View Poll Results: Which Forbidden Jutsu do you think is best?

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  • Reaper Death Seal

    6 13.64%
  • Impure World Resurrection

    10 22.73%
  • 8 Gates

    10 22.73%
  • Immortality Jutsu

    4 9.09%
  • Izanagi

    7 15.91%
  • Multi-Shadow clone

    5 11.36%
  • Other Not listed Technique (tell us which technique if other & why its the best)

    2 4.55%
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    Re: Best Forbidden Jutsu

    8 gates ftw

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    Re: Best Forbidden Jutsu

    The izanagi used by sage of six paths is the strongest. its called banbutsu sozo or something. he bascially spammed izanagi without going blind

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    Re: Best Forbidden Jutsu

    Im an odd ball when it comes to really powerful jutsu but I would have to say old man chen's Leaf dragon God is right up there with my top 5 strongest jutsu just because its strictly taijutsu, to create such a potent jutsu when you cant perform genjutsu or ninjutsu.

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    Re: Best Forbidden Jutsu

    Edo Tensei is the most OP.

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    Re: Best Forbidden Jutsu

    The only Risk with Edo Tensei is that you have to sacrifice one living human to bring a dead one back

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    Re: Best Forbidden Jutsu

    From worse 6, to best 1.

    6 Immortality jutsu.
    Immortality jutsu is the worse one.
    Seems like hell to me.
    People you care about all die around you and your life never ends.
    If reincarnation and/or heaven exist, than you can never go there.
    This one sucks the most imo.

    5 Reaper death seal.

    Reaper death seal=you die and your soul even goes for eternity to the death god's belly to battle someone.
    Unless people know how to free you and are willing to sacrafice themselfs (not everyone can cheat the deathgod like Oro), than you are screwed for eternity. I cant really call the reaper jutsu a best jutsu.

    4 Edo tensei.
    Edo tensei looks great, but is actually really dangerous.
    If an Edo knows the seals, than it can undo the contract.
    It requires great control and to hide somewhere meanwhile.
    Messing with the souls of the dead is not done imo.

    3 The 8 gates.
    Really great jutsu, but you die in the end.
    Your faith is not as bad as when you would have used the reaper death seal though.
    So it is a better forbidden jutsu than the 3 above, because it can get the job done as well (taking targets out),
    but with less cost (soul in death god's belly, messing with the dead, eternity on earth).

    2 Izanagi.
    It can get great things done, but it is at the cost of an eye.
    You dont want to use this twice, because it results in blindness.
    It is a one time cheat on reality, if you want to maintain vision in your second eye (unless you can steal eyes).
    Better than the forbidden jutsus above, because you can get great things done,
    while not having to die because of the use of the ability.

    1 Multiple shadow clones.
    Multiple shadow clones is the best one, because it has less of a weakness than the other jutsus,
    while still being really strong in the right hands.
    It can be used in all kinds of ways.
    it has the most uses, the most variation to it.
    Not much of a drawback.
    Yeah you tire quicker, but that is more or less it in terms of drawbacks, and
    it is not wise to use it to learn frog sage mode with, due to a higher danger of turning into a frog.
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