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    Re: Why the Third Raikage is one of the STRONGEST Kage's to exist.

    Quote Originally Posted by psukkar View Post
    okay minato fans, tell me, what can minato do to to even make a scratch on the third raikage. Minato's only letal jutsu is the rasengan but the third raikage would laught at that. Wind rasengan was struged off, minato hasnt got any means to do damage now. This means if your smart like minato is, to simply run using his thunder god technique.

    Minato if he is faster this only surves as defence for minato to not get his ass brtually raped. The third raikage's speed is far better than his son and naruto in fox mode dogaing wind rasengans at pint blank range.

    Just be realistic about this guys, minato only chance is the uzumaki's clan death god jutsu minato knows of. And this doesnt just go for minato, this goes for itachi, nagato. Itachi's only chance is to seal with that lame legendary item he as. And nagato's well i feel can hold him off alittle but at the end og the day stealling his soul is his only chance aswell.

    As you can see im big fan of the raikages wana know why? Because these guys win fights without put the word LAME involved. Pure class just like dbz
    don't make such definitive statements such as minato cannot win, we have not seen all his powers or seals for that matter, i am not saying he would win but wait to see more of him.

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    Re: Why the Third Raikage is one of the STRONGEST Kage's to exist.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tendo Pain View Post
    Lol dude your hilarious your probably the most butt hurt little kid ive ever messaged. Lol are you in 5th grade cause im pretty sure thats around where I stopped calling people retarded and idiotic over something like Naruto. Id just like to make a quote also from your original post " Who else thinks hes in a league of his own". What exactly do you think this makes people think your implying? That he is in a league of his own below a bunch of other characters? Also you never stated like you think you did that MANY other characters were stronger than him.
    This dude can't even ****in spell.

    Then I clearly stated... You know what? Nevermind. **** it. You're just retarded.

    I'm a senior member, why I am battling it out with this kid?

    Jiraiya was said to be on a "league of his own", a "whole other level". It's just a saying.

    If you weren't pissed at what I was saying, then you wouldn't message me back. I think YOU'RE the most butt-hurt kid I've met. It's what happens when you drop the soap in prison big homie :-D
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