since Kakashi, an elite Jonin-Level ninja and fellow user of the Sharingan, had great difficulty keeping up with his speed. [11]. Sasuke later commented on this speed in Part II during his fight with Itachi, since Itachi was capable of forming hand seals without them being noticed by Sasuke, while he was throwing multiple shuriken and defending Sasuke's attacks at the same time. Even when battling with a clone that had 30% of his chakra and was forced to be more conservive of it, he was still able to be as the same level as Kakashi.
    Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan with Tsukuyomi activated

    As a member of the Hyuga clan, Neji possesses the Byakugan, which gives him an almost 360-degree field of vision, except for a small blindspot at the back of the neck. Neji is acutely aware of his blind spot and takes extra caution in keeping it away from opponents as well as paying close attention to it. While the Byakugan naturally has only a 50 meter field of vision, Neji is able to increase the range of its sight several times over by the start of Part II, to around 1000 meters. He is noted to have a particularly strong Byakugan in comparison to other members of the clan, perhaps surpassing all of them.

    Since his time in the Ninja Academy, Neji has been held to be a natural genius, even becoming the top-ranked rookie in his class. As a member of the Hyuga clan's branch house, Neji is forbidden to learn the clan's secret techniques, but has managed to deduce their workings simply through observation. Since mastering these jutsu, Neji has begun to refine and strengthen them for more specialized needs. He has learned many of these techniques, such as Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin. In the anime, the fruits of his efforts are first seen during the Sasuke Retrieval arc where he uses Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms (八卦百二十八掌, Hakke Hyaku Nijūhachi Shō), essentially a doubled version of the Sixty-Four Palms technique, to strike numerous targets at once. In Part II he also develops the Eight Trigrams Empty Palm (八卦空掌, Hakke Kūshō), a more focused version of the Heavenly Spin, with which he can expel chakra from his palm to attack opponents out of his physical reach. In the Rescue Gaara arc, Neji also displays his ability when he uses Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher (八卦破山撃, Hakke Hazangeki) which is essentially a version of the Eight Trigrams Empty Palm that is used at point blank range, to defeat his enemy. While most of the former Konoha Genin become Chunin over the timeskip, Neji is the only one to become a Jonin. * Gentle Fist
    * Byakugan
    * Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
    * Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms
    * Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin
    * Eight Trigrams Palms Great Heavenly Spin
    * Eight Trigrams Empty Palm
    * Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher

    my source cited

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