So in recent chapters, we found out that at least one Hidden Cloud Ninja controlled Magnet release. So that means that both the Land of Lighting and Land of Wind had access to the jutsu.

So if this good enough proof that magnet release = wind + lightning?

And since Pakura is a sand shinobi from the land of Wind, does it make sense that Scorch is Fire + Wind?

I mean I think scorch being Fire + Wind is pretty obvious but magnet being Wind + Lightning is not as obvious. And perhaps this is proof positive for Blaze release being Fire + Lighting (since Sasuke has an affinity for both)? Though I still think Blaze can be fire + shape manipulation.

So anyway, does this conclusion about scorch and Magnet release make sense? Obviously we don't know for 100% certain yet, but this seems like one of those things that Kishi may never cover in detail again. So perhaps he thinks he has close the book on these two, considering he made it pretty obvious what they are likely made of through respective villages?. Thoughts?