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    Well then, we have to wait for the manga to see if Pain realy can defeat konoha.

    But... I HAVE NOT stated that Pain defeated KOnoha. I said that he can fight the whole village, any other ninja would be defeated by the time i think.

    But what is also ridicuous. Don't the other strong ninja * guy neji who else? * see that kakashi's in trouble and help? Reminds me of you know, fighting with someone to the death while 100 of your friends are watching you. I mean, couldnt all the jonin attack him silmountaniously?

    also, the body seems to be mutilated(by choza's punch and kakashis raikiri), beyond repair.
    Remmber the fight vs a j-man? he killed the 3 bodies, pierced them with sth, but they went back to life! Raikiri can do a damage but chouzas strikes kinda are big but dont hurt. They're like useless.
    PLus, as far as i remember... wssnt that demon ream whos main abiity was to block a the attacks? If so, missiles is only a pat of his abiities.

    Konoha has only close ange strong shinobi left now. Well it is neji, guy and tsunade. IM not counting noobs like kiba or sakura cuz shes always afraid.
    And god realm uses telekynesis to separate close range from himself thus throwing some weird things like nail at them. SO i don't see how are they gonna defeat Pain, really. But they will somehow :D

    Btw, dont forget about another 4 bodies. About 3or 4 headed dogs, ghost realm, genjustsu realm. and 1 more summoner...

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    demon can only throw explosives, fat pain can absorb any ninjutsu. we donno how pain revive other bodies, but it seems god/deva realm left the body without reparing it, thinking its of no use other than few remaining missiles.

    i think pain is gonna pay the price by appearing in konoha, giving imp clues(like showing summoner girl's face, heating chakra receiver) and he is gonna leave konoha (if he can) with his secrets revealed.

    but nagato will remain untouchable at the moment, only be defeated by naruto in future (my prediction)

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