According to my sources, Kakashi is not dead yet.. he's just out of conciousness. ( or however u typ that word ).

Anyways, as i said he's still alive.. And even more, he will return even stronger as before.
We all know that his dad was known as the white fang, and the white fang was known to be as strong as the Legendary Sannins. Thus for kakashi to return has to do something with the powers of his dad.. But really.. so far more people have died... i mean when jiraiya died he didnt went to the '' other world '' and had talks with people close to him.. he just had flashbacks of his talks with minato.. Kakashi is the only one to see a dead person, ( his dad ).. so there's something really odd about this.. and this all makes sence that we're about to see the real kakashi comming up soon enough so fastenn your seatbelts please
That's all that i can say.. although there's this something about his sharingan that will happen.. but we're all about to see that in the upcomming weeks so i won't tell anything else.