1/2 Sweet Wedding Manga

Alternative name: 1/2 Ceremony; 1/2 Engage; 1/2 Honeymoon; 1/2 Wedding; 1/2ウエディング; 1/2エンゲージ; 1/2セレモニー; 1/2ハネムーン

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One day, Aki Miyamoto's father decides that she must get married before he goes abroad for a work transfer. However Aki doesn't want to get married when she's only 16! A chance meeting with Shou Kusakabe will change everything. Will he be able to get her out of her dad's crazy plans? Will he successfully achieve his dreams? What will Aki do?

1/2 Sweet Wedding Chapters

Status: Ongoing, 1/2 Sweet Wedding 5 is coming next!

Released in: 2000