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    Assasination of 4th hokage – Mission Log 1

    Assasination of 4th hokage – Mission Log 1

    1-The fan fiction
    This is the first chapter within my actual fanfiction but not my first try I have made a thread containing a somewhat of a pilot and introduction of my fanfiction with the link below

    Assasination of 4th hokage – Mission log zero

    2.1-The mission log 1

    “This is the start of probably my last journal, I have been sent to kill Yondaime Hokage the hardest mission of my life. I think I am kage material but how will I kill the yellow flash? Acording to Yagura-sama and my fellow kiri ninja 3 others tried the same and died…I heard from intel he combines fuinjutsu and space-time ninjutsu, and his by his own right a very fast ninja. How will I win? Am I being sent to death ?i hope not!”

    2.2-The chapter 1

    One day early in the morning, in the land of water mist village, a couple of anbu ninja appear at the front door of an unsuspected and sleepy ninja.

    (Door knocking sound)

    Kiri –what? I’m still sleeping!

    ambu nin 1- wake up! The mizukage yagura-sama requests your presence…
    (talking to the still In bed ninja)

    Kiri – at this time of the morning? called by an anbu?(thinking to himself)

    ambu nin 2 -hurry up!(shouting to kiri) A classified mission and Mizukage-sama requests you at the kage office… (Whispering to the anbu partner)

    kiri still dressing himself up, gets out and falls head first into the wood floor in front of his house, looks up to the 2 anbu ninja and stares at them…

    ambu nin 1-sleepy and clumzy,aren’t you?

    Kiri – (gets up and replies)ok im done! what is this mission about?

    ambu nins- classified information, please come

    (they go into the kages office and leave him inside and then bough disappear in smoke. the Mizukage is sitting in a chair in front of a desk and looks at a clueless Kiri standing stiff as a board in front of him)

    Yagura-you don’t know why you are here don’t you?

    Kiri- no! Should I?

    Yagura- From what I have seen you are one of our most talented jonnin in our village, and accounting to your capabilities I have found a special mission to you…Do you know who is the leader of Konoha the Hokage?

    Kiri- Sandaime Hokage? I think he was the student of the wood release first Hokage wasn’t he?

    Yagura- I see you now some things about konoha…No I’m talking about Yondaime Hokage, the yellow flash…

    Kiri- Sandaime Hokage died?

    Yagura- It isn’t relevant for now. We have reached internal peace and so I need to improve our strength and influence. Konoha has had a huge influence in international affairs but and it has been fragile since the last shinobi war. Because of that I need you to assassinate the current Hokage so we can replace konoha bough in influence and power. we did not join any shinobi war and that will work in our favor to regain strength since the last civil war…

    Kiri-what kill a kage?

    Yagura- yes, we have intel on his abilities. I know you can do it I have analyzed your curriculum and you can do what 3 others before you have failed at the cost of their lifes…

    Kiri- 3 others failed? Understood I will do it even if it kills me! (looks at the mizukage with a frightened face)

    Yagura - no need to be afraid! I now you will do it…

    kiri- ok! I will pack and leave In one day(bows lightly and leaves the room)
    (a man with a cape and a mask appears behind the mizukage)

    masked man: 3 fine shinobi died because of that damn Minato! I hardly will get near the kyubi if he is always around kushina … he had to marry the kyubi’s host just like the first hokage… I don’t know if I can keep in yagura’s shadow for too long, this genjustu of mine is making me weak, I am a shadow of my former self!
    (Scene switches to kiri packing up to leave )
    kiri – well almost done, but first is should define the strategy for the mission…

    To continue…
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    Re: Assasination of 4th hokage – Mission Log 1

    Interesting you are really good a this

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    Re: Assasination of 4th hokage – Mission Log 1

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