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    Assasination of 4th hokage – Mission Log 2

    1-this is my fan fiction entitled assassination of 4th hokage. Each thread has a mission log that works as a way to understand the thoughts of the main character kiri, and has the chapter that is the interaction with other people, fights and other stuff.
    In terms of timeline the mission log is always set after the chapter itself

    The link below to the previous chapter and mission log

    2.1-Mission log 2

    “Yagura-sama has given me some Intel about the previous 3 attempts, and about the Hokage’s abilities. I have no idea why the Mizukage plans the murder of the yellow flash. It seems after uniting kirigakure under a bloody mist of tyranny mizukage sama wants to take down the international influence of Konoha and make kirigakure the most powerful village. All I wanted was to have peace within my village and with the other countries but I can’t make that unless I become the Mizukage myself so I will have to wait.

    -The assassination and battle plan:

    I will establish base outside of konoha’s outskirts and study the how can I catch the Hokage of guard.
    After luring the yellow flash into an open field I will cast kirigakure no jutsu to nullify his visibility. Subsequently I will summon goldphin into a water dome with one of my water clones and ask him to cast a sound based genjutsu to completely lock in hokage and silently kill him.

    After packing up and taking some extra tools I will leave kirigakure and head into the land of fire.”

    2.2-The chapter 2

    In the next day, kiri is packing and summons a dolphin into an aquarium at his house.

    Goldphin: hello, good to see you!Are you going to an interesting mission this time?(ironical and angry tone of voice)

    kiri: (stops packing and replies) hi! since when protecting the royal family isn’t interesting?

    Goldphin: are you joking? Babysitting the daimyo’s daughter? That’s not interesting!

    kiri: you’re like that because she likes dolphins!she was all over your cuteness…

    Goldphin: Whatever, you are the one that can’t handle a kid and summoned me! You faced 15 skilled samurai for 5 hours and didn’t call me for assistance…you faced a 10 year old brat and called me in 10 seconds…anyway what’s with this time?

    kiri: hokage…(with a timid voice)

    Goldphin: what? You hokage? You did it?(smiling and happy for his companion)

    Kiri:No,I wanna be Mizukage. Hokage is from konoha Mizukage-sama ordered me to assassinate the Hokage.

    Goldphin: (changes to a serious face ) A kage that means he is powerful…what are you gonna do?

    Kiri: I don’t know. But I do know this is the first time I will fear for my life…I need your genjutsu skills…

    Goldphin: So whats the plan?

    Kiri shows his mission log diary and there is a small note(the assassination and battle plan)with the details of his battle plan…

    To continue…
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