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    haha...hmm....kakashi may be safe...

    "so this is where you've been?"

    Doesnt anyone else find that sentence strikingly strange and odd?

    He committed suicide, and kakashi states where he is in a "ive been wondering for years where you were"


    If his dad merely committed suicide hed be in the afterlife, where kakashi THINKS hes going...hence the whole il see you soon minato obito and rin blah blah.

    Makes me wonder whether even kakashis dad is dead or if maybe he simply is hidden somewhere. Maybe in a genjutsu seal like orochimaru was within sasuke.
    I mean his father was considered on par with the 3 sannin, and thats saying something.


    Kakashi in rubble, look BEHIND HIM

    House top,

    then look at the bottom screen left one with the rubble, we can see this same house top and kakashi has DISSAPEARED from the rubble!

    Ive double checked the giant splintered wood parts and its definitely the same house roof top, and i cant find even suspect areas of human shape.

    His dad has "teleported" him to the place kakashi said "so this is where you've been"

    It appears kakashi may be very safe, and that his father may very well be alive.

    Also, kakashis MS is time/space.
    Itachis MS is mainly genjutsu (his favourite anyway) and he was primarily genjutsu based, he could cast it with his finger etc

    It appears MS manifests in a way similar to ones genetic capabilities (not blood limits, just what theyre genetics are good at)

    His dad may be in a space/time land where no one can see him or get to him and hes teleported kakashi there, hence why kakashi (his son) has a space/time MS, because his father and him are genetically space/time users.

    I know im picking at straws a bit here, but ive ONLY JUST noticed this 5 mins ago, i was convinced kakashi is dead, but since seeing and re reading the chapter...Im once again having hope for kakashi, PLEASE LIVE KAKASHI!
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